Evidence in the Pyramids

Discussion in 'Pseudoscience Archive' started by Davespace7, May 21, 1999.

  1. It is a fact that there have been hieroglyphs found in a pyramid that show futuristic objects. Of them are helicopters, and strange alien looking ships. I viewed this very thing on a respected tomb unveiling on the FOX network. I have not been able to remember, or find out what this pyramids name is though. If anyone knows, please e-mail me.

    Send me your comments.
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  3. Bottica Guest

    I you are an affictionato of past civilisations, you will notice that on all pyramids, coffins (tombs, sorry the english), painting inside the pyramids, paintings on pottery, linen etc. the same subjects/desings are represented over and over again. This applies from the Croetians, Aztecs, Incas to the Egyptians...(etc.) same for the Akanazi Indians.

    Many "past" civilisations repeat the same occurances....


    * And no, to anyone reading this, it is not a figment of our imagination...Look at the representations of what they saw then ( this being in their realities, as they saw it and could understand it ), and look at what we see and live with now...
    I guess they just had a cristal ball and could see the future !!
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  5. Ivan Guest

    I believe that old Aztec (if I spelled it right) civilizations encountered alien life
    and were able to comunicate with it.It is all described in the books of Erich fon Danniken.They used planets to calculate exact time,they built long roads in jungle
    that were perfectly straight.There is a site in South America consisting of temples that were built in exact distance from the main, central temple.That site represented our solar system.Yet, these men were very primitive and their dedication to their 'gods' suggests that 'gods' were in fact aliens who gave them the knowledge.
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  7. I think the mystery of the pyramids will remain one for a long time. There is just as much evidence to support alien involvement as there is to debunk it. The only reason we point to the sky is because it is unfathomable to think that an ancient civilisation could erect monoliths in the sandy deserts of Egypt. But, in all honesty the coincidences that the pyramids (etc) present with the pyramids of Peru and Mexico is too big for a coincidence... maybe both civilisations saw something is nthe sky, maybe they didn't... And what about Pi, building the 3 pyramids of Giza on that line is a little too odd for me...

    Ja Ne, Ghost in the Machine
  8. Mo Green Guest

    It's the Chariotts of the GOds man.

    Hey, they practically own all of SOuth Amerika.
  9. Lori Guest

    The more I read up, the more I think that this is not the first time in the history of this planet that humans have not only interacted with, but also bred with aliens. It talks of such a time in Genesis in the Bible. Note that each time that this has occurred, that God felt it necessary to virtually destroy the earth, or to at least wipe out all of the "consequences" of this interaction. I believe that this will happen again. Notice the global changes in weather. It seems that the more people interact with aliens, or believe what they tell them, the further the person gets from Jesus. This is a trend, and a concrete one at that. These are the "fruits" that are spoken of in the Bible. What are the "fruits" of an alien abduction? From what I have seen, they are a falling away from the true Christ. This is very scary to me, because the aliens have a really good story to tell, and because we desparately want to believe that they are being truthful with us, and will not harm us. If we believed otherwise, then what would our options really be, other than to pray? There are no other options, right? Why do we believe them so willingly? Why do we not question, when it is sooooo in our nature to question EVERYTHING else? Scary.
  10. Bottica Guest


    Changes in the weather patterns have been brought on by us humans not because of our interaction with alliens, but because we have alliniated planet earth ourself !

    It is our fault because we have not respected what was given to us freely..that is we have managed to destroy everything with our senseless pollution of everything that surrounds us..and that is for at least the past 150 years !

    By polluting our planet we have raised its external, and internal "heat" (lack of better word), we have stripped mountains of trees, and exploded atomic, and nuclear bombs under the sea etc...what does one expect ?

    For sure all weather patterns will and have changed. And what is more, the present situation that we are experiencing (in relation to changes in the weather..of which this is only the start) was predicted by scientist at least 40 years ago. At that point the concesus was that if we changed our ways then maybe the results which we are seeing now would never happen. 30 years ago pollution was deemed irreversable...so here goes.

    Now, as for the Alliens...if I was one of them..I would probably just nudge my fellow spacecraft buddie/traveller and comment on how dumm us persons from this planet earth are...that is because we have managed to dig our own grave and we still are laughing at it !!

    Again, being an Allien I would probably just move on...or maybe get a few of the brightest one on board..and offer them a cold one !

  11. How easy is it to sit back and blame the problems with the planet on pollution? I hate to burst your bubble, but as you attempt to "solve" the problem you simply add to it. That computer you are using? It caused pollution when made at the factory. That power you use to run it? Not only does it take coal out of the earth, it then places it into the atmosphere. Those Ufology books? What do you know! They waste trees!

    So if you are going to complain about pollution, go find a cave and recycle everything so you don't add to the problem.

    Corp.Hudson <ufo@idcomm.com>

    P.S.-Don't blame global warming on human pollution. It is a global cooling/warming, spanning millions of years. It is beyond our control. By studying the paleoenvironment we can glean that we are simply on the up part of this naturally occuring cycle.
  12. Lori Guest

    Hey Bottica,

    I'd have to agree with the Corp on some points. It pisses me off that yes, we as humans have chosen to destroy this planet, but why? The answer is simple; we have rejected God, and rejected the truth, in that this planet doesn't belong to us, but to Him. If we had always realized this, we would have treated it with much more respect. Just like if you borrow someone else's car, you are apt to be more careful while driving it, than you would if you were driving your own. The fact is though, that all of these years, we have been influenced to reject God by the very spirits who are now going to "save us" from ourselves and our wicked ways, that they have propagated within us in the first place. Did that make any sense at all? I mean, how convenient is that? They influence us for centuries to reject God and follow our own egos, and destroy our planet in the name of the almighty dollar, and then when we're on our last leg, they come and save the day. They have set themselves up to be our saviors in this day. When if we had rejected their influence in the first place, we would not need them to "save us" now.

    Also, I have read that there is scientific proof that global warming is not a result of pollution or nuclear weapons, but a result of an outside influence in the universe. A change in the gravitational pull on this planet. This has to do with the theory of the 12th planet, which can be explained further on several different sites including zetatalk.com.
  13. Perhaps you missed the point of my post. It was sarcstic. Humans have not destroyed the planet. The planet is just as healthy and robust as it was 65 MYA.

    The "12th Planet Theory" or whatever could very well be correct. My main point is that global warming is NOT people caused. It is not alien caused. It is a natural proccess, that has occured for at least several million years.
  14. Has anyone ever considered how the earth feels about our presence?

    We think we own the earth, but we disregard the fact that the earth is very much alive. One day the earth may just shrug us off her shoulders like a horse who brushes so many flies with a pass of the tail.
  15. Bottica Guest

    Morphology, and all...

    I think you are very correct in your statement ...and basicly this is what I have been trying to say...That by our egosictical ways of dealing with our host this planet called earth, we have managed to destroy all eco-systtems that surrounds us.

    And you know what, it has absolutly nothing to do with a 12 planets or anything of the sort (or the bible for that fact ).

    The gov. will have us beleive that all is well... Yes,...( and I dream also at times ) But then I can't do otherwise than to think that the gov. must "assume" that we are dummies !...Because all you have to do is look around (without being Einsten ! ) to realise that all that was given to us is going to hell....

    And again I repeat, what is happening to us...we made it happen...That is again with the help of our precious gov'ssss.


    [This message has been edited by Bottica (edited May 25, 1999).]
  16. I have to agree partially with Bottica on this one- we are causing our own demise. It doesn't really matter who or what put us on Earth, but the fact that is improtant is that we don't know how to use Earth and her resources wisely. The human race is still in a pompus, vain, egotistical stage in out development, yes, we try to recycle and so forth but the fact remains; we are still killing mother earth. It doesn't matter how much we recycle or preserve or protect, we have done the damage so we might as well owe up and pay for it. maybe we still have a chance, but it will take alot of hard work to make it happen.

    You know, its kind of ironic, if you murder someone, or watch someone being murdered in broad daylight as you stand in the middle of an open street you would be charged. Yet our planet slowly dies a little every day and we just sit back and laugh and not send a second glance her way. Go figure.

    Ja Ne, Ghost in the Machine
  17. kmartian9 Guest

    Why do we not question GOD and Christ like everything else? When there is even less evidence of them then there are of aliens.
    I think what is really scary is that 90% of the world's population belives in a supream being who was made up a person to give people
    a sense of purpose.For many dedicate thier lives to GOD or Christ because they do not want to face the possibilty that they spent their whole life working for nothing. And a belief in aliens does not mean the disbelief
    of GOD or Christ although it does seem that way. But that is because a more substantial
    being has arrived to give us a sense of purpose and this new being asks for nothing not even belief in itself. which makes it easier to accepts than an all knowing dictator who we call GOD.
  18. Lori Guest

    Well, for starters, I think it's pretty egotistical to assume that those who do believe do so without questioning. I, for one, have questioned my beliefs for most of my life, and I questioned hard, ok? Maybe you're the one who hasn't thought this through? Could be, right? Also, kind of arrogant to assume that everyone who has believed, when questioned, just comes up with some trite shit to pass off, so they don't have to admit to "wasting" their lives. And may I ask, Bottica, this planet is a gift given to us by whom? I'm sorry, I can not go into all of the arguements that I presented myself with when trying to decide if I believed, but I'm no dummy, and it just makes good sense. Even in the context of pollution, and the environment; that's just one of many examples. May I point out as well, that most people on this site believe in a creator (I don't think any of us still believe in Darwin's theory anymore, do we?), they are just giving credit to aliens instead of to God. That's the only difference that I really see here, or anywhere I look nowadays, for that matter. And the dictator comment really gets to me, not that I haven't heard it before, because it's soooooooo contradictory. The whole reason that you don't know the truth at this very moment is because God will not "impose" it upon you. Would you rather He did? Because then, and only then, would He be considered a dictator.
  19. How come when somebody asks a question it drifts off to this bullshit known as religion.
    Man created religion and gods because he/she fears death.
    Can anyone tell me what happens when we die?
  20. I am greatly offended by your reply. You have not reserved the right to put down the way people go about their life. If you are speaking against the Christian religion, well I am assuming you are an evolutionist. Expanding upon that point, I would like to let you know that the evolutionists, even though they do not like to think of it this way, are practicing a religion all their own. There is no way to fully prove the evolutionists theory, so therefor there is a great deal of faith present when it comes to believing we originated from monkeys, and that the earth is billions of years old. If this was true, the first astronauts should have sunken under a layer of space dust a few meters thick on the moon, and it didn't happen. Oh, and if everything in the universe is degrading, how is it that we evolved into the forms that we take now, vs. have our genetic code degrade into a form of lesser complexity?

    So in conclusion, you are not so different from the people that reserve their faith in God. Keep that in mind.

    Send me your comments.
  21. Lori Guest


    Check out http://www.near-death.com

    There are also many other near death sites out there that are very interesting reading. Do a search on it and see what you find.
  22. You people have been smoking crack. Get over your high horse attitudes.

    Humans are not destroying the planet earth. I don't know if you read my previous posts, or you are too stupid to understand them.

    The earth is not a living being. It is simply a ball of molten rock surrounded by a hardened crust. It is very complex, and has a vast ecological system, but it is not alive.

    There is not a shred of evidence that we are destroying the earth. I state once again, it is just as healthy and robust as it was 65 million years ago!
  23. Lori Guest

    Corp. Hudson,

    Take a pill, dude. Are you really a Corporal? May explain the attitudinal problem. Listen, I'm not stupid, ass-wipe (sorry, general), and if I had to bet a lot of money on it, I'd say that you were in denial, big time. Let me guess, a spoiled, male-chauvanist, baby-boomer, with a nice pension built up after years of hard work, who HAS to "buy in" to the system, otherwise would not feel satisfied with his life? Am I close? I never claimed to be a psychic, but you sound a hell of a lot like my dad.

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