Black Crime

Discussion in 'Science & Society' started by alexb123, Aug 29, 2005.

  1. duendy Registered Senior Member

    I am being sincere. if you post me your address i will give you the fare to go. Then you can wallow in your own sick nazty little racist you
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  3. Baron Max Registered Senior Member

    So, Duendy, when you can't answer questions, you resort to violent threats?? Geez, you must be black! ...LOL!

    Baron Max
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  5. Baron Max Registered Senior Member

    James, I believe J.B. posted such statistics earlier in this thread that explained that quite thoroughly. I've also read that very thing in newspapers and articles in the past.

    I'm sorry, but I'm not very good at searches on the Internet, so not only can't I find them, I can't post such things. But if you're REALLY interested, my guess is that you could find it ...much easier than I!

    Baron Max
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  7. duendy Registered Senior Member

    and of course YO aren't violent are you?.......yeahhh right
  8. duendy Registered Senior Member

    hahhhhhaaa i am suuure you'r right there. we AGREE on something!
  9. Mrs.Lucysnow Valued Senior Member

    Sniffy: Lucypuredriven
    How can you hold up your head with that gigantic chip on your shoulder. It is interesting how, when another point of view is presented, you go into attack dog mode. Go ahead bite my leg if it makes you feel better but don't waste that top class education that you had the privilege to receive. Remember some people have had to 'self-help' themselves to that.

    I don't have a chip on my shoulder I also don't recall going into 'attack' mode. Actually I think I have been quite reasonable.

    Sniffy: For the record: I think gangsta rap is a crock of shit designed to part impressionable youths from their money. A passing fad (fading already). Yes they are a bunch of clowns getting jiggy with it and flashing their bling but who the hell are you to judge them?

    I am free to be discerning. I am free to have an opinion. If you think I have 'judged' them then so be it.

    Sniffy: The 'solution' for the ills facing black people are not rooted in any one answer because not all black people are the same and therefore don't all face the same challenges. Black people are as diverse as any other group so to suggest that there is a one size fits all solution (segregation!) is moot.

    I agree there is no one answer. I am not opposed to voluntary segregation and if you actually have read what I have written you will also see that I never suggested that segregation is a solution or the only solution...self-sufficiency is. What I have suggested, since you decided segregation is for the benefit of whites only, is that blacks also sought out segregated communitites and that there are many who would argue that desegregation did more harm than good. So why call a white person a racist for suggesting voluntary racism?

    Sniffy: Black people have always resisted the heavy hand of racism not just the folks from Yazoo but escaped slaves before them, the Moors in Jamaica, the Rastafarian movement, Harlem, Black Islam, The Panthers, The non-violent Church movement.... Others have recognised that education is the key. Different solutions for different people.

    I know so you agree with me then?

    Sniffy: You say I'm impotent but you know nothing whatsoever about me or the way I live my life! Most of the people here are posting racist shit and you know it so I'm going to carry on with my solution to that - pointing it out!

    Like I said I am not concerned about racist opinions or statements. Its prejudice plus power which equalls actual racism. We are all free to like or dislike whomever we wish for whatever reasons. I said you were 'impotent' because you were presenting your ideal without any actual suggestions on how to get there when those questions were posed to you. Impotence is powerlessness: the quality of lacking strength or power; being weak and feeble. If one suggests that there isn't anything one can do (if one isn't focused on solutions but simply the obstacles against one) then yes I call it impotence. Remember you lashed out at the notion of voluntary segregation without taking a look at what that really means and suggested its racist when it isn't and you were the one who forged arguments against examples of black self-sufficiency. How can you disagree with the notion of self-sufficiency and then later say you are for empowerment of a people? You accuse me of name-calling but you feel free to accuse an entire race of people (actually no, you focus on 'white men') of being inherently racist or supremacist? So what if JB is actually a racist or Baron as you suggest? Deal with their ideas and not their may find yourselves on the same page from time to time.

    Sniffy: But how about these. Got to be small got to be local:

    Lobby Governments to amend the gun laws. Right to bears arms? What kind of shit is that? Automatic weapons freely available on the street? Get a hold!

    Police do your job! Work with local communities where necessary to shop the 'big boys'. Illegal gun runners, pimps, drug gangs, etc. Everybody knows who they are. Fear rules. Offer protection to those willing to disclose information. Institutionalised racism currently a barrier to this simple, effective solution.

    Peers and reformed gang members (yes there are some) working with those who are 'at risk' of gang membership. With rights come responsibilities then "respec'". Firstly to yourself not to be an asshole and secondly to your family.

    Working with families, mentoring, parenting classes, etc focusing on managing young people going through puberty (it's a biological phase you know). NON VIOLENT CONFLICT RESOLUTION SKILLS, anger management, assertiveness, self esteem. And something to do at night that is exciting and confidence boosting.

    Reforming the education system to include the SHARED history of black and white...

    No doubt you'll dismiss these as 'liberal'.

    Ah now we are getting somewhere. What took you so long? I would only call them liberal if you believed the government should go in and do all of the above. I believe that grassroot efforts work best. How can you trust the police to do their best for you if you believe institutionalized racism exists within it? Anyway many of those solutions are already in place.

    Sniffy: Now let's hear some of your 'solutions' missy.

    Last edited: Sep 26, 2005
  10. Mrs.Lucysnow Valued Senior Member

    Facial: Lucysnow, what are your beliefs on race? Plain and simple.

    Can you be more specific? Its like asking what are my beliefs on fruit.

    For anyone interested. The UN has decided Scotland is the most violent country in the developed world followed by England and Wales...

    Gustav: kickass posts
    however.... an alliance with jb the retard?

    Thank you but who said anything about an alliance? He made a statement and I responded.
    Last edited: Sep 26, 2005
  11. sniffy Banned Banned

    You are talking yourself in circles.
    I'll just remind you for the last time;
    I posted here to object to the term 'black crime' which I feel is racist in tone not to solve the ills of black people.

    I objected to the 'solution' that the imposition of segregation as a one size fits all solution to the ills of black people whilst also pointing that (in the US at least) segregation has always existed, still exists and shall continue to do so. Racism also exists and will continue to do so for some time. However, I still object to it. Segregation first time around was on the white man's terms and it didn't work out too well for black people why would it now?

    I did not however call a white person a racist for calling for segregation. I called a few people (lord knows what colour or race they is?) racists for implying that all or a good majority of black people are violent, murderous, tax evading looters who are evolutionally inferior to whites and therefore prone to that violence. I am then ridiculed for suggesting there are various factors which contribute to crime such as poverty, drugs, guns on the street, etc and for questioning the assumptions which lie behind 'black crime' figures.

    Perhaps such opinions don't trouble you because you are white. Perhaps such opinions don't trouble you because your black skin is incredibly thick or because you are cushioned from the real world by riches. Who cares? These things are troublesome to many people because they really effect lives regardless of the levels of help 'self' or otherwise that are around.

    One minute I'm an idealist; then I'm impotent; then I don't have any solutions that haven't been thought of already. Am I being interviewed for the Presidency...

    And I expect my government and police force to do what they are supposed to because I do pay my f*ing taxes alongside all the other hard working folks I know.


    You see Lucy it's impossible to win without losing isn't it?
    Last edited: Sep 27, 2005
  12. sniffy Banned Banned

    Lucy. A little snippet from the website link you posted. interesting reading n'est pas?
    He said: "I would question the compatibility of figures and the methods used in this particular survey because it must be near impossible to compare assault figures from one country to the next based on phone calls.

    "We have been doing extensive research into violent crime in Scotland for some years now and these have shown that in the vast majority of cases, victims of violent crime are known to each other."

    A Scottish Executive spokesman added: "While violent crime has decreased recently in Scotland, people are still the victims of violence, especially knife crime.

    "That's why we will address the culture of violence by doubling the maximum penalty for carrying a knife to four years, by strengthening police powers of arrest for people suspected of carrying a knife, and by raising the age at which a person can buy a non-domestic knife from 16 to 18.

    "We are also reforming Scotland's drinking laws to help reduce the connection between alcohol and violent crime."

    Amazing isn't it how police and governments can come up with 'solutions' to what they see as potential causes of crime?

    Three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies and statistics....?
  13. Facial Valued Senior Member

    Ok Lucy, if you are the type who fears ambiguity and generalizations, I'll be a little more specific this time:

    Do you believe in the inherent and overall superiority of any human ethnicity, or inferiority thereof?

    If you think that is too ambiguous, try to answer as best as you can.
  14. Baron Max Registered Senior Member

    Ridiculed? Perhaps. But you nor anyone else has explained why "...poverty, drugs, guns on the street, etc ..." does NOT seem to be a cause of crime in other ethnic and/or racial minorities. Why isn't the high crime rate the same in Chinese, Mexican, Jewish, etc communities?

    Baron Max
  15. J.B Banned Banned

    You could not handle the truth, even if you could comprehend it.


    B Noin Wats I B takin abot
  16. J.B Banned Banned

    James R,
    What you should keep in mind about crime in Africa is the enormous amount of crime that goes unreported in Africa:


    Crime in South Africa has spiralled uncontrollably. Thousands of innocent people are raped, assaulted, murdered, hijacked, robbed, and exposed to all sorts of crimes each day. As a result, life in the country has become a nightmare for most law-abiding citizens.
    Yet some argue that, overall, crime is on the decline. Is this true? What about the thousands of cases that go unreported, or the cover-ups by those wishing to hide the frightening reality from South Africans and the world?

    Todays News:
    40.8% of rape victims are kids
    22/09/2005 09:19 - (Africa)

    Related Articles:
    Fifty kids raped daily in South Africa
    '95% of child rapists go free'
    Rape victims 'not listened to'
    'Horrific' escalation in rape

    Africa - Children were the victims in 40.8% of rape cases reported during 2004/05, according to the SA Police Service's (SAPS) annual report released on Wednesday.
    They were also the victims of indecent assault in 47.7% of reported cases and of common assault in 11.8%, states the report released in Pretoria.
    In 9.7% of cases of assault with the intent to inflict grievous bodily harm, children were the victims, as well as in 6.4% of cases of attempted murder and 6% of murder.
    The report says women and children accounted for 59% of the victims of all contact crimes reported during the financial year.
    They accounted for 100% of rape victims, 86.3% of indecent assault victims, and 64.4% of common assault victims.,,2-7-1442_1804181,00.html

    Here is a excellent article written by a black man on the crime in Africa:

    Moral crusaders have the habit of heading off to their next crusade without bothering to see whether anything went wrong on their last one. During the '80s, TransAfrica, NAACP, Black Congressional Caucus, Hollywood glitterati, college students, and other groups held massive protests on college campuses and at the South African Embassy, built shanty towns, and called for disinvestment and sanctions against South Africa for its racist apartheid system.

    There's no longer apartheid and there's black rule in South Africa, but what's the story there now?

    Now here are some stats:

    Map & Graph: Crime: Murders (per capita)

    Map & Graph: Crime: Rapes (per capita)

    Map & Graph: Crime: Murders with firearms (per capita)

    Map & Graph: Government: Corruption

    Map & Graph: Crime: Kidnappings

    James R
    Here is a stat that has no African country listed:

    Map & Graph: Economy: Economic aid - Donor (per capita)
    Last edited: Sep 27, 2005
  17. Facial Valued Senior Member

    Ok, J.B:

    Do you believe in the inherent and overall superiority of any human ethnicity, or inferiority thereof?

    If you think that is too ambiguous, try to answer as best as you can.
  18. J.B Banned Banned

    No I do not "believe in the inherent and overall superiority of any human ethnicity, or inferiority thereof"?

    I know that there are many differences between the different "human ethnicitys" I think each of those differences are superior in their own way.

    I though myself have my own preferences in what "human ethnicitys" I prefer to associate with, based on those differences.
  19. J.B Banned Banned

    Originally Posted by James R
    I don't believe it is. Got any crime statistics for African countries?

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