Controlling swarm of drones with your mind

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    An Arizona State University researcher named Panagiotis Artemiadis has come up with a way to use the human mind in order to control robotic drones. An operator simply has to put on a skullcap that is wired directly to a computer with 128 electrodes. Brain activity is recorded and every time the controller has a thought or moves his hand, certain areas on the computer begin to light up.
    In order to send the right processes to the computer, the controller must not be hungry or physically or mentally tired. He must be able to be completely focused on the task at hand. Also, the machine has to be calibrated anew every day because the signals from the brain can change from one day to the next. As well, when a new operator puts on the skullcap, the system needs to be re-calibrated.

    WWIII might be really interesting from technology perspective.

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