Any aliens out there?

Discussion in 'Astronomy, Exobiology, & Cosmology' started by John J. Bannan, Jun 27, 2007.

  1. orcot Valued Senior Member

    black holes/white holes they only matter because their is the possibilities of wormholes it seems for some reason people believe that a stellar race would slumber it's way through existence in such a way that it relatif effects dond't matter and that that basicly nothing would have changed if they arrive thousands of years later. And that transmissions have a urgentcy rate of somewhere in the next century

    Radio signals are not the way for a stellar species they proberly use direct communication through microwormholes.

    Radio signals are no sign of intiligent life their signs of intiligent incompetence. Theirs proberly always going to be a use for radio signals but stellar communication is not one of them.
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  3. Klitwo Registered Member

    If we're talking about dinosaurs and lizards living presently on another planet in another solar system somewhere in our galaxy, then maybe in 200 million years or so we might get a friendly hello from one of them. However, by then, I won't care much if they have evolved to an 'I Love lucy' stage of radio signal technology and just maybe you won't either.
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  5. halo07guy Registered Senior Member

    I'd be dead by then and so would the world......

    But a wormhole is likely theeasiest wat to get to them. Now if only Fermi lab was trying to make artficial, stable wormholes......
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  7. Klitwo Registered Member

    If you mean trying to get to a nearby planet that is inhabited by a bunch of hungry and unruly T-Rexs, then forget the so-called stable wormholes. I can live a little while longer without trying to land on a primative planet and try and communicate with a bunch of hungry dinosaurs that are always on the look out for a fast food treat and probably so can SETI.
  8. halo07guy Registered Senior Member

    You really thnk T-Rexes live in space?! SETI is near useless. We haven't gotten any signals that could of been from an alien civilization. And the range that it picks things up in is very, very small. A wormhole is the best answer becuase its the only plausible answer. Warp and such are far more difficult then just making a wormhole from one side of the galaxy to another.
  9. Klitwo Registered Member

    If T-Rex's and other dinosaurs can live and survive on a primative planet like Earth for over 200 million years, then they can live anywhere they want. Right now the so-called human race is really struggling to make it past 3 million years, if not for that long. My bet is that in another 50,000 years or so, if you're real lucky, the so-called intelligent human's that's that are still around will be going to a lot 'Club Meetings' with the rest of my Neanderthal brothers.
  10. orcot Valued Senior Member

    Humans already have proposed terraforming (mars) because it's easier then finding and visiting a planet that already is habitable to terran life, Cloning a extinct intiligent species might be the next best thing afther alien contact, no?
  11. Atom Registered Senior Member

    The more time go on the more Fermi's Paradox becomes the chosen theory

    It provides an odd comfort blanket to astronomers and scientists to believe that the Universe is teeming with life and that these people are just like ..well us obviously.

    Its a myth that reflects and perpetuates the rampant egomania of modern life. SETI is a complete waste of money better spent on alleviating suffering on this planet. We finance it because its the God of Scientism...perpetuating the myth that the Universe is created in our own silly image.
  12. Atom Registered Senior Member


    You've been reading too much SF..a common delusion of scientifically minded oddballs.
  13. orcot Valued Senior Member

    Who in gods name would want to alleviat all the suffering on this planet Do you have any ID what that would do to the world:bugeye: thankfully SETI's budget is only 4 million dollars PS the US defence budget is 528.3 billion. Besides all I totally agree that those 4 million anually would end all the worlds suffering in no time.
    Their are many things that are useless in this world considering their goals SETI is obviously one of them however the thought begind it is still good and believe me that SETI's observations are being recorded and also used for other purposes a large databank abouth all kinds of different star noises can be real interesting a for more then SETI alone besides their is always a change.

    Believe me it sells and it's in many scientists mind somewhere. I believe robert zubrin the person who derived mars direct is also a firm believer in terraforming mars. And abouth the neanderthale thing... their still trying to revive the tasmanian tiger and the mammoth considering evolution in genetics as a science their proberly going to succeed sooner or later, and their already busy mapping the neanderthales genome, if people wreally want contact with a other species then this will be the option they have.
  14. halo07guy Registered Senior Member

    Well, humans already play god with the weather and the world. We can kill everything in the world at a moments notice. We could destroy the moon. We can change the climate of the world. Given that, I think we could see Mars be terraformed into our first interstellar colony, like this picture.

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  15. halo07guy Registered Senior Member

    Damnit! It didn't work. You can find the picture by looking up terraforming mars on wikipedia. Its on the right side of the screen.
  16. orcot Valued Senior Member

  17. orcot Valued Senior Member

    your pics url contains 2 http's
  18. Crystal Energy Registered Member

    ANybody see CNN couple of weeks ago. LArry King interviewed older pilots from the 60;s 70;s and 80;s. They were saying how they have seen what looked like space crafts to them and they were sure that it couldn't be anything from earth. These were pilots who would not have believed these things existed until they saw them. They also said that the gov't would not have listened to them years ago and were tellling their story for the first time. This hints that the gov't is hidong something and doesn't want other people to believe or think that they saw a spacecraft from outer space.
  19. Crystal Energy Registered Member

    There is also a video on about astronauts possibly encountering aliens.
  20. orcot Valued Senior Member

    when not in space it's generally called a air crafts
    Strange looking debri... whould that be the commen descibtion from a pilot that examens strange events. gives off a crashed ship no offence but I would start looking for the crash path determing it's size the alloys rounded like old birds or angeled like modern ones optical fibers or coper, any enscriptions or logo's etc.
    He says there where no resitors but and... foil and larry interupts?!?
    ... the intervieuw sounds like crap sorry there is no new or relevant data exept that the first guy either made it up or his dad made it up, the second one is a opertunist on the ufo boat and the third ones doesn't know much yust that her father made the press release.

    No offence but I know verry little abouth any craft and I could make bloody better discriptions then "it' was sorta foily" the craft exploded their had to be fuel where did it go, there had to be a hull how big where the chuncks how heavy, was it bend or ripped molten by the fuel what size was the debri area yust to name a few there are many more a trained observer that had to have seen a couple of crashes chould have nown this is bogus

  21. DwayneD.L.Rabon Registered Senior Member

    The orginal Seven Stars have some additions to them in the scale of time, when we seach for alien life.

    01.) Earths SUN (SOL)
    03.) SIRIUS A
    04.) PROCYON A
    05.) ALTAIR

    Given that the solar systems of stars age, develop and then become chaotic. They act in their aging process as a evolution of chemistry and life, resulting in the development of
    Gentic information. More genes are formed in the aging process. It is because of the aging of a solar sytem that life becomes possible in solar systems that are currently organized as life forms that will not reach a order similar to human intelligence or that in
    Advance of human intelligence.
    Without the aging process of solar systems there only remains 7 stars that could harbor life with intelligence greater than earth in the Local Group of 159 nearyby stars. However
    With the continual formation of terristal bodies in the aging process there becomes the possibility of a 47 stars that may harbor life as equal of greater than here on earth, they are listed below.

    Star with Solar Systems advanced as earth ( over time evolutionary achievement)
    03.) SIRIUS A
    04.) SIRIUS B
    06.) LACAILLE 9352
    07.) PROCYON A
    08.) PROCYON B
    09.) 61 CYGNI A
    10.) 61 CYGNI B
    12.) TAU CETI
    14.) WD 0046+051
    15.) WD 1142-645
    16.) GJ380
    17.) GJ832
    20.) 70 OPHIUCHI A
    21.) 70 OPHIUCHI B
    22.) ALTAIR
    23.) WOLF 498
    24.) STEIN 2051
    25.) WOLF 1453
    27.) GJ229 A
    28.) GJ570 A
    29.) GJ570 B
    30.) GJ908
    33.) 36 OPHIUCHI A
    34.) 36 OPHIUCHI B
    35.) 36 OPHIUCHI C
    36.) GJ783 A
    37.) 82 ERIDANI
    38.) GJ1221
    40.) GJ338 A
    41.) GJ338 B
    42.) GJ784
    43.) WD 0552-041
    44.) GJ892
    45.) KSI BOOTIS A
    46.) KSI BOOTIS B
    47.) ROSS 671


    The aging of a solar system defines that over time there is evolution within solar system in the local group, a estimated 314,548,000 years for the most advanced system that of the star Sirius. At the most advanced stage of the Sirius solar system the gene index will have changed from 69,353 to a gene index of 277,4122. Earth and its solar system will
    Have a change of gene index as well over time, from current gene index of 17,424 to a gene index of 69,696 genes. Being less time than the aging of Sirius.
    There are a few systems that may be currently more advanced that earth as the aging of their solar system started at a earlier time, but at their orginal formation being set at the same time as earth stars would be less advanced then earth, in other word the underdog has advanced, in the scales of time difference. Humans still will advance to levels that those life forms on their stars can not, as they are set at a limit to have near human intelligence and no futhur growth, where as earths solar system is young and is set to develop past our current organization of intelligence and the limit of some other solar systems which are set at a development limit of human intelligence.

    Well Ocort i would say that aliens are seemingly taking some time to talk to us. but here are a few more that dress the local group with some possiblity of life.

    Dwayne D.L.Rabon
  22. DwayneD.L.Rabon Registered Senior Member

    Humans Appearantly still have a lot of evoultionary advance that will take place in the centuries to come

  23. Klitwo Registered Member

    I wouldn't hold your breath to long about expecting a singing telegram from ET in the near future or even in the next thousand years or so for that matter. If an advanced ET was out there nearby in our galaxy, he would probably already figured out there's something going on down here on planet Earth. But chances are, ET 'isn't' out there or at least nearby or close enough to send us a friendly 'Hello'. That's my take on ET anyway.
    Last edited: Aug 4, 2007

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