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Discussion in 'Computer Science & Culture' started by scottnew, Jun 4, 2006.

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  1. scottnew Registered Member

    Computer Boot Problems

    I have been posting on another forum and have not managed to resolve the issue. Below is what has happened the last few day

    1) Blue screen of death. I have not installed any new hardware or software and have had various error messages which I will list below. Any help would be greatly appreciated and I am willing to re-install windows if it will definately solve the problem

    Error Messages

    1) bugcode_usb_driver

    stop 0x000000fe (0x00000005, 0x82d0800e0, 0x10397001, 0x82877180)

    according to ms to do with usb attached hard drive which I do not have only a usb internet adaptor. Error still persists when usb2 pci card removed.

    other variants of this message received today have been

    0x00000005, 0x82c9f0e0, 0x10397001, 0x8286e7f8

    0x00000005, 0x82cba0e0, ox10397001, 0x82ead600

    2) MS reported my system error was to do with video device driver yet this has never appeared on the blue screen only from the ms error reporting.


    stop 0x0000000A

    another hexadecimal and it printed ntfs.sys f73cea60 base at f7ae00 date stamp 41107eea

    only had this message once.

    Seems to crash every 1-20 minutes and it is driving me mental. HELP

    This is the spec of the motherboard.

    * CPU Support: Socket 478 supports the Intel Pentium 4 processor
    * System Memory: Two 184-pin DDR DIMM sockets for 2.5V DDR SDRAM (DDR333). Maximum: 2GB.
    * Core Logic (Chipset):
    o SiS 645 & SiSĀ® 961 Chipset.
    + SiS 645 Host/Memory controller with DDR333 and AGP4X North Bridge Single Chipset
    + SiS 961 MuTIOL Media I/O
    o LPC I/O - IT8705F
    o System Hardware Monitor: Built-in IT8705F
    o LAN: RealTek 8100/B (optional)
    o AC97 Audio Codec: Compliant with AC97 2.1 specification
    * IO Controller: Socket 478 supports the Intel Pentium 4 processor
    o Supports Plug and Play function
    o PS/2 keyboard and PS/2 mouse connectors
    o Dual USB Ports and LAN connector
    o One - EPP/ECP mode parallel port
    o One - 16550 high-speed serial I/O ports
    o Audio Ports (Line-in, Line-out, Mic-in, CD-in and game port)
    o Dual PCI IDE interfaces - support four IDE devices (PIO mode 4, DMA Mode 2, Ultra DMA 66/100)
    o Supports 360K~2.88M Byte, 3 Mode FDDs or LS120
    o ATX12V Power Supply Connectors
    o Ports, Headers and Others:
    + IrDA header (STR)
    + Front Panel MIC/Line-out header
    + COM2 header
    + Four Extra USB header (LUSB1 and LUSB2)
    + Temperature read header
    + Smart Card Reader Header
    + Modem-In header
    + HDD LED, Reset Switch, Power Switch headers
    + CPU, Power and Case Fan headers
    * Bios Specifications: Award 2MB Flash EEPROM. Supports Plug and Play 1.0A, AMP 1.2, Multi Boot, DMI. Support for ACPI revision 1.0 specification

    Tried a new power supply but the same problems. The crashes are now before I even get to log in, and sometimes it will not boot at all. Any ideas?

    So in summary my system has quickly gone from booting and crashing every 1-20 mins with the BSOD to not booting at all (maybe 1 in 5 attempts and then freezes or restarts at the black windows screen). I have reseated the video card, memory checked the plug for the hard disk, there is no bulging of capicitors, the red led on the motherboard lights up. There is no beeping. Have also tried a new more powerful power supply with no joy. Please help

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    Last edited: Jun 4, 2006
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  3. scottnew Registered Member

    Could it be a faulty video card. It has been the same video card since purchase and I have been doing further reading and after PSU this is the next suggested problem. To add the screen sometimes goes a funny whitish colour.
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  5. domesticated om Interplanetary homesteader Valued Senior Member

    I was going to take a swing at figuring out the problem, but your post is peppered with so much extraneous stuff that I got tried of reading it.

    Try formatting, and reinstall
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  7. scottnew Registered Member

    Domesticated om - I have reduced the post fancy seeing if you can suggest a solution now.
  8. domesticated om Interplanetary homesteader Valued Senior Member

    Have you tried swapping it out another card to see what it does?
  9. scottnew Registered Member

    I don't have one I was thinking of buying one if it could be the problem, but I've already bought a new PSU for no reason (as that was not the problem). Thought about trying a fresh install but the PC doesn't always boot up far enough for the dvd drive to start working.
  10. domesticated om Interplanetary homesteader Valued Senior Member

    The majority of the time whever you have video card problems, your motherboard will do a weird sounding series of beeps (compaq machines for example will sound like "beeeeeeep beep beep beep..... Beeeeeeeeep Beep"). Of course, this isn't always the case because sometimes the video card will be quazi functional (meaning broken) but the motherboard has not figured it out yet, and still tries to boot it.....and sometimes gets lucky and it actually works.........then it starts crashing again.

    another thing you could try is to take the card out, and try booting without the card in it to see what the motherboard does (should give you a bunch of annoying beeps) then putting it back in, and seeing if it boots.

    If that doesn't work, THEN try clean installing.

    When did the problem first begin to happen? Did it occur after you made any recent changes?


    Formatting and reinstalling should fix the problem if there are honestly no hardware problems..... if you are getting to the logo screen, then there shouldn't be. The only two other hardware problems that make your computer run and crash after 20 minutes is either
    - overheating (usually makes you computer freeze, or do the max headroom effect)
    - Conflicting ram. Gives weird reboots like you were talking about--aka general protection fault.....runs for a while, then errors written in arcane hex code pop up all over the place.

    If it's just windows, then that means something happened that screwed up a critical component that makes windows operate correctly. If you wanted to dredge the internet for whatever obscure fix would correct the problem, you could--- but it would probably be easier just to format/reinstall.
  11. domesticated om Interplanetary homesteader Valued Senior Member

    Another question--- are there any POST messages after you turn the power on?
  12. invert_nexus Ze do caixao Valued Senior Member

    Every now and again, RAM will vibrate itself loose.
    It would probably be a good idea to pop them out and reseat them securely. Never know. It might help.

    What I'd do is this.
    Remove EVERYTHING but the basic hard drive. See what happens.
    Put in the video card. See what happens.
    Start putting things back in one at a time and see what happens.

    The conflict seems to be occurring rather early, which is not a good sign. Especially seeing as how you haven't done any hardware changes recently.

    Might be time for a new Mobo.
  13. MetaKron Registered Senior Member

    Don't overlook the obvious. Make sure that your heatsink is making proper contact with the chip. Make sure that it and the fan are clean. I just got through lowering the running temperature of my el cheapo processor from 195 F to 125 F by blowing dirt out of the fan.

    Yes, I realize that this should be regular maintenance.
  14. scottnew Registered Member

    Well I thought I would go for the reformat. Since the machine is an advent I do not have an original copy of xp just a recovery disc with a ghost image. So the story continues, after attempting it on my new dvd drive (which is connected as a slave) it would not allow me to do it. So I tried it on the old dvd drive and the success with the first disc but when I insert the second recovery disc it throws up an error saying unable to open ghost.txt and then says contact symantec if the problem persists. Have tried it twice with the error occuring at the same point. Any ideas? Also on the subject of video card there are no beeps usually, and no messages except a no signal message on my monitor. When it does start to boot all seems fine until the black windows screen with the logo appears then it either freezes or restarts (well attempts to but usually does not). I have removed and reseated the memory (tested each stick seperately in each slot) remove and reseated the video card, checked the connections for the hard disk, tried a new power supply. I am now lost for what to do, my data has now gone from the hard disk due to the partial recovery so I am open to trying anything to get it working. I do have a full version of windows 98 I could try installing. Any ideas appreciated.
  15. leopold Valued Senior Member

    it sounds to me like a video card problem.
    the reason i say that is because your machine either halts or restarts after the POST and before windows starts.

    your best bet for the install problem would be to use a cd drive on master to install windows. alot of dvd drives have problems reading cd's
  16. scottnew Registered Member

    I'll try my old cd writer as master and report back
  17. scottnew Registered Member

    Same thing at the same time on the cd writer too. It is like the PC does not want to be recovered. I am totally stuck and cannot find my windows 98 disc to try that. I think it will have to be a new pc unless somebody has more suggestions
  18. leopold Valued Senior Member

    you seem to be the hands on type.
    i must ask are you grounding yourself each and every time you do any work inside your computer?

    have you removed or inserted any boards with the power on?

    have you plugged or unplugged any cables INSIDE the computer with the power on?
  19. domesticated om Interplanetary homesteader Valued Senior Member

  20. leopold Valued Senior Member

    ah yes, i was gonna say something but figured it was moot right?
  21. scottnew Registered Member

    Yes have always grounded myself (touching the outer casing of the pc with the power lead attached) and have not worked with the power on. I appreciate all the help. Not sure what domesticated om comment of ........ means but I am open to all suggestions
  22. draqon Banned Banned

    Scottnew cool new idea: Take the computer out into the field, get a shotgun, thrown parts of computer into the air or down the mountain and shoot it shoot it shoot it shoot it shoot it shoot it shoot it shoot it dooooooownnnnn!!!!!!!!!

    Or take a hammer and bang it till the plastic will burn...
  23. scottnew Registered Member

    You may joke but I have been close to reaching for the hammer on a few occasions in the last week.
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