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Discussion in 'Free Thoughts' started by Hastein, Jan 19, 2004.

  1. WANDERER Banned Banned

    Wanderers woes

    Disliking my style is one thing but attacking me with childish arguments and then expecting me to respond as if you matter or as if you deserve my full attention and serious consideration because in your mind you've made a good point is naïve and foolish.
    You attack me personally, I attack back or I ignore you. Besides most of you are so amateurish in your attempted psychoanalysis that’s its more amusing than insulting.
    What’s insulting is your motive to cause me harm just because my insights frighten or disturb you. I never said any of you were Bob or the American type in my original post and I only did so only after you yourselves chose to associate yourselves with my conclusions by being offended by them.
    If I say: ‘Most human beings are idiots’, why do most of you associate yourselves with the ones that are and not with the ones that aren’t?
    Maybe because you yourselves know subconsciously that you are excactly that.
    Look back at 'The American' thread and follow it through from the beginning; see who started name-calling and penis measuring. Should I have responded thoughtfully and seriously to these individuals?
    It would seem that those offended by my views are more interested in my psychology and penis size or my sexual orientation and when I reciprocate in kind and twofold they accuse me of abuse and arrogance. In their minds what is uncomfortable to them must be the product of a sick mind. But who is sick and who healthy is up for debate.
    Would not a healthy mind appear sick where disease is the norm?
    Would not beauty be considered a mutation where ugliness is the status quo?
    Unlike for many of you this Forum is not my life but only a quaint distraction in moments of boredom. I have enough friends and avenues of self-expression not to take this place too seriously, particularly after the crap I’ve seen you people participating in and debating, if you can call it that. I certainly don’t take myself as seriously as I pretend to.
    Look at the viciousness expressed by those hating me based only on my views and look at how they struggled to get under my skin and to harm me somehow.
    What does that say about them? Did they not expose themselves to all, even to the ones that they call cyber-friends? Did they not reveal their inner self and their real character in those moments of anger?
    Up until two weeks ago the preferred subject was Bebelina and her unfortunate departure and the usual philosophical subjects with no direct consequences on real lives. Philosophy that is not applied is sophistry, philosophy that does not question and challenge is useless banter,philosophy that does not force change, inner persoanl change, is meaningless.
    Perhaps you should look back with honesty and see who started name calling and the vulgarity and see that for most this Forum is used to defuse inner turmoil or excuse personal failings. Don’t be offended when you act like children and others treat you as such.
    I could care less about your personal lives, to be honest, I see you more as a microcosm of reality where human behavior and psychological types can be studied, observed and analyzed from afar.
    There are only a handful that I respect in here as serious thinkers.
    My essays themselves are what I think. Take them or leave them it, ignore them if you must, makes no difference to me. It’s how you react to them that is most fascinating to me. It’s my testing ground where I put my views under the microscope.
    Until now no direct contradiction of my views, besides the usual ‘generalization’ argument that has no leg to stand on since all human thought is based on generalizations, the 'So are you' childishness, and of course the attempted attacks on my person that were more humorous if even a little frustrating due to their malicious, vindictive nature.

    The only things I talk about are things I have lived and have personal experience with. I speak from a pesonal perspective and this is why I speak passionately as all philosophy should be spoken and as the Greeks did in the Agora so long ago. I speak with conviction because I really beleive in the things I say and I've succesfully put them into practice in my real life.
    Philosophy isn't some abstract thing that pseudo-intellectuals pontificate over with glasses of wine in their hands and the aloof disposition that pretends superiority but masks ignorance. An idea that is understood is felt as well as thought. An opinion, that is reached through personal effort and not adopted from another, comes from the heart as well as from the mind.

    If my pride insults you, too bad.
    If my spirit makes you feel insecure and inferior, too bad.
    If my mind threatens you, too bad.
    If my views bother you, too bad.
    If my challenge frightens you, too bad.
    If you cannot be inspired by my views but choose to confront them, then please do so with quality and not moronic attacks. If you choose the last then I will insult or ignore you and that's too bad.
    I only answer those I consider equals, the rest are my specimens there to study and use to test my understanding of human nature.
    I’m an elitist people. Get it?!

    All the rest is bullshit.
    Last edited: Jan 21, 2004
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  3. KitNyx Registered Senior Member

    Wow, I have not had access to a decent computer in about six months, so I have missed the recent drama. I have to agree with Hastein, but of course neither one of us have been here as long as many of you. I understand that people, if in a place long enough, can become part of what defines it (the place). Many of the senior members probably feel this is not only "their" place to converse, but also to protect. I know I would be upset if someone walked into my house and attempted to pick a fight with my friends and me. I am by no means saying that anyone is doing that, but some people are just very good at pushing buttons. Anyway, I am no one to preach. I just wanted to be like everyone else and put in my two cents...Oh yes, I almost forgot...Perhaps, just perhaps, that is why "God" created the ignore list?
    - KitNyx
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  5. KitNyx Registered Senior Member

    ...Others are just very good at getting thier buttons pushed...
    - KitNyx
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  7. BigBlueHead Great Tealnoggin! Registered Senior Member

    Wanderer: No one cares.

    You spend better than half your words talking about how great you are.

    You try to make out that you upset or (heh) "frighten" people, instead of just boring and annoying them.

    You make a big show of claiming ownership and control of other people's thoughts and feelings.

    I understand when you respond to insults in kind - we all do. But ever since you started posting here you've been going on about how great you are, your mind, your "spirit" (whatever that is), your physique, your every damn thing. You're a self-aggrandizing sonofabitch, and I haven't yet seen you produce a thought that made you worthy of your arrogance.

    These are the last words I will say to you on the subject:
    1) These are not the real us's. Don't pretend that they are.
    2) If that is the real you, that's pretty sad.
  8. Hastein Welcome To Kampuchea Registered Senior Member

    Sorry, I didn't notice. Regardless, all people shape their own government, do they not?
  9. Hastein Welcome To Kampuchea Registered Senior Member

    To further your philosophy you need to provide a standard or ideal. That is basic.

    'The American' was never directed at YOU or anyone on this board (unless they the lifestyle criteria.)

    Amusing: In your criticism of Wanderer's judgementalism, you do the exact thing by judging him.
  10. WANDERER Banned Banned

    You will have to understand Hastein that BigBlue will not allow his ego to accept mine. He is offended by my arrogance and so will detest and deny everything I say from now on. As will so many others.
    He will see any agreement with me as an agreement on my own supposed opinions of myself. He will see it as a defeat. So instead he joins forces with those he himself considers idiots and his inferiors rather than associate himself with me. "The enemy of my enemy is my friend"
    There's macho male psychology involved here.
    BigBlue can't even laugh at himself. I do, despite what he may think.

    But what I'm particularly disgusted with is this method of throwing the first swing at someone and when he's about to pound the shit out of us to scream out in a victims voice "Help, help a bully! A vicious violent bully!! Help!!"
    Reminds me of the US and how after it rapes and pillages other nations it then cries out against their hatred and counter-actions as if it is the victim here and the other always the aggressor.
    But I believe this is a product of a general malaise in the western world. Modern western man cannot bear the responsibility of his own actions and beliefs. There’s no honor anymore, no sense of dignity. Western man has gotten pampered and spoiled by having plenty and being worthy of little.
    He, for instance, cannot see that his lifestyle denies others of their livelihoods and often their very lives and when they lash out at him with anger he is dumbfounded by it and he explains it by using the ‘They are jealous of me’ strategy or ‘They are primitive barbarians’ explanation.
    All criticisms of him and his lifestyle are considered the products of sickness and psychological dysfunction; all negative opinions of him and his overall quality always the result of bitterness or demented perspectives.
    Western man has learned to excuse himself of everything and to justify his every action.
    If he’s violent then it’s because of a bad childhood.
    If he’s unsuccessful it’s because of his parents or the world.
    If he’s unable to get laid then it’s because of female shallowness.
    If he can’t learn or doesn’t understand it’s because of dyslexia.
    If he’s inferior it’s because of a syndrome or a disease or an accident.
    Western man is never held responsible for anything, it’s always someone else’s fault, it’s always the cause of some external factor never an internal deficiency.
    He is never held repsonsible for himselfand his quality. NEVER!!!

    A noble man when he rapes and pillages expects the other to fight back, he actually wants him to as a payment for his deed and proof that his enemy was a worthy opponent for him. He does not scream like a little girl nor does he complain and feign innocence.
    A noble man stands behind his actions and his views and is ready to kill and die for them.
    A noble man is responsible for himself and his deeds.

    If you choose to attack me or anyone do not then scream foul or pretend that it is you who is the innocent victim. That’s just plain disgusting.
    If you choose to insult me and make childish statements against me then don’t complain when I reciprocate, that’s ignoble and hypocritically vile.
    The assumption was made that since no direct confrontation against my opinions and assertions could be made then a direct attack against my person would suffice and when fire was met with fire the bitching and complaining started and of course the herd circled in unified defense as all prey does in the presence of a dangerous predator.
  11. Hastein Welcome To Kampuchea Registered Senior Member

    Reminds me of when I was little and I used asthma as an excuse for not running. The excuses didn't get me anywhere. I'm certainly not on your physical level, but I agree that excuse making is retarded.
  12. WANDERER Banned Banned

    Welcome to the US, the excuses capital of the world.
    People want a house, a car, food, safety and so on but they just don’t want to pay for it.
    They want to choose but not held accountable for their choices.
    They want o be given things like rights.
    Voting is a right, freedom a right, free speech a right, all rights given but never earned.
    The state of terminal juvenile naiveté.
  13. Dr Lou Natic Unnecessary Surgeon Registered Senior Member

    To think freedom and free speach aren't rights you would have to be brainwashed by some crazy regime.
    In the natural world any living organism has the right to freedom, and any living organism with the ability to make noise is free to make any noise it wants.

    I do agree, however, that people think they deserve all sorts of crazy things that they do not, like they feel they should be handed justice just for existing and experiencing bad times.
    For some reason that little one just really ticks me off. But its not just americans by any means, in fact the last time I was enraged by such an example of todays priveledged spoiled homo-sapien was an article from india about a leopard attacking people in some city.
    Citizens were stunned like "how could this be happening?", they weren't talking about how they miss their lost son or anything(which would be acceptable, I suppose) they were outraged by the fact that leopards were preying on humans in their area. Like this was a bizarre infringement on their rights as a human being. One even said "I should have the right to go for a walk in the park without the fear of being killed", what a load of crap, maybe in heaven pal, but this is earth and you are food and hungry creatures will see you as such no matter what kind of magical super organism you believe you are.
    God damn that just pisses me off.

    Its just humans in general, some starving people in africa will whine about how unfair life is given the chance, I find that just as annoying as the fat "soccer mom" screaming at a group of children demanding to know who called her son a pussy(well not quite, but the logical part of my brain does tries to find it as annoying).

    Its not americans that are pathetic, its the homo-sapien, grizzly bears and bald eagles rarely complain about there lack of rights, and they are american.
    When the homo-sapien is put into certain environments it will act a certain way, the american environment happens to have a rather obnoxious affect on certain genetic lines of homo-sapien.
    But not all, just like in the "famine strickened" regions of africa there are individuals who have never heard of sally struthers, and do not believe they deserve any better, they just get on with whats in front of them and get by without complaints, like any decent living organism should.
    Had these people been born in the western world they probably wouldn't take the benefits before them for granted, and there are westerners who don't take those things for granted either, and who would fight to survive in the harsh african environment without a complaint had they been born there.
    The people who complain and think they deserve better, would complain and think they deserve better no matter where they were, sure they might seem like they have a valid reason to complain, but put them in a different environment and they would still be complaining, except instead of complaining about having their village plundered and burnt to the ground and children slaughtered they would be complaining about the private jet not having a big enough tv.
    People suck everywhere, don't think the arab whining on tv saying he deserves to have food to feed his family is any better than the american millionaire saying he deserves endangered condor eggs for breakfast, they are the same guy, in different parts of the world living in different circumstances.
    They both suck ass and deserve to be eaten by a leopard.
  14. Fraggle Rocker Staff Member

    You guys really need to travel more. There are people like that in every country I've ever been to. That includes western Europe, eastern Europe in the Soviet days, and the Third World.

    Maybe the percentage varies, perhaps there are more of these folks in America right now than in Slovakia or Nigeria. But there are plenty in the other prosperous countries. As soon as Slovakia and Nigeria get their fifteen minutes of fame, they'll have their share, just as Greece, Rome, Spain, and all those other places did.

    And the less prosperous nations have other types of people that suck just as bad as your American stereotype, people that we don't think about because they are relatively rare here and/or are already held in great and general disfavor. How'd you like to live in a country where a bunch of medieval priests get to make all the important decisions for everyone, and a large portion of the population likes it that way? How'd those of you who are female like to live in a place where the men get to do whatever they want with you at any time, and the entire cultural, religious, and governmental establishment backs them up?

    You kids are smart, well-educated, articulate, and concerned. That's why you're on SciForums. You're in the top one percent of the population. That means that 99 out of 100 people you meet will be inferior to you by one or more of those measures. Get used to it, it's not going to change. And it won't change simply by going to another country!

    You can either continue to grumble, you can drop out and stop caring, you can take a lot of chemicals and become like everybody else, or you can spend a few years trying to make things better and then -- whether or not your particular approach happened to be successful -- be proud of yourselves as you turn the world over to the next generation.

    I think I've listed those alternatives in their order of popularity with the generations who preceded you. It's your choice.

  15. WANDERER Banned Banned

    I think you will soon find, my good friend, that this forum is more the product of ennui than of serious contemplation.
    What we have here is mostly ‘Generation ‘Y’ and ‘X’ members so bored and disillusioned with themselves and life that they come here to vent or indulge their need for vengeance and social interaction.
    This Forum is their entire life, for many of these people, and so you must excuse their complete absorption with its soap opera happenings and laugh.
    Serious discussion is practically impossible here since anything started in good faith, as I did 12-13 times, is soon dominated by insecure, frightened children wanting to exert their presence and make themselves relevant through empty personal attacks.
    You are forced to either leave or lower yourself to their level and surrender to the grand joke.
    Since its cold where I live and there’s nothing much to do I stay until the thawing spring allows me to leave this dump for a time.
    The preferred subjects are those with no personal ramification, no challenging results. No ideas that forces us to look at ourselves are tolerated here. They rather spend eternity talking about abstract ideas where no conclusion can ever be made or talk about paranormal phenomena and scientific and technological issues.
    They would rather focus on knowledge than wisdom.
    They like taking about math or physics or ghosts or God or politics until they get bored once more and then they turn their evil little tendrils and forked tongues towards each other trying to prove superiority through witty insults and trivial attacks.
    You will soon see the results of decades of western domination and how the offspring of the privileged citizens of this world brought up on plenty and believing they deserve all, has resulted in a pampering and spoilage of the mind to such a degree that complete apathy is now its weapon, disrespect its power and whining impotence its tool.
    But one who has never been punched in the mouth, I mean really punched in the mouth, can never show caution and humility.
    There’s two types of pride: One is the result of struggle and pain and endurance. The other is the result of sheltering, safety and irresponsibility.
    Good luck,

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