Depression Services!!!

Discussion in 'Human Science' started by Asguard, Jan 23, 2008.

  1. Did you even read this theard? There's the info on here and you should have a local Physcologist nearby.
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  3. kungfutaichi Registered Member

    that's kind of ignorant and unfair to say, it' like a general statement that categorizes people into a few elements... not fair... i know of people in my family's family who wouldn't dare touch substance, smoke, or rarely even drank, and have leaned towards suicide. unfair statement!! i think everybody on this planet, particularly if they live in a modern day urban city, has at one point in life thought about suicide or what it might be like it they just did it, including me and many friends i have and family members.

    that statement is something like " well if he's black and wears big clothes and wears jewellery than he must be affiliated to drug dealing ".... nope won't fly too broad & general of a statement. drugs & suicide do have a big link as does jewelery n drug dealers, lol, but suicide has to do with depression, and feel of unwanted, unappreciated, giving up, losing faith, hopes dispersing, low courage low bravery n low self esteem. life experience either too much or too little, person wasn't treated friendly or was mistreated, i would personally say it has to do with mind, and emotion and courage will desire strength happiness almost everything from within as a pose to substance abuse. I have friends that use substances and when that topic comes up they tend to insult suicide or insult reasons on why someone would do it, i have insulted it to, but i also use to have suicidal thoughts... until i developed my strength within where i would never do it.... its likes giving up the greatest gift known to
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  5. kungfutaichi Registered Member

    exactly... to add to that... depresssion is not a joke, it's a life altering or controlling mind state think of the word de-press, has to do with your mind obviously so your mind is de-pressed, when you're on the floor and someone is pushing their weight onto you, they are pushing you down and you are pinned down or pressed down, exactly how depression works... life and how everything and every1 effects us one way or another tends to have a natural way of pressing us based on what we want, what we have and everything in life on the outside of our body and thought, it pushes us, both life and the world and continues to push or press unless or until the person being pinned doesn't allow it no more and jut pushes the weight off either gradually or eventually over time. most people have a constant battle with it their whole life many just let it run their lives or even take over causing life altering mind states. there's so many different forms of depression that can effect any or every part of individual, family, social life. depression is like pressing your mind state & pushing you down trynna pin you, and that's where life gets effected either at that moment or over time or gradually blending and fading... it's part of everybody and society itself.. we can't fully change the world and the only way to change the world is if we change ourselves and that's probable the best we can really do....... life is what we make it, depression is just a mind state, let's keep our mind state in great shape, anticipate good things with the laws of attraction human energy still sings, buzzes n stings needing changes to take place more positive energy i bring, live it like a leader live it like a king, i spit it as a preacher teaching knowledagble things.........
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  7. iHaveNoIdea Verified User Registered Senior Member

    Not true.

    I don't think that's true. I tried to kill myself a few times and I couldn't obviously. But it wasn't drugs. I didn't want to see what happens after I die. I was trying to run. Run away from all of my problems and stuff that I didn't want to know, hear, or understand. Because it hurt so much. But then I figured out that 1. I couldnt do it to myself:bawl:. And 2. I couldn't escape. I was stuck. Caught by my love for my family and friends and myself...
  8. Aria84 Registered Senior Member

    I came really angry about one who I loved about weeks ago after I showed him my love but I think for his personal reasons he denied that he has any emotions for me at first,one night as I became so angry I wrote him that "now that neither you nor the others want me I go to commite a suicide",I sent this by a sms,I really wasn't serious but I was sad and angry but I wanted to tease him also beause I had seen his emotions towards me,and I wanted to make him to show what he feels for me,so I just sent it,at that night I didn't recieve any response from him,the next day he told me that he has become so sad for what I had said to him and what I have said had made him so worry about me and for that he thinks that it's better that we stop our relationships there,but I told him that I wasn't serious and I wanted to make him answer me and he could send me and sms if he was worrid and I really really demanded him to stay with me and at last he said that he had become after reading that very very worry about me and he had had nose-bleed after that,the thing that had never happend in his life,he told me that I talk too much to him and wanted me to decrease it for that he can be able to do his work because his work is hard but told me not to imagine the things.I know that he had loved me and the phrase that he said that he has been worrid about me also can show me that he loved me,but still I thought somehow wether the most important was him and that I made him sad,for he told me also that"never say to someone that you want to die for him",I can't juge it,if he was selfish or not,I would be happy if you say your idea about it to me one-raven,thanks a lot.
  9. Ambrose Mason Obsidian Gael Registered Senior Member

    My question is this: Is depression really something one can seek help with [aside from the use of medication]?
  10. darksidZz Valued Senior Member

    Well I've had depression forever and honestly my sister is getting a tad annoyed at my issues calling me Emo and other weird shit she's formed in that mind of hers. idk what to think of her but I'm considering moving back to live with my dad, they both hate me now so it shouldn't make much difference although he wants me to enroll in a certain program I don't think I could do it, there's lots of technical math and stuff an I barely remember anything from back in school. They feel I'm a burden to them but I also have Asperger's slightly and I think this is what's always kept me from performing well academically. She said I think everything's impossible and was complaining about it this.... however....... it doesn't entirely make sense considering some of the things I've done.
  11. dhcracker Registered Senior Member

    Thats the most foolish thing i have ever read. Do you think it would be easy to end your own life? See things through? Ha they sure see their death right through and that takes a certain amount of guts to make that leap.

    Every single human being on earth will have a breaking point, and even you place in someones shoes like that you would be no different just as suicidal as the rest of the depressed.

    I have had several ups and downs and serious bouts of depression, other than simply thinking absolutely no experience in life might be more bearable than a life with a broken will and much pain. When you are at the point it is very very very hard to muster up enough force of will to do your daily tasks then you are going to need some kind of mood altering drug or meditation. Depression I think stems from serious problems in life that are either beyond our control or require us to sacrifice much of ourself to mend. Its also mostly not one event but a chain of events or "bad luck" that makes a person believe their efforts and attempts are only making things worse. Then you notice that your sickness is contagious and it spreads to those that care about you, one thing a depressed person doesn't want is pity.. that is just more shame.

    I found the best cure for depression is seperation from your environment and a little freedom and maybe some new friends. Whatever you think needs fixing just let go of it, get away from everyone that knows your problems and stay there until you feel a little fun and independance creeping back in. It will happen its a better method than medication. Most times simply getting where you can attend to your own needs in life and not worry about anything else or any bills or whatever.. that changes things pretty quick. There may be a day or two of something like seperation anxiety because depressed people are actually attached to their pain, there pain is something dear to them they want fixed.. but its got to be dropped for awile. Its kind of like refueling your spirits for another go at it.
  12. dhcracker Registered Senior Member

    What you did was selfish. You refused to respect and listen to the man and you tried to force some kind of guilt on him. You need to realize that when a man can tell that you are very insecure and very needing of affection and his affirmation, and that man doesn't have time in the day to give that to you that you are simply scaring him away.

    The problem is not that he doesn't care about you, its that you do not like yourself so you kind of expect a man to reject you. This is why you are so obsessed about emotions like love, listen hun love isn't something you get after one night in bed. Love is something that you earn and grow just like a big strong oak tree. Do not let your emotions rule your behavior, first once you are self confident you will not care so much if a man likes you or not because you know you like you and if you like yourself then any decent person would do so as well.

    If you expect to be unloved then you are simply setting yourself up for defeat. I tell my friends all the time if you want someone to like you, be nice but do not be too nice.. the more you act as if you do not need their affection the more forthcoming it is the more they like your company.

    So the moral of the story is, just don't get excited and worked up in new relationships, love yourself first.
  13. chimpkin C'mon, get happy! Registered Senior Member

    I've been diagnosed with major depressive disorder since 16-first wanted to die in 6th grade...and the reason suicide bubbles up as an option is emotional pain.
    Now mind you I have chronic migraines, I had a broken arm once that had to be plated back together, I have spinal spurring, some sort of pulled tendon in my knee, plantar issues, chronic sinusitis, chronic asthma...and am nearsighted (heh). Given time and the occasional need for prednisone, I might acquire type 2 diabetes-it runs in the family.
    Shallow end of gene pool there.

    I can be screaming in physical agony, seeing white light and/or passing out from pain and not want to kill myself. Depression? I can go from okay to evaluating bridges at to whether the fall would kill me or not in two weeks flat.

    And it's not rational, it's not sane. Form the perspective of drug induced normalcy I can look at it and shudder, that I can get so bad so fast.

    There's an operation called a cingulotomy that actually pretty much shuts off both happy and sad, reducing one's entire emotional volume to *meh*, usually with less cognitive disruption than electroshock therapy. I think I'd like that many days. I have a real hate/love/hate relationship with my emotions.

    If the drugs ever fail entirely I'll request one. But I've taken the "don't kill yourself for others" and sort of turned it around, thus that I was fiendishly trying to figure out how to get life insurance and make my death look like an accident, so that I could die for them instead...Then decided that was impossible, so I just wanted to off myself in a way that would disappear the body...and my spouse found out and forbade me to buy the needed materials. Dang it.
    I got a med increase two months ago, and have been okayish. For now. We'll see how long it lasts.
  14. I'd say not enough was deleted.
  15. chimpkin C'mon, get happy! Registered Senior Member

    This info is for the US.

    The above website lists the national number

    1-800-SUICIDE 1-800-273-TALK
    1-800-784-2433 1-800-273-8255

    And has links for states, although I did not check them to see if they are current.

    Remember, if you walk into an emergency room and say you don't think you can avoid killing yourself if left to your own devices, they're obliged to do something with you, even if you don't have insurance.

    Something I (guess I)want to add:

    I'm cycling in and out of depression far more dramatically than I used to...or maybe I'm just more self-aware?

    At any rate, I think it was back in '06, I was going to shoot myself in the pistol was padlocked in a plastic toolbox, plastic hasp, so I just ripped the box open with my bare hands...only to find my wife had trigger-locked the gun as well.
    So I committed a little self-injury (don't start that nonsense, it gets quite addictive) and went to sleep.

    There have since been times I've been happy to be here, and really terrified that I almost did myself in...other times when I'm pretty ambivalent, and times when I wish the docs had let me die at birth so I didn't have to let everyone down by living.

    Life. It can be good, but your mileage may vary.

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