El-o-Hym = ολω-Hym = All-Human = No ego

Discussion in 'Religion' started by granpa, Jul 17, 2017.

  1. granpa Registered Senior Member

    El-o-Hym = ολω-Hym = All-Human = No ego
    "Human" is used here in the sense of "Logical"
    as opposed to "Animals" which are illogical.

    El = ολως = All = Infinity

    Logos means "worder" which means "human" (since animals dont speak).
    The Logos of God is infinitely Logical (having no ego) and hence an All-Human or El-o-Hym.

    John 1:
    In the beginning was the Logos, and the Logos was with All-Human, and the Logos was All-Human;


    human (adj.)
    mid-15c., humain, humaigne, "human," from Old French humain, umain (adj.) "of or belonging to man" (12c.), from Latin humanus "of man, human," also "humane, philanthropic, kind, gentle, polite; learned, refined, civilized."

    This is in part from PIE *(dh)ghomon-, literally "earthling, earthly being," as opposed to the gods (from root *dhghem- "earth"), but there is no settled explanation of the sound changes involved.

    Compare Hebrew adam "man," from adamah "ground." Cognate with Old Lithuanian žmuo (accusative žmuni) "man, male person."

    A person with no ego would not require sleep.
    A crucified person stood on a small platform with their arms stretched outward horizontally.
    As long as they were awake they could support their weight on their feet but as soon as they fell asleep all of their weight went on to their arms causing intense pain which would wake them back up.

    No I am not an All-Human.
    I definitely require sleep.
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  3. Tiassa Let us not launch the boat ... Staff Member

    But elohim is a Hebrew word from Ugaritic, approximately, "He is the power", apparently derived as singular proper title from a nominally plural comparative; the papacy appears styled after this notion, with the Pope a first among equals, and Elohim the Power over powers.

    We might do better to spend our days and nights on the comparative dispute over monolatrism and henotheism, or whether there is no difference and kathenotheism is a philological joke everyone keeps missing.

    Disregard the prior paragraph; it isn't nearly as funny as I thought it would be.
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