Clathrates as fuel source

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    I think that as almost every informed scientist thinks that. You are just ignorant. See wiki:

    where it states:

    " is thought that the atmosphere of Venus up to around 4 billion years ago was more like that of Planet Earth with liquid water on the surface. The runaway greenhouse effect may have been caused by the evaporation of the surface water and the rise of the levels of greenhouse gases that followed. ... there is no reason to suppose that Venus was an exception to the processes that formed Earth and gave it its water during its early history, possibly from the original rocks that formed the planet or later on from comets. The common view among research scientists* is that water would have existed for about 600 million years on the surface before boiling off, ..."

    You are also ignorant of the process by which the hot atmosphere is created as a planet like Earth of Venus switches to the hot stable state. It has nothing to do with hot steam escaping from volcanoes. It is simple process of an atmosphere trapping heat by absorbing some of the IR that is leaving the surface IF that slight heating of the existing atmosphere then causes (or man in the case of Earth) the atmosphere to become more opaque to the IR trying to escape into space. I.e. a "run away instability" is possible and did occur on Venus. There is no reason to think that the same process is impossible on Earth, especially as so much of the Earth's surface is covered with water and water is a much more effective green house gas than CO2. (Even though water vapor in the atmosphere is a very tiny fraction, it by far the dominate gas absorbing the IR which now leaves the surface - more than 9 of every 10 IR photons leaving the surface which do get absorbed are absorbed by water molecules. If water vapor, evaporated from the oceans, were to be come a significant fraction (5% ?) of the atmosphere, then Earth would switch to the hot stable state (an atmosphere of scalding steam at the surface of Earth).
    *Really it is the Universal POV among informed scientists that Venus was originally, like Earth is now, in the cooler stable state. The only discussion among these scienticists is how long it percisted in the cooler state before switching. Some like David Grinspoon believe that up to 2 billion years could also be plausible.[17] {instead of only 600 million years} - This [17], like the other square bracket numbers is the reference to original articles given in wiki. Again, you are just incredably ignorant of the widely accepted facts and making very stupid false statements, with no support, such as: "If anything, H2O is a great way to EXPORT heat from the Earth."
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