Do Aliens Exist?

Discussion in 'Pseudoscience Archive' started by pywakit, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. Quantum Quack Life's a tease... Valued Senior Member

    In a "virtual sense you were in deed inside a bakery being threatened. The experience was a sensory information only type experience [ if I read your post right ] The information of your presence in the bakery is received by you mind and extrapolated into a virtual image set. Possibly made up of slides rather than continuous streaming. The threat of violence is probably a reflection of your own fear at that moment of experiencing remote viewing with out the hard work needed to prepare for such a thing. Fear plays a huge part in any "astral" projecting etc etc . your fear would have drawn you to the bakery for it to be demonstrated. A form of self justification that the mind normally uses in coping with inherent fears and change ~ aka dreams and flash backs etc]
    The reason why my experience was probably more "real" and therefore informative was that I considered myself as already dead [re: Bushido warrior code] and therefore no threat could be made or bothered about. So I felt no fear nor paranoia from ending up involuntarily witnessing an alien child get delivered in graphic detail. As I was looking at it from the "other side" [ as an invisible ghost of a deceased person [ me] and not a projection of a mortal physical being.] and the worst part about it was I knew it...

    All imagery the mind receive is subject to incredible distortion if fear or strong craving, egoism etc, is present [ no news about that hey?]
    The fear of death is one of the critical fears.
    "I am neither alive nor dead as I merely exist and barely at that" To enter a zero dimensional state one literally has to die to do so in egoistic, personal identity terms. Hence considering yourself as already dead afford greatest management of the fear of dying. Can not die twice sort of thingo...
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  3. pywakit Registered Senior Member

    Certainly any aliens capable of making a radio. And as I pointed out in my OP, it wasn't enough to be human. Mental giants that homosapiens were/are compared to the millions of other species that have ever existed on this planet, it was the work of the tiniest fraction of our species that produced 'radio'. By comparison, the rest of us are idiots.

    It would appear dna is the blueprint for any biological form. I don't think it's unreasonable to suggest life could exist as an inevitable result of the laws of our universe, as we have no evidence of supernatural phenomena, despite the 'sworn testimony' of many humans ... past and present.

    Further, there is a tremendous amount of evidence to support evolution. Given millions, tens of millions, 100s of millions of years, no biological form (along with it's blueprint ... dna) has come remotely close to building a radio. Except our blueprint. Doesn't this suggest something to us?

    If I am not mistaken, 99.9% of this blueprint is shared by all humans. But again, the vast majority of our species could not build a radio from 'scratch' if we didn't have the instruction manual(s). Most (arguably) couldn't do it even if they had one.

    I think there is pretty strong evidence right here on earth (millions of forms, billions of years) to support the hypothesis that the only way another species somewhere in the universe could build a radio is if this species shares not only the general (99.9%) blueprint we do, but the further specialized blueprints of the giants among us.

    If we consider the very specialized physical conditions needed to create the foundations of technological achievements, in addition to the highly specialized biological form, it seems absurd to think radio capable species are common in the known universe.

    I've said this often: Taking into account all the evidence we currently have ... everything we have learned about our own planet, everything we have learned about the universe ... it must require an awful lot of 'real estate' to make a radio.
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  5. Robittybob1 Banned Banned

    Well put it this way there is this alien creature found recently, and no one has picked up signals from its craft so they aren't using radio by all accounts. I still skeptical that it is humanoid with human type DNA. I'm thinking it is a hoax, but if it is real and it fell out of a UFO or was left behind for being naughty or whatever, the mothership has not been detected so currently we have to say alien technology has gone beyond using radio signals for communication.
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  7. pywakit Registered Senior Member

    Apologies for intruding on your conversations.

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!


    Uhh, do you have some evidence this is actually a member of a race from beyond our world?

    Even if it was, and even if it's race was 'beyond' radio, how would this have any bearing on our lack of detecting an artificial signal? Surely, if life is so common as to have aliens showing up on our doorstep there must be countless other races that have broadcast at one time or another over the course of billions of years. Or did they all leap straight to tachyon transmissions? Not to mention FTL space flight?

    You know, despite the 'magic' of the quantum world, where anything seems to be possible, it should be pretty clear by now that once things get to macro size, they fall under the same old laws we know and love. No matter how far back in time and space we look, it's MOTS. The laws of physics (and nature) are consistent everywhere. NO EXCEPTIONS.

    I also suppose it's pointless to mention that the latest findings from experiments at CERN have put a rather large damper on the possibility of dimensions beyond the 4 we are familiar with.

    I have never understood the mental processes of people who are convinced we have been visited by species from other worlds. Or for that matter, people who are convinced of such things as 'remote viewing'.

    Is reality really that boring ... or depressing to you people?

    Oh well. Whatever makes you happy ...
  8. andy1033 Truth Seeker Valued Senior Member

    For all you nay sayers.

    Put yourself in the place of an ant, and try to see humans for what they are. Ants cannot, and why should our relationship to anything higher than us be any different. Ants do there thing, and exist, and have no idea we exist.

    Show me how ants understand humans, and then i will accept the nay sayers, if not those people like richard dawkins should not even go there ridiculing people believing in something higher than us.

    I firmly believe that undergound bases exist all over this world, and how would we know before like the last few decades. After ww2 they made themselves known, as we became a threat to them as sooner or later we would find them, i.e there bases. I think america has found all underground bases now, and the biggest countries do know.

    Now you see why there was an explosion of ufo stuff after ww2. Before that we where never going to find them, or be any sort of threat. But i am sure today american military and russian military know where they are, but cannot do anything.

    Can humans in the future get earth for themsleves, or will a time come when we are there servants or slaves. Can our human leaders take back earth, or do they have no choice?

    After ww2 the human leaders we had where ordered to get ready, and given a certain amount of time, to turn all the humans, who where seen as savages, as they just took part in ww2, to get sorted out.

    They made the whole cold war to weaponise the earth and get the mind control experiments so they can control the human beasts which most people where. Today first world countries are far more pacified, and i would think the nato mind control experiments are nearly there, to a point where they can control all the population no matter what. You can see in 3rd countries today what humans where like before all the advanced techs being used today in 1st world countries. They look barbaric to most of the 1st world, but the 1st world is only pacified as they have done decades of mind control experiments.

    Disclosure was never held back, its just they need to know that they can control the human race, as you have to admit your obsessed with animal behavior.

    I am sure our human leaders would like to be in a position where they control earth for themselves, but i doubt they are strong enough, but i am sure seeing humans for what they are, our leaders do want it. You have to wonder what they are working with, and also what parts of russian and american military know this?
    Last edited: Apr 28, 2013
  9. Lakon Valued Senior Member

    I am a little confused about your ..

    I discovered a very strong set of rules [ rules of evidence ] that was necessary to prevent continuously deluding myself.
    The primary rule is that it requires a minimum of at least 3 independent sources of evidential support before the experience can be deemed worthy of considering as valid.

    .. because you are subsequently not more forthcoming with these, but do say that ..

    The method of validation is no different to that which we use every day, therefore one can conclude that the reality of the race is as real as you are real.

    You can .. you must see here, that most reasonable people would ask you for more information. After all, you're basically saying that using methods of validation no different that what is used in every day life, you have validated the existence of aliens. In fairness, you can't expect people to say "Oh OK, you sound like an honest bloke - I believe you"

    I know you've said a couple of times that you're reluctant to go further due to the possibility that it might adversly affect weaker minds, but at this stage, you might have to take that risk.

    Can you be more specific about your validation points ? Yes, I seem to read that brutal honesty is one of them, but then again, my great grandfather was brutally honest with himself that the sun revolved around the earth - he could see it every day.
  10. andy1033 Truth Seeker Valued Senior Member

    Its amazing how president carter went and filed a report but was also voted president. So he was mentally stable to be president and you people voted for him, but seeing some sort of ufo or what ever it was, did not matter.

    Then you judge people, claiming only crackpots see them.

    But america voted for this person.
  11. Lakon Valued Senior Member

    QQ, I wanted to comment on this too ..

    To help explain, years ago, when confronted with an almost permanent symptomatic existence in the hypnagogic state due to experiencing a particular and very nasty form of stroke I had to learn intuitively somehow how to differentiate between imaginary self projections and reality.

    My sympathies to your problem. It is difficult to imagine what one's mind would be in such a state. Even thinking about it is bewildering. People trapped in comas, parapalegic states, advanced states of dementure .. difficult things to even think about.

    But it does not follow that ones perception of reality would be clearer. I'm not saying it would or it wouldn't, Im just saying it doesn't follow that it would.
  12. Lakon Valued Senior Member

    Andy, calm down. Our human leaders DO control the world. But they are a much more mundane lot than you think - alas - no aliens. They are the super wealthy of this world - those that hold power by money (plutocrats). But don't worry. I'm working on overthrowing them by getting richer. We all are, indirectly.
  13. andy1033 Truth Seeker Valued Senior Member

    You believe what you want and i will believe what i want.

    Just because you say something does not exist, does not tell me to listen to you.

    There is enough evidence by credible people over last half century to tell us something more is going on. Like i said you believe what you want.

    If there are underground bases all over this world(and there are), you and i have no way of knowing whats going on there or whom is there.
  14. Lakon Valued Senior Member

    I mentioned this incident largely because of it's realism and it's extensive nature (although I summarised it in a few words). Beyond this, I cannot say I recall feeling any fear. Nor do I think there was any fear associated with the 'shift' moment. I am not fearful of it or uncomfortable with it. I don't mean to sound like a tough guy here, but fear plays no great part in my life these days - internal or external. No, I'm still writing it off as one of those random (but in this case, very lucid and hypnagogical) dreams.

    This is FASCINATING issue. I haven't heard it this way before. Will have to think a lot more about it, but you're probably onto something real imortant here.

    Very interesting. Thinking about it just at the moment, one comes across this in many religions and metaphysical doctrines. Die that you might live / be reborn, etc.
  15. Lakon Valued Senior Member

    OK Andy - it's all cool. It's good that you have the inclination to think about things more than a lot of other people would generally do.

    May I just add though, that one thing I find keeps me honest to myself, is that once I start believing something seriously, I continually look for sources of material contradicting it. That way, I can get a lot more views and ideas than just my own.
  16. Quantum Quack Life's a tease... Valued Senior Member

    Absolutely not. If you believed what I have written just because I appear to be honest and a good bloke then I would have to assume I am inadvertently and potentially committing a fraud and am applying influence in a way that undermines your ability to use critical thought and apply sound reasoning.There are different grades of belief and if you believed with out proper reason to I would consider myself to be still in lah lah land. So I am not attempting to solicit belief. Merely understanding... It is your ability to form you own opinion based on your own use of critical thought that I treasure the most. As to do so means that if we do arrive at consensus that consensus has real value and not a false value. [One of the rules of evidence I mentioned relates directly to this]

    If I valued credibility over truth I might feel that way. I am under no obligation to take any risks. Every thing I write is written with 25 years of intense Hypnagogic experience to support it and the need to be credible to the "naive or ignorant or even knowledgeable and erudite peers " is one of the key ego [esteem] issues when exploring this field. ego = peer credibility, where as truth = truth sort of thing.
    The use of the term "weaker minds" is also fraught with potentials. I would use the word innocent and impressionable minds instead, being VERY well aware of just how naturally gullible, innocent [and beautiful because of this innocents] people can be

    being brutally honest means amongst many thing, that you are honest about your own limitations of perspective. From a typical perspective at ground level it is simply impossible to casually conclude either way. To state that the sun goes round the Earth in the absence of proper reason is egoistic helio-centricism. Such are the incredible and subtle pervasive and perverse distortions that ego centricism can have on any matter of judgement or assessment. [cogitated or logical understanding ]

    Committing a fraud is extremely easy to do and most often done inadvertently even with the best of intentions, if true consideration of the impressionability factor is ignored. NLP, hypnosis, etc are all methods of taking advantage of humanities natural impressionable state. It is that impressionability that makes humanity exquisitely beautiful, due to it's inherent and natural creativity. To project ideas in to someones else s dream state whilst they sleep for example [ see other thread] is simply committing a fraud against that person [victim] that can have incredibly negative results. As can hypnosis and other "ideas" or "suggestion" insertion techniques.
  17. Quantum Quack Life's a tease... Valued Senior Member

    the fear is in reflection and demonstrated by the bakers behavior. The fear is being demonstrated in reflection. [If you research dreams and dreaming you will find that often dreams are a way the mind explains fear to you. in reflection] As remote viewing is in the same realm as dreams [near the zero point] any fear that is unmanaged will render the viewing in a distorted way. The phrase "Conquer your fear" should actually read "Master your fear" because fear [adrenal function] is essential for a healthy body/mind but can also be catastrophic to both and needs to be mastered and not suppressed/overwhelmed.

    it is indeed... both fascinating and important, however it is also debilitating and emotionally devastating and exploration is definitely not recommended unless you have the fortitude to manage the intense but "balanced" despair associated being in a constant state of "near death" for extended "conscious" amounts of time [a pseudo permanent state of NDE] is extreme to say the least however it does promote understandings that would not other wise be achieved if one stops fearing death and focuses on the opportunity instead. [re: the Buddha principle of enlightenment: it is at the moment of relief of suffering that enlightenment comes - Physics analogue: Tesla coil - collapse of magnetic field [ suffering] causes a spark of electricity [ inspiration] - aka the nature of creativity/thought.]

    simply put "ego nihilism"...the destruction of personal identity is not as simple as it may be thought to be. A very trained Buddhist advocate could spend an entire life time in a dark Somati cave striving for the zero point and then realize after many years that it is the egoistic act of striving that prevents him from achieving it. As said in other threads the Zero point is paradoxed. It is this paradox that has to be mastered and not achieving the zero point itself.
    Last edited: Apr 29, 2013
  18. Lakon Valued Senior Member

    Sometimes consensus has value. Other times not. Sometimes it is mass delusion. Consenus reality is not necessarily reality. This is NOT a strong rule of evidence imo.

    That's your view. I have no problem with the word 'weaker'. Some minds are weaker (for whatever reason). Some muscles are weaker. Some tree branches are weaker.

    Staying on the central point and not shooting off in too many directions, I surmise you say that you've seen aliens (5 groups of them did you say earlier ?) and now you're saying it was on some internal hypnagogic level. But for the various reasons you've mentioned above, you cannot or will not discuss further the reality / fantasy level thereof. I note though, in your earlier posts iirc, you spoke about it as though it was quite real.

    Again, do not suppose I'm been antagonistic or even a party pooper here. If my neighbour told me he's seen aliens, and upon questioning, he siad he did so on a hypragogic level, and knowing and having experienced a good deal of hypnagogia myself, I would certainly suspend belief and ask for a lot more specific information and try to arrive at some conclusion. But it's your call.
  19. Manuel.Dolorica Registered Member

    I posted this on my thread, but I'm also posting it here because they're somehow related.

    Hypothetically, if there are aliens:

    Some scientists are saying that if there are aliens, some are far more advanced than us, and that they have been for hundreds or thousands of years. Humans are now curious of what's out there, and we're not even that advanced yet. We've been sending devices/machines to Mars. Let's be honest, if we only have the technology to go to Mars and walk its surface to find out more about the planet, we would. And MAYBE we will reach that level of technology--decades or hundreds of years from now--but the point is, intelligent creatures are curious.

    This is a silly example, but just so we could determine if there's any logic for aliens to visit our planet: Let's say there are trees and animals in Mars. Let's say it's just like Earth, but there are no intelligent life forms yet--OR there are apes and small tribes of homo sapiens, but they're not that advanced or civilized yet; and we have the right technology to go there. Because the environment is just like Earth, it's safe for humans. In this scenario, I'm certain that scientists/experts will be sent to Mars. Perhaps rich people would go there just for vacation. If we've determined that it is a safe place, I know I would go there if I were rich. How cool would surfing on a different planet be. We may even help the locals if we think we need to.

    Next: Let's just say aliens haven't visited us yet. Do they exist? Some scientists have claimed that there's a 99% chance we're not alone. In my opinion, if we are alone, wow, we must be very special. Billions and billions of other planets, and yet, only one planet sustains life. Another silly example, but that's like saying, "Trees grow in New York, but not in the rest of the planet." Trees grow in other parts of the planet as well because, just like New York, other places are capable of growing trees. Having said that, if there are planets out there that are capable of sustaining life (perfect location from its sun), they will sustain life because they are capable of sustaining life. Science is universal, it doesn't care what people think; it just does what it does when it's supposed to. I'm no expert, but with the right combination of elements, a process can be completed--2 parts Hydrogen and 1 part Oxygen will ALWAYS be H2O/Water. If a planet undergoes the same process that Earth has undergone, it will sustain life. Earth is not the oldest planet.

    But just like we can't say that there are aliens, we also can't say that there aren't. Science and even the odds say that there are, but without solid scientific proof, everything remains hypothetical.
  20. Lakon Valued Senior Member

    Your last paragraph (two sentences) make more sense than the rest of your post.
  21. Manuel.Dolorica Registered Member

    LOL. I'm grateful it made sense at all.
  22. Buddha12 Valued Senior Member

  23. Quantum Quack Life's a tease... Valued Senior Member

    Of course it isn't. Truth by consensus is far from being truth per see. Philosophy 101.

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