Einstein's genius and computerized state lottery drawings - BIG LIE technique

Discussion in 'Pseudoscience Archive' started by MattMarriott, Mar 4, 2005.

  1. MattMarriott Banned Banned

    One of the best examples to what extent the illuminati big lie technique can
    be used today, is state lottery, as explained in <a href="http://www.belowtopsecret.com/thread100036/pg1">Lottery fraud - how the government takes the money of fools</a>.</p>
    <p>In some european countries the big lie technique makes possible to still show
    the drawings on television. Example of the tricks used (in what follows a
    sequence is a succession of cuts):</p>
    <li>in Germany, a sequence of balls turning, which includes cuts of one or two
    balls entering the tubes, is followed by a sequence of each ball getting out
    of the tube;&nbsp;</li>
    <li>in Switzerland the final cut has the camera moving along the tubes from
    where the balls drop, after an initial sequence where you see in one of the
    cuts the first ball entering the tube.&nbsp;</li>
    <p>There are two categories of big lies:</p>
    <li>Easily verifiiable by the masses. Evolution Theory 150 years later, the
    &quot;Apollo Moon Landings&quot; 36 years later or State Lottery today
    (since computers can be used to scan millions of bets in seconds) are
    extreme examples.</li>
    <li>Not easily verifiiable by the masses. Albert Einstein's &quot;genius&quot;
    (which during the last 100 years was continually presented as the foundation
    for all possible technical developments, from the nuclear bomb, to sharp
    image on television to the GPS navigation system) is a good example, his
    &quot;special relativity theory&quot; is the ultimate example as far as what
    concerns the &quot;scientific community&quot;.</li>
    <p>As Big Lies face time exposure (i.e. as they get more and more obvious to the
    masses, or with other words as they gradually move from category 2 into category
    1) the illuminati face a dilemma to decide about the timing and depth of
    &quot;corrections&quot; (in the ultimate case the total replacement) for those
    big lies. An example is the introduction of <a href="http://www.lotterypost.com/threads108841.htm">computerized
    drawings</a> in the US the state lotteries.&nbsp;</p>
    <p><a href="http://www.lotterypost.com/threads.asp?tp=104853&amp;sp=1&amp;sq=MattMarriott&amp;sm=p&amp;si=a&amp;sf=0&amp;sd=90&amp;ss=dd&amp;rp=Search">state lottery - government fraud exposed
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  3. Pete It's not rocket surgery Registered Senior Member

    Not another one

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  5. kenworth dude...**** it,lets go bowling Registered Senior Member

    was thinking about the lottery last night and was convinced my calculations of the probability of winning were wrong because they were so so small but i cant find anything wrong with them and with those odds it is really unlikely that someone would win every week,so maybe they just someone has so people keep playing.that is the main justification for playing,"yeah the probability is v small but someone wins every week".
    the moon landing wasnt a lie
    einstien was a genius,you only have to look at the breadth and depth of his work.
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  7. Yuriy Registered Senior Member

    Yes, Pete, judging by name of the thread, it is another one...
    Last edited: Mar 4, 2005
  8. kenworth dude...**** it,lets go bowling Registered Senior Member

    another one?i am newbie,what mean does this?
  9. fo3 acdcrocks Registered Senior Member

    Actually the lottery odds really are kind of funny.. Lets say you have to get all 5 drawn numbers right, out of 64.
    The odds would be 64*63*62*61*60=914'941'440. If there is a winner every week on the average, then there should be nearly a billion sold tickets weekly.
    Am I wrong with the calculation?
  10. kenworth dude...**** it,lets go bowling Registered Senior Member

    thats what i thought,(slightly different cause the english lottery draws 6 numbers from 1 to 49) but in the same region.seems weird dunnit?
  11. Victor E Registered Senior Member

    Hm...... I read your other topic, where you also linked to another one, where you claim that euorpe is infiltrated by muslims.

    You also quote a principle (from sweden) saying only 2/1000 is swedes.

    You want to know the truth? Because that is actually plain lies, I am from Sweden..
    I know for a fact, that 998/1000 is NOT muslims. All immigrants aren't muslims you know...

    The school you mention is known as the worst school in Sweden, its situeted in a city with 50% immirgrants. It's the only school in Sweden that has that many immigrants.
    And also, that school is worst in the whole city.

    I know for a fact that the closest school to me has less then 10 muslims, actually, there less then 10 immigrants. And that is, at a school with 600 students.

    EDIT: I've wrote some information wrong yesterday, so I uptdated it now - with correct information. The school actually exist, but not in the city I live in.
    Last edited: Mar 6, 2005
  12. shmoe Registred User Registered Senior Member

    This calculation is wrong, at least how all lotteries I've heard of are set up. If 5 numbers from 1 to 64 are drawn with no repetitions and the order of the draw is irrelevant, then there are 64C5=64!/(5!*(64-5)!)=7,624,512 different ways of picking the numbers, signifigantly smaller than your calculation. (I'm using nCr to denote the usual "choose" function).

    For the 6/49 type lottos, there are 49!/(6!*(49-1)!)= 13,983,816 possibilities. Suppose n people buy tickets and they all select their numbers randomly and independantly from each other. Let P(n)=probability of no winner given n tickets are sold. Then P(n)=(1-1/13983816)^n. A few samples to ground ourselves in reality:

    P(1 million)=.931
    P(2 million)=.867
    P(5 million)=.700
    P(10 million)=.489
    P(15 million)=.342

    I don't know how many tickets are usually sold, but that could probably be found easily enough. Once you're in the 10 mil range, it's about an even chance for a winner. I know the Canadian lotteries don't always have a winner every week, and the jackpot rises every time there is no big winner. With long losing streaks, the jackpots grow large, more tickets are sold, increasing the chance of a winner, and so on.

    There was a case of a computerized state "pick three" lottery that had a booboo. Contestents would pick a three digit number and the draw was performed by a computer. After a certain number of draws (I want to say 27) someone noticed that a certain digit (I want to say 9) never came up. Turns out there was a problem with the random number generater and that digit would never come up. (don't have the reference handy, I think it was "How Not To Run A State Lottery" in an elementary math journal, like the Mathematics Magazine, but I'm not sure)

    Anyways, I'd doubt they would bother intentionally rigging lotteries. Lotteries are such a wonderful money making scheme when run legally that risking public confidence by deciet would be a grevious error.
  13. kenworth dude...**** it,lets go bowling Registered Senior Member

    ah.,thanks.,shaming that i actually did that calculation for a gcse maths project.,my memory sucks a big fat one.
  14. MattMarriott Banned Banned

  15. Pete It's not rocket surgery Registered Senior Member

  16. MattMarriott Banned Banned

  17. Imperfectionist Pope Humanzee the First Registered Senior Member

  18. MattMarr Banned Banned

    November 23, 2004, as I exposed "Juan Rodriguez", incredibly I also realised, by looking in the web, that there was NOT ONE page that explains the underlying mechanism of fraud: how the goverment takes the big jackpots - till the last cent.
    Although there are probably more than one billion people playing lottery around the world, and all the major lotteries now are rigged using that same trick.

    I had never checked the web before to see if there was a page exposing it, because I was 99% sure that it was the case.
    Once again I underestimated the current degree of brain wash ...

    The specialists were also not able or willing to use the hints to find the trick:
    State lottery - government fraud exposed, January 6, 2005

    The two tricks - the right numbers and the "winners" - are explained in the link I gave in that thread, the same given above:

    The right jackpot numbers
    The key is, like for the core lie of 9/11, computers. From page 1:
    Congratulations. You took the right path for the first step of the fraud.

    Step 1 - After the computer scanned all the paper, all combinations choosen are known.

    The hints for Steps 2 and 3 are given in page 3. Again the only reason why people don't realise it, is, like with CNN and the inserted plane, the failure to understand that ALL mass media is controlled by the same people:
    "Check the similarities with another great hoax - how the government made people believe that two airliners impacted the WTC towers.
    And keep in mind that this hoax is staged weekly, and as I pointed out before, it is still shown "live" on TV, in some countries..."

    Step 2 - Using previously recorded thousands of cuts of each ball exiting the tubes, a video sequence is quickly put together, for a combination that NOBODY selected. Background music suggests it is uninterrupted.

    Step 3 - the video tape is broadcasted in TV as "live" drawings.

    The "winners"
    The "winners" - are explained in the first post of page 2:
    Of course part of staging the fraud includes from times to times giving a face to a jackpot winner.
    Since the media is totally controlled by the goverment, there is no risk that the "winner" will be exposed as an actor.
    The "story" of "Juan Rodríguez" ($149 Million Lottery Winner Had Just 78 Cents in Bank) is the ultimate example to show that the government can tell ANYTHING about the "winner".
    Last edited: Sep 6, 2006

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