Evolution vs. creation

Discussion in 'Religion Archives' started by Snappy, Jun 22, 1999.

  1. Matt D Skeptic Registered Senior Member

    About as much point as this one probably.

    You know it to be so
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  3. generalhurrss Registered Senior Member

    Your reply to Flash on what god is does not compute.
    In Genesis god literally spoke to people, he walked the earth, so therefore he could be seen and heard, that is the only proof of an existance of something, some being, but where is this being now. If god is everlasting why is he not here now, still walking the earth and making himself seen. I have asked this question before, perhaps you can offer an answer as I tend to be ignored most of the time.
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  5. Xeno Registered Senior Member

    why are you so blind as to think in
    the 3rd dimension of the physical.
    God did not walk the earth and talk
    to people - Jesus did.
    As for genesis, yes I am a christian,
    but I find it hard to believe that
    Adam and Eve were the ancestors of
    all humanity. I also find it hard to
    believe that god is a man.

    Believe it or not, God is not physical.
    Hurss, how does my theory not compute.
    The reason you probably do not understand
    it is only because you are thinking
    at a lower level than I do.

    By calling god a man or a being, you
    are only catagorizing God as a mere
    object. Objects were created from
    God thus they are from God which
    means that they are lesser than
    God. That in itself is a form of
    self-human ignorance.

    I agree that the bible has some very
    good points which is why I have
    remained a christian. If you dare
    to call me a non-believer, think again.
    I have faith, and I attend church.
    The bible is merely outdated, a
    window/remnant of how humans once
    thought. At that time, man was dominent;
    women had no rights, and no say at
    all. Men believed that the earth
    was flat and that the oceans flowed
    off into space.

    I am cut short on time at the momment,
    so I will have to continue this
    some other time.

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  7. Xeno Registered Senior Member

    General Hurrass,
    sorry if I thrashed you on my last
    post. I didn't entirely read the last
    bits of your post (the question you
    asked about God).

    Just because God doesn't exist in
    the physical doesn't mean that God
    isn't real. Millions of people attend
    church, prey to god and have faith.
    Just because the bible tells something
    does not mean it is entirely true.
    I for one do not believe God to be
    a man. I am not wrong, and neither
    are you if you believe God to be
    a man.

    In 3rd dimension thinking, finding
    God is a mere form of perception.
    God is upon us, but not in the form
    of the physical. God is upon us
    in the form of positivity. Those
    that join church and praise God
    often go through vast changes;
    one being personality. That itself
    shows that God has embraced and
    changed them.

    If you did not understand my last
    post, don't worry. Many people tend
    not to understand since I am thinking
    from a different perspective level.
    I'll be glad to talk with you about
    God anytime.

  8. Xeno Registered Senior Member

    I noticed a screw up I made in my
    above posts.

    General H.,
    When you said that God walked the earth,
    and breathed, and talked, were you
    refering to Jesus Christ?
    When I wrote the above posts, I
    thought you were refering to something

    Sorry about any mixups,

  9. generalhurrss Registered Senior Member

    There were no mix ups.
    Define christian.
    The holy scriptures were the inspiration of god, so is Genesis a lie. Is the bible a lie.
    For a christian you are not giving your faith much credit. You might believe in something but it certainly is not the word of god.

    Satan leads the blind, the blind lead the blind and so forth.

    You are the truth behind false religion, pleased to meet you.

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