Extracting recently viewed online media files from temporary cache offline

Discussion in 'Computer Science & Culture' started by DNA100, Mar 28, 2016.

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    The world is changing for the worse.

    Only a few years back, when I regularly used older versions of IE browser in XP OS, I could easily find any recent media I might have played online.
    Just go to Internet Properties>Setttings> View Files
    and there the .mp3 or .flv file could be easily found.

    This has become incredibly tough now.
    And I want to ask - how can it be done?

    Of course, some websites only stream videos - like youtube. So they don't really store anything. If you go back a few seconds, it starts redownloading /buffering again to play the file, and so you will need internet connection.

    But with some other websites, the whole video is loaded. So you can actually go back a few minutes and play a previously viewed part without requiring any internet connection.

    Clearly these types of websites store the temporary file somewhere in the Computer so that this file can be accessed offline.
    My question is - how can I find that file?
    If my web-browser can automatically find that file and play it, then surely there IS a way to access that file.
    How? That is my question.

    And I am fed up with all these ugly complex browsers that makes things more difficult each passing year.

    Surely, there must be good browsers that allow you easy access to these files!
    What are some nice simple browsers?

    Also, I know that there are other online websites, browser extensions/add-ons and softwares that allow you download these media files.
    But I want to access these stored offline files manually.

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