Can the vector operator (DeL) transform to a scalar operator?

Discussion in 'Physics & Math' started by Richard777, Mar 15, 2019 at 6:59 PM.

  1. Richard777 Registered Member

    If; the vector operator (DeL) transforms to a scalar operator


    divergence may transform to a dot product

    curl may transform to a cross product

    The Maxwell equations include four laws, two divergence laws and two curl laws. The four laws are;

    The Gauss Law

    the Magnetic Law

    the Faraday Law

    the Ampere Law

    These laws may be re-written for gravity. Gravitoelectromagnetism (GEM) compares the “Maxwell field equations” for electromagnetism with similar field equations for gravity. This comparison includes “gravitational magnetism” (gravitomagnetism) which is the assumed distortion of a gravitational field due to the motion of a massive object. Mass is analogous to charge.

    If DeL does transform, then the Maxwell Equations for gravity may transform as follows;

    The Gauss Law transforms to the acceleration rule

    The Magnetic Law transforms to the size rule

    The Faraday Law transforms to the force rule

    The Ampere Law transforms to the power rule.

    Will a scalar transformation of Del and GEM give equivalent scalar rules?

    Reference; web-paper 28 Scalar Representation of GEM
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  3. NotEinstein Valued Senior Member

    Can you please write this out mathematically, so it's clear what you mean?

    The curl of a field is well-defined. The cross product of a field is not: cross product with that?

    How? Please give an example of this.

    Please show that this gives a proper description of what happens in reality, or at least one as accurate as Newtonian gravity.

    What is the "acceleration rule"?

    What is the "size rule"?

    What is the "force rule"?

    What is the "power rule"?

    Wait, I thought you were talking about a transformation into a scalar operator, not a scalar transformation? Which is it?
    And how do you transform GEM? GEM isn't a quantity or variable, it's a model/hypothesis!
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