Awareness is a Type of Work

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    Awareness is a Type of Work

    Actually, the energy is always inert because it has no independence and is working as per the direction of God. Work is a form of energy according to science. According to science, matter is also a form of energy. Therefore, energy, work and matter are all inert items. Energy performs different types of work according to the different systems or machines in through which the energy acts. Electric current is same and it does the work of cutting through an electric cutting machine and does work of printing though a printing machine. Therefore, the same inert energy flowing through the nervous system does a specific type of work and this specific work is called as awareness. Thus, awareness is a special type of work of the same inert energy, which flows through the nervous system.

    The same inert energy flowing through lungs does mechanical work by contractions and expansions. When the awareness is aware of itself (Ahankara), such awareness is like the self-spin of the energy, which is also work. Thus, egoism (Ahankara) is work. When this same inert energy is vibrating with discussions (Sankalpa and Vikalpa), such vibrational work is called as mind (Manas). Finally, when the energy is revolving in a constant direction, it is the work of determination and such work is called as intelligence (Buddhi). [The above description is an analogy. Different types of work of the awareness are compared to the different types of energies of a particle such as an electron—spin, vibration, revolution and translation].
    When the same inert energy stores the information by itself by revolutions, such work is called as chittam, which is out of the nervous system.

    But the inert energy in this state still exists in a part of the brain. As seen earlier, the same inert energy, while flowing through nervous system may also store the information temporarily and is also called as chittam. Here the same awareness (inert energy through nervous system), while receiving the information from its inert form or from the external world is also called as chittam. Thus, chittam is in two forms. One form is inert energy, which is constant, and another form is awareness, which does not exist, in deep sleep. Chittam also does two types of work. One type of work is storing information and the other type of work is receiving information. Chittam does the storage type of work in both its forms (inert and awareness). Chittam does the work of receiving the information in its awareness-form only. As long as the inert energy flows in the nervous system, chittam is in the form of awareness. But when the nervous system is shut down, chittam remains in its basic form of inert energy in a specific part of the brain.

    When the inert energy is flowing in the nervous system it does other types of work like mind, intelligence and egoism. Therefore, awareness is a specific form of work of the inert energy, when it flows in a specific machine called as the nervous system. This awareness is in the form of the four Antahkaranams called mind, intelligence, egoism and chittam. Thus, awareness is a specific type of work of the inert energy and the various types of specific work are the four Antahkaranams.

    Here the scientist includes brain also in the nervous system. I have made a temporary sub-division of brain and nervous system to distinguish between the two forms of Chittam for the sake of convenience. Again a scientist understands the various types of work of awareness in the view of interaction between energy and matter. The matter here is the various types of biological cells. This is the view of a biologist. For a physicist the matter and energy are one and the same at a deeper level. I have represented the works in terms of energy neglecting the difference between matter and energy at this deeper level of physics.

    No suppose you met your friend and he told you that he would get married after one year. Now the awareness received this information as chittam (Samjnam). This information is not stored by the awareness itself. It is passed on to a specific part of the brain where the inert energy, which is also called as chittam, stores this information. Now the information has gone out of your awareness. Therefore, you do not remember the information either in the waking state, in the dream state or in the meditation state. Awareness exists in these three states only. In the state of deep sleep the awareness does not exist and in this state there is no question of remembering that information. After some days somebody asked you about the marriage of your friend. Now you will remember that information by recollection. Now what is happening? Your awareness is going to the specific part of the brain and is collecting back that information. During this stage of recollection (Smaranam), the awareness is also receiving the information (Samjnam). Thus, recollection is always followed by receiving. Receiving can be done even alone without recollection i.e., when you are receiving some new information it is not recollection but only collection of information (Samjnam).

    Deep sleep is like shutting down the computer and only the chip exists in the computer. This means that the nervous system is shut down. Only the inert energy, which stores all the important information in the brain, remains. Since the nervous system is shut down the inert energy is not flowing in the nervous system and therefore the specific work or awareness is not produced. The concept of I is only a type of work in the state of awareness. When the awareness is absent, this special type of work cannot take place and therefore the concept of I cannot exist. However the concept of I is stored as a bit of information in the inert energy in the brain.

    Since such inert energy is not awareness, the concept of I is not experienced in deep sleep. When the person wakes up from deep sleep, the inert energy carrying on the pulse of the concept of I flows in the nervous system. Since the nervous system is functioning and since such functioning is awareness, the awareness of I is generated i.e., you feel the concept of yourself. When a mad man wakes up, the inert energy flows through the nervous system but this pulse of I is absent because it is not stored in the brain. Therefore, when a mad man wakes up, he does not experience or feel this concept of himself. Similarly, a small child also does not feel the concept of itself.

    Therefore, after waking up from a deep sleep, when the inert energy flows from the brain through the working nervous system, those pulses, which are stored in the brain, can be carried into the nervous system and such pulses can be experienced. Therefore, if you are not a madman or a child, the concept of I exists in the brain as a pulse (signal) but you cannot experience that pulse in deep sleep because the energy in your brain is inert and is not in the form of awareness since the nervous system is shut down. In the case of a madman or a child the concept of I does not exist even in the waking state and the Advaita scholar is worried about the existence of the concept of I in the deep sleep!

    At the Lotus Feet of His Holiness Sri Dattaswami

    Anil Antony
    Universal Spirituality for World Peace
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