Bush Acts as Exxon Flunky

Discussion in 'Earth Science' started by goofyfish, Apr 22, 2002.

  1. goofyfish Analog By Birth, Digital By Design Valued Senior Member

    Global Warming Chief Forced Out by U.S. After Secret Meeting

    A report in the Financial Times reads, in part, as follows:
    Surely Global Warming must count as one of the hottest topics for the next Congressional and Presidential elections. Why would the U.S. oust one of their own as the Climate Change Chief? Is George W. Bush really and truly just a paid toady for the oil industry, and for Exxon in particular?

    As the United States suffers scorching heat followed by freezing cold, and droughts followed by floods, why do the American people put up with secret meetings which are used to promote the interests of Exxon and other big polluters while ignoring the their own sufferings?

    The American people have become such wishy-washy dupes of the establishment that such goings on are ignored, even when the interests and perhaps the lives of Americans are at stake. What is especially distasteful is that the secret meeting and abrupt dismissal of U.S. physicist Robert Watson was apparently done on Friday so that it would go unnoticed over the weekend and so that by Monday it would be old news, not fit to report.

    It is all a very sad and continuing commentary about the way 21st Century American press and politics works.

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  3. bobbapink Registered Member

    Seems pretty typical to me

    Watson's post was a political one and therefore subject to political pressures. While it would be nice to think of the IPCC as an apolitical organization, they clearly are not so.

    IIRC, the U.S. was only one of seventy or so nations that voted to oust Watson. Only forty or so nations supported him. Personally, I think the man was a fraud - but i think the same of the IPCC in general - and for that matter the U.N. as well.
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