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    This trio is the ideal combination to make a functional team. There is a show called Edd, Ed and Eddy which shows this perfectly. These three types are needed to have a functioning team and a functioning business. However often people usually more one of these not nesscarly all of them.

    In Ed, Edd and Eddy it goes like this


    An Operator type can easily be a captain but often Operating types dont always want to be in charge and are sometimes going to have issues thinking of their own ideas. They are often very good at creating systems, executing plans, and keeping everything in order but are less likely to have original/creative ideas of their own. Operating types function better when they are working for a Caption.

    The descriptions

    Operator- Tend to be very orderly and organized, have a complex thought process, can see a many elements or parts to things. Can create complex systems and ideas and can execute them very well. Does all the technical aspects of a project and start up. Not necessarily good at socializing. Often prefers to be unnoticed and does not often like the spot light on them. Will sometimes take over when the captain is missing but very good at enforcing rules they were given.

    Captain- Likes being in charge, has a lot of bright ideas, can often force things to be done one way by share will power, determination and strong attitude. Is often very convincing and can people to follow them. Can be complete idiots but still someone people are going to want to follow because of how fierce or determined they are when they say it.

    Advertisers-Often more sweet, easy going and likable. Very sociable and often very affectionate, Loves people and Making connections and very good at making things popular. They can set trends and convince people to listen to what they have to say based on personality alone. Often are less likely to want to take the lead and are often more willing to go with the flow.

    Operators are often seen as passive and can often have conflict with other Captains. This might arise from simple disagreement in how they are doing things, or simply believing that this particular Captain is much more of an idiot than needs to be listened to. While Operators are sometimes willing to take a back seat opposed to always taking the chair for themselves, being orderly they dont like following things that just seem stupid or a complete mess. Operators are usually a mix of both Passive and Dominant at the same time.

    Advertisers are often more passive by nature, and Captains are entirely Dominant and want to be in charge, even if what they are saying makes very little sense, they can will it so, if you agree with it or not.

    Operators often cant get stuff going if it requires popularity unless they happen to already be popular and people listen for that fact already. Advertisers are very good at selling stuff but less likely to have the decent follow through or kind of overly complex set upsa Operator might. Captains can get anything done by will power, but might not always think through everything they are doing.

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