Designing a new product.. ideas?

Discussion in 'Astronomy, Exobiology, & Cosmology' started by Ben, May 19, 1999.

  1. Ben Guest

    Friends of mine and I here in Seattle as well as San Fransisco are working together to put a new Astronomy Product on the market. We have A LOT already programmed but are now in the process of looking for other possible features that we may have missed. I have one simple question for those who read this post: -What feature/s do you wish that your astronomy program/s had?- ... I'll check back periodically for replys. Thank You!!
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  3. Rodvik Guest

    Depends what kind of product it is. If its a planetarium / star stracker for use with telescopes then I know a few astronomers who have been waiting years for someone to to something as smooth and elegant as Skyglobe.

    I would suggest grabbing that program and ripping off as much as possible. I still use it over more expensive packages becuase its so elegant.

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  5. Sirius B Guest

    I bought an "el-cheep-o" program once when I was taking Astonomy 101. Even though, I have out grown it, I loved the "user friendly" simplicity. The graphics weren't bad either(Distant Suns/RomTech,Inc.)

    My seven-year old could even use it!
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  7. Mid12am Guest

    I would love to see something made for a child.. (Im talking 2-4 years old) My son would love that.....

  8. Rands Registered Member

    It would be great if this program could suggest some interesting events in the sky for a special day. for example, it could show what comets or planets are best viewed tonight.

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