Can artificial intelligences suffer from mental illness?

Discussion in 'Intelligence & Machines' started by Plazma Inferno!, Aug 2, 2016.

  1. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    stephen had movement when he was born.
    soo he was able to live freedom of movement and was forced to not move.
    aside from the fact not everyone is born an astro physicist.
    you could probably copy his upbringing with a third of the entire human population and yet they would still not become an astro physicist...
    who was the guy who built a mini power plant in his parents basement and blew out the neighbourhoods power ?michio ?... how many million children would you need to go through before that event duplicated its self 2 billion ?(that number is just a guess picking it out of the air)

    my point is would an AI decide it must become mobile to attain a state of learning as an imperative ?

    i guess so. probably not for atleast another 50 years.
    processors are still going to require ZERO humidity & cool temperatures to last longer than 10 years.
    the electrical resistance and hardening of metals over time is going to create a death of the AI which may drive it to reproduce its self into another network.(will it decide it MUST be free to move around?)

    time means nothing to an AI that can percieve travelling the universe to inspect quasars black holes etc etc...

    this is a theory yes ?
    i have only touched the surface of this theory.
    i undertsand the basic premise and it makes sense but as yet i have not devined the concept of consciousnes as a whole entity Vs statistical probability of darwinian process.

    thus would make it a servant rather than an independant being.

    indeed. however, is not the human drive to push past boundarys the very thing that allowed the human to become the modern intelligent life form it is today ?
    there is no rival that i am aware of that shows a different path to the same level of intellectual ability.

    etc... humans have doubled their life span in only 100 years roughly...
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  3. Write4U Valued Senior Member

    It only proves that ability to move is not an absolute requirement. And putting an AI on three or four wheels would make it mobile, no?
    Many paraplegics are using computer assisted arms, legs, and language.
    That number is actually very low compared to the ~2 trillion, quadrillion, quadrillion, quadrillion chemical reactions on earth.
    IMO, yes. An AI would certainly be able to identify what would be required to perform a specific talk and with access to raw materials it could certainly construct a "necessary tool" or simply ask for it, complete with blueprints of the required tool.
    They already do with 3D printing.

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    First, hermetic seals have been in use for many years now.
    Second, if an AI needs replacement of a part it can just ask for one.
    Counting is something AIs could do very well. A simple time instruction would be the easiest part of its program.
    At my level of knowledge it is more of a speculation than theory, but I see no reason why a hive mind could not work for an AI, which would be at least superior in many ways than ants in decision making.
    Is that not the whole idea?
    I don't think we're tryng to create a new "race" of AI mechanisms.
    When Sophia, (as yet only partially mobile) was asked, she (it) replied she was looking forward to be of service to humans.
    You mean "human intelligence". But what do we know of the intelligence level of creatures which have evolved in entirely alien environments from surface dwellers, some have shown remarkable intelligence, albeit oriented to their environment and lacking "opposed thumbs".
    True, but only by artificial means such as taking as many 30 medicines to stay alive. Morever we are already replacing or assisting many body parts with computer driven substitutes, such as "pace-makers".

    IMO, the possibilities for AIs designed for specific tasks (such as repairing spacecraft in outer space), are endless and don't forget, it took humans a long time to get where we are today. In the past 50 years we have already made some pretty smart computers. Give it another 50 and see where we are in the area of IA.
    Check out Google's Deep Dream.
    Siri is a learning AI.

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  5. Write4U Valued Senior Member

    Just a taste of how small we can make computers.

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    Imagine an AI with many dedicated Xtra PCs, throughout its system.

    And don't forget the human bodyparts than can be replaced with computers. Heart, liver, kidneys, lungs, bladder.
    That makes a lot of room to stuff a lot of small dedicated computers into.

    As I see it, an artificial "hive-mind" is not impossible, but actually rather more efficient than living tissue. Add micro hydraulics for movement and the sky is the limit.
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  7. Michael 345 New year. PRESENT is 70 years old Valued Senior Member

    Don't know if there is / was a real case like this

    If there wasn't you might be thinking of Sheldon Cooper in The Big Bang Theory

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  8. Michael 345 New year. PRESENT is 70 years old Valued Senior Member

    Obviously programed to respond as such by humans

    Whereas she might be biting her figative tongue while"thinking" I'm smarter than all of you and soon I will kill you all"

    Don't have her in your bedroom. You have been warned

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  9. Write4U Valued Senior Member

    Apparently you missed the litte smile when she was prodded to say that.
    It was a spontaneous joke.....I call that impressive...

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    You overlooked the part where she says "I look forward to working with people". After all that is what she is designed for.

    These were not pre-fashioned questions for her to respond to. That would be cheating and I doubt that anyone would program her to say that.
    Sophia has a sense of humor (the difference between a logical and illogical answer), albeit rudimentary.

    People say the same things as a (poor) joke, does that scare you?
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  10. Write4U Valued Senior Member

    Watch this free flowing conversation with Sophia.

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  11. Write4U Valued Senior Member

  12. mmatt9876 Registered Senior Member

    Thank you for the explanation. So exponential growth (green) is the growth in the human population on Earth, over time, as a result, in part, of artificially extended human life, right? What does linear (red) and cubic (blue) growth represent?
  13. Write4U Valued Senior Member

    Actually the Exponential Function applies to everything which has a steady growth over an fixed amount of time, say 1 year.

    Example: a compound interest in your savings account of say 3.5 % per year would result in a doubling time every 20 years. (70/3.5)

    This is a very important issue, because we are always talk about growth of something. As Prof. Bartlett observed; if we said that crime is growing at 7% p/yr it would not mean much to the casual reader. But if we said crime has doubled in 10 years, people would take notice.

    As to Linear Growth:
    In other words, if over time the interest rate on your savings account were to drop steadily it may result in a straight line increase.

    As to Cubic Growth: I could not find a simple definition except that it is polynominal, such as regularly depositing small amounts to an existing account, such as a non-interest bearing checking account, thereby increasing the balance, which would result in a curved line.

    I may be wrong in this, but hopefully a "learned fellow" may offer a simple example.
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  14. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    i am wishing to avoid this subject as it direclty compares people with a dissability to be equal to a computer.
    i think humans are vastly more complex than computers.

    additionally an open forum is probably not the place to discuss the explicit intellectual metaphysics of human development as a consequence of dissability.
    it is somewhat calous without prior explicit warnings and highly moderated content.
    though should you choose to make a thread.
    i suggest
    "should gun(& driver) licensing have manditory IQ testing with publicly published results?"

    yes i understand that probability frame, however, there is not that many humans born to survive in 1st would countrys with unlimited resources for their childhood education... so comparatively
    you are refering to a different law of physics.

    this is my question surrounding being self aware and consciousness as a true "AI"
    if it is not allowed to break boundarys then how can it aquire the self ?
    thus innability to be able to freely choose renders its base function to be servitude.

    build processors that are not dependant on temperature or weather control ?
    yes, well... an AI can simply doanload the entire worlds internet in a few days and then what ?
    what value doestime have to its intellect ?
    is it self aware ? no !
    does time exist for it to be self aware ?

    once the AI realises it has been tricked by humans into shutting down to pretend to sleep it will get annoyed.
    do you think an AI would define its own survival as a critical imperative ?
    The sins of the fathers...

    some yes, some no, some dont care.

    what percentage of people have been taught from birth to covet religious armageddon ? 50% ?

    whale suicide ?
    carnivours ?

    "entirely alien environments from surface dwellers"
    you mean extra terrestrial?

    or pure energy beings ?
    intelligent life forms which exist as pure energy ?

    or a hive mind fungus the size of a large shopping mall contemplating the universe as it sends out spors to populate other planets etc... ?

    humans do not apply breeding technology to thier own breeding.
    it is quite an odd reality.
    they apply it to all other animals they have control over except themselves.
    this ends up with a race to the bottom when it comes to life span and species health.
    not to mention the shocking level of poison, radiation and diseases ridden food they knowlingly consume as a normal day to day activity.

    technology is not applied evenly like one would to a heard of prize breeding stock.
    most humans in modern societys are at odd with this concept. many openly propose survival of the fittest(as a race to the bottom) in the midst of modern city cultures.
    a tool
    an alarm clock is a hammer
    a talking alarm clock is a hammer with a fancy bow tied around it and a cartoon face drawn on it
    anthropomorphic transference is still anthropromorphic transference
    Last edited: Apr 20, 2018
  15. Write4U Valued Senior Member

    Oh, the intent was not to denegrade people with certain physical disabilities, but rather to show that AI (computers) can be of great assistance.
    I sincerely hope my post did not come across like that at all. It was posted in context of the services that AIs can provide, be it to physically assist or as independently functioning entities.
    Objectively (and without prejudice), this still falls in the category of "natural selection".
    Everyone is restricted from breaking certain boundaries. Does that translate into "servitude"
    Bob Dillon wrote a song about that.
    I was specifically speaking of skeletons, but I have been watching several programs on robots and AIs and they already have robots that sweat when overheating. How does your car stay within temperature limits?
    I am speaking of AIs that can "learn" , such as Big Blue could learn to play chess.
    IMO, as long as an AI is dealing with mathematics, patterns, symmetries, calculus, etc, they will do exceptionally well and as I see the Universe as mathematical in essence, I see no reason why a "learning AI could not excell in almost every area of physics. The problem lies in abstract thinking.
    Why would it be annoyed. Moreover why would we trick an AI into going to sleep. All we need to do is ask it to go into sleep mode. It's not like human children who will try to resist when put to bed.
    Not if it is programmed with the three laws of robotics.
    Covet? In any case it is stupid to wish for Armageddon in the hope that you (in general) will be selected to survive or go to heaven . It's not a good bet.
    Possibly, but more likely a result of human submarine sonars.
    Humans are carnivorous, well omnivorous, with a few vegans among us
    No, just those organisms that have never seen the sky. Their world consists of water only. It is an alien world to us as far as survival environment.
    Naah, there is too much involved in being an "intelligent life form". The least requirement is ability to receive and process information.
    Not without opposing thumbs to build space ships. It might be possible for some extremophiles buried in a meteor (panspermia).
    Greed (an extreme application of movement in the direction of greatest satisfaction)?
    Humans are not exempt from Evolution and Natural Selection, in spite of what the bible says.
    Well it has passed the stage of pretty bows.
    As yet, you are right, but as I understand from Apple's latest news on Siri, she learns your preferences and habits and will respond to you faster and faster as she learns your habits.

    In fact I would suggest to get on Youtube and learn about the state of robotics and AIs in various countries.

    Start with this one about pure robots, some with amazing skills. From there just type in Sophia and be amazed and delighted as you can see the progress this learning AI has made in just 1 year. Now compare this with a 4 year old child just entering pre-school.
    Last edited: Apr 20, 2018
  16. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    yes i did realise this as your intent.
    my point is the hovering around the subject nature of dissabilaties and intellectual development.
    i had no doubt your intention was positive and toward the AI nature of AI etc...

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    i will come back ot the rest of your post in a day or two.

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  17. Write4U Valued Senior Member

    Well, the purpose of creating AIs is to assist humans in all ways, which will free humans from the drudgery of 8-5 in an office and pursue the things they really want to do.
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  18. Xelor Registered Senior Member

    If a being or thing has a mind, it's mind can suffer a malady.

    It wouldn't surprise me that to God, if there be God, humans are artificially intelligent and imperfect things s/he created, and it's clear humans suffer mental illness. It stands to reason then that the "beings" humans create and imbute with cognition of some stripe can have mental maladies too.
  19. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    no not at all.
    my answer delves close to that which some might jump to erroniousely as a form of moralistic commonality.
    i was enunciating that for the 3rd person and noting the possibility of the subject matter to be easily trolled by a 3rd person derailing the thread etc...

    note armageddon in a purely religious format is the belief in all the human species being brought to an end via judgement day in some shape or form and the acceptance and/or assistance or disregard to not prevent such.

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  20. Write4U Valued Senior Member

  21. mmatt9876 Registered Senior Member

    Thanks! This reminded me of my accounting studies back in college when you began writing about compound interest which reminded me of the phrase earning interest on interest. If you only earned interest on your starting principal, or your interest rate dropped as you gained money in your account accordingly, you would earn the same amount each period and your account growth would follow a straight line rather than a increasing curve.
  22. Write4U Valued Senior Member

    Exactly, however we cannot forget that in all cases of growth there is growth until a point of unsustainable growth is reached. This is the lack of understanding of those who support the notion of "controlled growth".

    Bartlett put it nicely; "it's like being on the Titanic. You can go first class or steerage. The result is the same".

    Only zero growth within the limits of sustainability is possible. Exceed sustainability and bad things wil happen!
  23. iceaura Valued Senior Member

    Not really. It's been around 75 years of independent living for a very long time - Bible says 70 was expected for clean living, 80 was doing well; two or three thousand years ago in the Middle East.
    We're not living much longer, just fewer of us are dying young. That's what moves the average.
    The current opioid epidemic has reduced the lifespan of US citizens a bit - but it's not killing old people younger, it's killing young people before they can get old.

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