Can somebody explain time dilation to me please?

Discussion in 'Physics & Math' started by maxjojo, Mar 13, 2017.

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  1. Oystein Registered Senior Member

    Since your not only a troll but a return-troll (sock) , you probably aren't even a woman.

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  3. Kristoffer Giant Hyrax Valued Senior Member

    Don't debase SP.

    And since it was a troll thread, maybe lock and cess?
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  5. The God Valued Senior Member

    Maxie baby,

    Something which I know of since few decades got confirmed once again here.

    This bloody desire to help "woman in distress" is so overwhelming in male folks, that they abandon rationality completely.

    A woman out to help her daughter....not a misery as such....but then every fucking male wants to become such woman hero...saviour. Real life or web life wherever. Gene problem?

    PS: No affront to male folks, we are tuned that way.
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  7. karenmansker HSIRI Banned

    Kristoffer: Pls note that maxjojo was designated a 'troll' by certain Sciforum members with heads too large to fit into their rectums. No one has actually validated that maxjooj is indeed a 'troll'. Don't perpetuate myths (i.e., "fake news") so easily!! What is YOUR hat size, BTW?
  8. Bells Staff Member

    Mod Note

    Actually, maxjojo was designated a troll when after given multiple pages of explanations, references and advice for the question asked in the OP, maxjojo kept pleading ignorance. Really, it had reached a point where, to use an analogy, members were dragging the mountain to Mohammed, only to be asked 'where's the mountain?' by maxjojo. In short, maxjojo set out to troll and that became obvious by his/her responses by the end of the first page. But people soldiered on, provided explanations, only to be insulted. And then you came in and decided to join in and troll everyone else who took their time to try to explain time dilation...

    Firstly, thank you. Because you provided the material to allow a member to report this comment in the best way possible.

    Secondly, what did you propose members do? When basic explanations and then more detailed explanations failed to work, when links and further explanations failed to sink in, would you have preferred they drew stick figures for a pictorial display and explanation?

    Oh how to even begin. Maxjojo was designated a troll when they kept demanding answers to questions that had already been answered, multiple times, by multiple people. When a member correctly suggested that if maxjojo did not understand the subject, that perhaps maxjojo gave the daughter a link on the subject so that the daughter could understand it, because it was clear after nearly half a dozen people had provided answers, that maxjojo still had bugger all idea, that maxjojo should not be the one doing the explaining on the subject of time dilation. Maxjojo then attempted to say that she was being treated differently because she is a woman. That no one really cared what sex she was was really beside the point. Maxjojo then proceeded to insult and troll everyone trying to help her/him by demanding they keep explaining and answering questions that had already been answered and explained multiple times by multiple people.

    And then, to top it off, maxjojo pretty much admits to being a sockpuppet.. Which pretty much validates why everyone thought maxjojo is a troll.

    Why is it that this just looks like something you should be posting on twitter?

    Like the orange troll often does?

    A few things to note, karenmansker, we don't take kindly to trolls. We certainly do not take kindly to trolls who descend on the science subforums only to troll.

    Don't do it again.

    Thread closed.
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