Burping up bile

Discussion in 'Free Thoughts' started by G. F. Schleebenhorst, Aug 16, 2006.

  1. G. F. Schleebenhorst

    G. F. Schleebenhorst England != UK

    Sometimes I will just be sitting at the computer and burp, and froth and a little bit of bile comes up into my mouth.

    It only seems to happen when I am sitting here or recording/playing my guitar.

    It doesn't happen when I am lying down.

    What do you think is the cause of this? Does anyone else get this?
  2. phonetic

    phonetic stroking my banjo

    Don't think it can be bile... although I'm no doctor. I thought that was made in your liver and lower down.

    Does it taste like sick? Get the occasional sick-burp if I've been eating a lot of crap/fizzy drinks/sweets.
  3. John99

    John99 Banned

    Very rarely happens to me. Could it be that your eating too much too fast? Do you eat at Blimpies?
  4. G. F. Schleebenhorst

    G. F. Schleebenhorst England != UK

    Bile is made in the pancreas I think.

    It's definitely bile or stomach acid.
  5. Kunax

    Kunax Sciforums:Reality not required

    mayby you suck at playing guitar and your body in trying to "reject" it
  6. see a doctor. this symptom was a precursor to a serious digestive infection i had a few years ago.
  7. Absane

    Absane Rocket Surgeon

    When I go swimming I burp all the time. I assume I am swolling air... or maybe the water pressure is pushing air out of my intestines into my stomach.. because I fart a bit more when I am swimming.

  8. phonetic

    phonetic stroking my banjo

    Floating on your back and feeling the bubble roll along your back and to the surface is quite good. You just need to turn your head a little and you can sample the delicacy.
  9. Absane

    Absane Rocket Surgeon

    Seems as if you get turned on.
  10. G. F. Schleebenhorst

    G. F. Schleebenhorst England != UK

    No, I definitely rule.
  11. Propinquity

    Propinquity New Member

    It could be the H.pylori bacteria. Which can be treated with a small dose of anti-biotics but it is so common (almost 20 percent of people under 40 test positive for h.pylori). It's worth checking out, especially if you have stomach aches because it can cause inflammation that can lead to peptic ulcers.

  12. G. F. Schleebenhorst

    G. F. Schleebenhorst England != UK

    Thanks, but I don't have any pain or anything like that.
  13. Oxygen

    Oxygen One Hissy Kitty

    Completely off topic, but when I was scanning thread titles, I initially read this one as "Burping to the bible".

    Meds must be kickin' in...
  14. Neildo

    Neildo Gone

    Take a spoonful of apple cider vinegar.

    - N
  15. RubiksMaster

    RubiksMaster Real eyes realize real lies

    I've always called it a "vurp" - a vomit burp. I think the cause is simply burping with mild acid reflux, so some of the acid goes into your mouth or throat. Nothing to worry about.
  16. that is what i thought too, until i started vomiting blood from an ulcer.

    see a doctor, whitey.
  17. G. F. Schleebenhorst

    G. F. Schleebenhorst England != UK

    What I am currently burping up tastes like bile/stomach acid mixed with the food I ate 6 hours ago.
  18. Genji

    Genji Registered Senior Member

    :bugeye: Gross!
  19. S.A.M.

    S.A.M. uniquely dreadful

    How often does this happen?

    Do you ever feel a sensation like heartburn?

    Is there anything correlation to what you ate before you regurgitated?

    Are your teeth discolored?

    Do you find yourself belching?

    Do you suffer from indigestion?
  20. Genji

    Genji Registered Senior Member

    No more details please!!!!

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