drunk kid kils 4 injures 11 no jail time

Discussion in 'Ethics, Morality, & Justice' started by sifreak21, Dec 18, 2013.

  1. sifreak21 Valued Senior Member

    You do realize affluenza is not a read diagnosis right? In court if holds as much weight as sating he has a pet unicorn so he should get off. On top of that a vast vast majority of prisoners came from very very poor families. And I venture to assume the grew up with only one parent who didn't teach them right from wrong. Why are they sitting in jail now? Why has there never been a case in history when someone killed people and used a made up disease to get the " OK u killed someone while under the influence of a drug you stole all illegally. Don't do it again.
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  3. dumbest man on earth Real Eyes Realize Real Lies Valued Senior Member

    Regardless, The Marquis, of the rationality you choose to employ, the phrase "would have", "could have" or "should have" is most commonly used to express an option that the speaker of said phrase chose not to employ.

    The Marquis, is that not one of the myriad of lauded increased abilities that alcohol bestows upon its dedicate users? < HEAVY SARCASM!

    The Marquis, whether or not you are conducting some sort of "Social/Cultural Experiment", and what you perceive as the result of said "Experiment", I did not "dismiss" your "comments", nor did I "habit(ually) accept any circumstance or condition" to "avoid really thinking about" those "comments".
    As a matter of fact, The Marquis, I expressed my considered opinion of your "comments"!

    BTW, The Marquis, would what you stated ^^above^^ not be an example of what you were so nice to Post a definition of earlier...:
    ...you do understand that I am of course referring to the...:
    ...part of your statement.

    The Marquis, are your ^^above^^ statements "meant " to be taken as "sarcasm" or part of your "Social/Cultural Experiment"?
    That position will not fly because you supplied many of "the details behind" behind your "chosen - to be addressed Case", which DID NOT involve THE KILLING 4 PEOPLE and PHYSICALLY INJURING 11 MORE - but only had to do with the THEFT OF MONEY!!

    My mistake, The Marquis, for not seeing earlier, that "the context behind ", nor that your "fun in coming here...to find support for" your "own petty thoughts and prejudices", was just "self amusement".

    The Marquis, I am not sure that your claimed "Social/Cultural Experiment" is anything more than just an example of one of "tools" in your " little box of research tools, most of which are worn from long use", that you utilize as a ...possible?...:
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  5. The Marquis Only want the best for Nigel Valued Senior Member

    TDMOE, If I were to speak any more plainly than I do now, I would be banned. The rules of this site, while somewhat more relaxed than some others I might name, are nonetheless designed to protect the tender sensibilities of those who frequent it. A British vernacular is employed far more usefully than that of you Americans, when one wishes to convey contempt without stepping over any lines with regard to legal use of language.

    Any business venture understands the conflict between quality and quantity when determining profit margins. In addition, the rules of society, any society, exist nowadays primarily to protect those who would choose to dwell within that society from the harsher aspects of reality.
    Why? Because the conflict between mass and quality is in the process of being resolved.

    I'm only slightly surprised that you lot are capable of divining a conspiracy theory behind 9/11, by way of example, without ever once realising that all of you here are merely sales figures.
    The rules of this site aren't designed to protect you. Nor are they designed to encourage diversity of opinion.
    They're designed to attract the maximum possible numbers in membership, preying upon your own desire to be heard, and for your opinion to be appreciated.

    TDMOE, I think you're way out of your depth here.
    Go pick on someone your own size. You're boring the hell out of me.
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  7. dumbest man on earth Real Eyes Realize Real Lies Valued Senior Member

    The Marquis, what you think does not affect me.

    You have no idea of my size, and I am "picking on" no one.

    How did you get "hell" into you in the first place?

    The Marquis...Meh!

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