Does the internet have a negative influence on society? Are the ''trolls'' to blame?

Discussion in 'Computer Science & Culture' started by game-junkie, Jul 9, 2012.

  1. game-junkie Registered Senior Member

    I guess the internet can have a lot of positive and negative influences on people generally depending on how they use it. Overall, from a societal standpoint i believe it is. I think Obama wanted to ban porn at one point.

    I'm not saying the internet is a bad thing at all.

    I have had bad experience with a ''troll'' online. I had to take action in the end.

    I'm not big on social networking sites like facebook, as i believe it opens up negative traits in people. I don't think removing facebook would make a difference if a few people are causing trouble. I guess it wouldn't be right to remove facebook for that reason alone. Hey, it isn't Mark Zuckerberg's problem.

    I think people use facebook just to connect with others, and are very naive when they post certain personal information. My dad has facebook and all he wants is to contact old friends. Unfortunately, I have had to warn him not to post too much personal information on the website.

    Another social networking site which secrets have been exposed is [deleted]. The owner of the site owns many porn sites, and regularly wants underage girls to get naked. Which is why he made the site in the first place. As he's getting hardly any revenue, or exposure. The only major person they've had on [deleted] was [deleted]. Every day on [deleted] you will see underage girls go on there in abundance. I guess that's the way it goes. Let's have children go on webcam and talk to random strangers on the other side of the country.

    And what's with all the ''trolls'' now on all these social networking sites.

    Broadcaster Richard Bacon from the UK, not so long ago had a torrid time with trolls on facebook. His son killed himself over facebook abuse. Unfortunately, Richard posted a memorial on his son. And he then got more abuse from the trolls.

    I had to deal with a troll once, as he posted my information and pictures he got from facebook onto a website called [deleted], which had a load of indecent images. I had the fbi remove it. The troll then called my house and little did he know i have a box which can track withheld calls. I traced his number, and give it over to the police. They found his address, caught up with him and give him community service back in 2007. The guy had the audacity to go back onto the social networking website pretending he was in the police.

    If this happened today he would get atleast 90 days in prison.

    The internet seemed a more cosier place back in the day.

    I guess it isn't anymore.
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  3. KilljoyKlown Whatever Valued Senior Member


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    If you are baited by a troll don't respond and they will go troll elsewhere.
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  5. seagypsy Banned Banned

    maybe I am being paranoid but this seems like some very clever advertisement for child pornography. The guy makes sure to post the name of a website and informs everyone that they can go there and see "abundant" numbers of underage girls on cam.

    Sorry but IMO, this thread needs to be deleted. You can discuss the horrors of child pornography online without giving out website names and telling people how to find it.
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  7. KilljoyKlown Whatever Valued Senior Member

    Good point, I was wondering a bit about that.
  8. game-junkie Registered Senior Member

    I'm not trying to create an advert, or cause any trouble. Perhaps it came off very crass. Sites like facebook, myspace, stickam, twitter, are the problem. [deleted] is linked with facebook and twitter. I just feel it's a problem which needs to be addressed. I'm not a troll. You may think this is a troll, but i honestly wanted to hear some people's opinions on this.
  9. game-junkie Registered Senior Member

    The sites i mentioned are very common anyway. Obviously, millions of people use them. I'm not telling, or hinting for anyone to go there. These sites are easy to find without me mentioning them.

    It's a japanese guy who owns many porn sites, actually owns [deleted]. I just find it crazy really how it would be allowed.

    And i'm guessing people on here have facebook, or a twitter. [deleted] is now in partners with facebook.

    The mistake i made really was to go on there years ago when it started, and i didn't know anything about this site. Only reason i went on as a friend of mine told me about it, and we just played online gaming and talked to people. It was easier to use than [deleted].

    Then, i got trolled by a user on there.

    It may have come off as a crass advert, but honestly, i wasn't intending to make anyone paranoid on here.
  10. pluto2 Registered Senior Member

    99.9% of the Internet is just a piece of stinky shit.

    There are just so many bad, extremely ignorant and negative people on the Internet that I think this world would have been a much better place had the Internet never been invented in the first place.
    Last edited: Jul 13, 2012
  11. scorpius a realist Valued Senior Member

    Internet TROLL

    Why do trolls do it?

    I believe that most trolls are sad people, living their lonely lives vicariously through those they see as strong and successful.

    Disrupting a stable newsgroup gives the illusion of power, just as for a few, stalking a strong person allows them to think they are strong, too.

    For trolls, any response is 'recognition'; they are unable to distinguish between irritation and admiration; their ego grows directly in proportion to the response, regardless of the form or content of that response.

    Trolls, rather surprisingly, dispute this, claiming that it's a game or joke; this merely confirms the diagnosis; how sad do you have to be to find such mind-numbingly trivial timewasting to be funny?

    Remember that trolls are cowards; they'll usually post just enough to get an argument going, then sit back and count the responses (Yes, that's what they do!)

    Trolls don't have friends. On the internet, because they interact with human beings, they can convince themselves that they are important, the centre of the universe - that, to them, is better than any friendship. Don't forget, the troll thinks he is always right, and therefore better than other folk. In real life, exactly the opposite applies. the troll has no friends and virtually no interaction with other people.

    If he's a teen (many are), then he lives in his bedroom, trolling, playing computer games with 'friends' (who he doesn't know at all), and joining roleplay sites, where - of course - he is a hero, or a powerful villain, who is respected in an inverse ratio to the respect he feels for himself.

    If he's an adult, then he has serious social issues. He may work, where people think he's a weirdo, and avoid him, he may sponge off his parents or be 'looking for work', which means he blames everyone for his problems. Except himself.

    Most people who are out of work are nothing like the stereotype; most want to work, and gain their self respect through work and being part of the world; but the troll IS the stereotype whining scrounger, to whom the world owes a living.

    Sex Life

    Almost every troll is male; I don't know why this is.

    The troll has few social skills, and most have never had a girlfriend, many never will.

    There's a clear pattern among trolls; they are much more likely to ignore posts known to be from women. And when they do respond to women, they are much more likely to be brief, abusive, condescending and patronising.

    This is almost certainly more due to fear than misogyny - they just don't know any women. Except Mom. But their attitude rather reduces their chances of reproducing, which is probably a good thing.
  12. scheherazade Northern Horse Whisperer Valued Senior Member

    A very interesting (to me) reply, scorpius, your psychological profile of internet trolls. No doubt in my mind that the internet is changing a great deal of our interactions as a society, from personal through business and I list personal use first because I think it takes some getting used to before many are comfortable proceeding to on-line commerce. The internet, for me, is an incredible resource for research, living as I do in a remote region and not much inclined to travel for a number of reasons. The opportunity to play chess with people around the globe and to participate on a number of science forums on a schedule of my own convenience has virtually displaced television in my life, not that such ever occupied overmuch of my time. It does at least seem in my observation that people now socialize more by means of 'social media' than in person and I do wonder how that may affect their interpersonal skills in future relationships.

    As you point out, though, even trolls at least have an opportunity to interact by means of the internet, rather than being shunned or snubbed in person. The anonymity of the internet should have the potential for those who are marginalized ( as I suspect at least some of these trolls may be) to find an avenue for connecting, interacting and coping.

    Must get ready for graveyard shift but before I go......I have to ask......the s&m on your profile page......Symphony & Metallica?

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  13. pluto2 Registered Senior Member

    Yes, the Internet can have a negative effect on you if you are using it too much.

    The incredible anonomity of the Internet is a killer because you cannot know who you are communicating with.

    Also you cannot know if what the person you are communicating says about himself is true. Because as far you know he or she can also be a murderer, a liar, a psychopath, a bully, a rapist or maybe even a terrorist.
    Last edited: Jul 18, 2012
  14. Fraggle Rocker Staff Member

    Apology accepted. But everyone should understand this:

    Do not post links to questionable sites on SciForums. Many of our members come here on their office computers. Many corporate networks have filters that search for such content and will block a site that has it.

    Furthermore, many of our members are very young. We don't want their parents checking up on them and finding a link to a child porn website in the post immediately above their daughter's post.


  15. pluto2 Registered Senior Member

    I think that the Internet can have a negative influence on certain people.

    For starters, the Internet alienates certain people. The Internet can make a person feel lonely and alienated instead of feeling welcome.

    Also the incredible anonymity and permissiveness of the Internet is a ground for bullies. There are many bullies and abusive people who use the permissiveness and anonymity of the Internet to bully and mistreat others, just because they are different.

    So the Internet is definitely not an alternative to real-life face-to-face interactions and I think that it actually alienates people.
  16. andy1033 Truth Seeker Valued Senior Member

    Thats the massive draw back of it all. Most people are too vile, and love destroying anyones life they want.

    This is why humans made religions so that mankind could understand what they are and that the world is not only them. You see most humans tend to goto the darkside of everything, as that is the side that gives them the buzz or easy fixes of pleasure. Thats why mankind made religions as humans wanted to just use there spiritual beliefs for themselves, and there hatred of others.

    The same happens on the net. You find so many that want to take part in destroying others, amazing.

    But humans being humans, think they know it all, and all they obsess with is destroying others, and the net has taken this route especially over last 5-6 years especially.

    Humans mostly are pure scum, and give them the anonymity of the net and they are even worse.

    Thats the biggest drawback to net, as well as all the bad stuff, and there is alot of stuff.

    But the positive thing is for people whom do not like people. They can interact with people on net, but in real life would never interact with anyone, as humans are pretty terrible horrible people in life. But on net even if you cannot stand human contact, like web boards people discuss things with you,a nd all they are are letters on a screen.
  17. cosmictotem Registered Senior Member

    I think it is the reverse. The bad elements in our culture have a negative influence on the quality of the internet. The internet just reveals it more. But I think in the long run the internet is a big win for civilization. Before the internet, when first meeting a person you knew very little about who they were. The internet lets people express their inner personality and tht allows you to see how much substance or how little substance is inside someone.

    People with unconsciously poor character end up getting deservedly burned and then exposed and reprimanded by society through the internet and that is a great boon to civilization. The bullied can fight back. Coalitions of civil society can denounce and condemn bullies, racists, mysogynists and other thugs instead of remaining quiet and afraid like they used to be. Bad citizens are publicaly dealt with and shamed and usually are forced to concede and apologize. In short, people are held accountable for their words, character and behavior. Or at the very least, their character is revealed online and that can assist others in determining whether they really want to support or denounce that person.

    I myself now feel I have better insight into who I want to interact with in real life because of the internet. Especially those excessively stupid people who think acting like a tug online is some kind of badge of honor.

    I think the internet is a great leap ahead in terms of solidfying an international moral community of people who believe in civility toward each other.
  18. Rickypon Registered Member

    Internet have many positive and negative effects.In your life the Internet offers so much freedom, you can find your ideal self much easier, but it's not the same as your social self.Information and freedom results that the Internet has become an unbreakable addiction for individuals and society.If we use the internet all time the day in result the Internet cuts out the social interactions of our lives.Internet gave us information for every thing if they are shopping,research for things, books and others.
  19. andy1033 Truth Seeker Valued Senior Member

    As with everything to do with humans, it should be regulated by some body above it. But seeing as its international, how they would do such a thing at the mo is impossible.

    But i agree it has positive and negatives. But i also agree it should of been regulated more, as everything to do with humans turns rotten without being regulated. The internet is the same.
  20. absols Registered Member

    it is obvious that u dont mean the question, wat u mean is a subject to play with

    if internet has negative effects, u cant conclude that life is good effect

    u r even creating the opposite which do not exist between net and life

    net is for conscious expressions

    life is for physical expressions

    both are for positive selves needs in being existing for certain time

    in life it is impossible to b objective, bc others are always the objective limits

    so in life physical expressions are forced to please all others around to mean anything positive for itself

    also life is possessed by nature, so even in pleasing others oneself cant b truly present

    physical mean body expressions, while bodies moves dont help the means our bodies are also meant in inferior realms, like animals conditionned to get killed, that cant get in touch with anything real in life

    so the logic is the reverse

    bc life fail to b a way for humans to exist, the net seem to b a way to try an alternative

    the net is the same end while it is proven now being possessed also by up, they dont leave a thing for humans

    but the difference is what the net is fast dimension while life is slow

    so it depends, if life is good condition for ones then logically they wont bother not advancing as long as they are realizing smthg positive constantly, when positive objective reality is the reason of being moves

    if the condition is not good for the living, being alone seem the alternative to serve itself so a fast dimension could seem more appropriate

    so objectively we can say, positively the net provide a space for positive individuality
    while life provide a space for positive communications

    to communicate one must b individual first or last since it is the one that do the whole move

    but also to be individual one need the opening to everything through being in touch with others like him
  21. Enoc Registered Senior Member

    There are definitely many bad people on Internet forums.

    The anonymity of those posting on Internet message boards is not a good thing at all.

    I remember being made fun of because of my appearance multiple times and being called ugly on the Internet by several anonymous posters.

    I also read a story once about a girl who was insulted by several anonymous posters on the Internet and as a result she stopped being the happy person she was before and she has sunk deeply into sadness and depression because of what these anonymous posters did to her.
  22. theorist-constant12345 Banned Banned

    I do not often reply on other threads, but the internet mentioned and being often referred to has a Troll, I do think I have some input on this topic.

    Firstly, a Troll , what is a Troll?, more to the point, who is a Troll?. Do we make Trolls?, by making people who Troll, have a celebrity like status, although often temporarily.

    The victim of an internet Troll, always has the right to ignore, so does the Troll only exist, because the victim has a part to play.
    We have the choice to ignore, but yet we concede.

    How do we distinguish a troll from people who do not just understand?.

    A Troll, often understands the knowledge, are smart and manipulative.

    What is the Psychology behind a Troll?. I do not believe a genuine troll , is a lonely person, they need to brag about their exploits. They are often of a younger age, 16-30, and they like to be number one in their group , and find it amusing to hurt people without Physical contact being made. Often it is they are bored with their life, and have a had a spoilt upbringing.
    They feel the hate through self pity , they were the ones who in their earlier years who were bullied, were apart of a bullying system, that they inherited, and hiding behind a key board, nobody can see their face, using the internet as a weapon, and victims in the millions.

    Then off cause you have the Semi-Troll, middle age men and even women, who are lost in life, and in looking for new ideas and goals , often stumble across an interesting subject that becomes a hobby.

    These individuals live a lonely life, often preferring their own company than with others. They can socialise without the chaos of peoples stories, of what jon doe did last week.

    They develop an interest in the subject, and look at this has an outlook in life, a possible escape, and a possible future.
    Ambition starts to show before they can walk, and often posting before they are ready to take on their equals in the subject.

    Often the other parties involved, on the receiving ends become confused, because we all know the answer is only easy, if we know the answer.
  23. Landau Roof Registered Senior Member


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