Degassing of seawater for RO Plant

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    Hello again people

    I have a 200m long HDPE pipe with diameter of 20cm which pulls in sea water at a rate of 15 l/s at a temperature of around 26 C°. Pressure in the pipe is around -0.4 bar (11 inch Hg). Using henrys law, what will the expected rate of degassing be?

    This is not my homework but a real world situation. I have a reverse osmosis plant which needs an air extractor (educator) fitted to remove buildup of degassed air.

    I found this on the web:

    "The amount of air accumulated depends upon the temperature, flow velocity and degree of saturation. If it is assumed that the water is fully saturated and that no air is transported out of the pipe, the amount of air formed can be calculated with Henry’s law. If the water temperature is 18 degree Celsius (°C), about 40 liters per second (l/s) of air can be formed, while for a temperature of 40°C the amount is 30 l/s." credit: RevB.pdf

    If anyone can attempt this for me I would be grateful.

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