Any aliens out there?

Discussion in 'Astronomy, Exobiology, & Cosmology' started by John J. Bannan, Jun 27, 2007.

  1. Fraggle Rocker Staff Member


    The topic of this thread invites posts that would ordinarily go under Science Fiction. Some of them are probably sarcastic; I wouldn't know since apparently I lack the enzyme to digest sarcasm and it gets me in trouble. As a moderator I would be reluctant to ban anybody for what they say here. However, infractions are always possible.

    Dwayne: You are hereby notified that regardless of the topic of this post, Astronomy, Exobiology and Cosmology is nonetheless one of our science subforums, and the scientific method is to be respected at all times. Please comport yourself like a scientist. Present substantiation for your assertions. If your peers review your work (which is exactly what is happening here) and have questions, then you are required to satisfy your peer reviewers before you are allowed to move forward. If you don't like the admittedly imperfect peer review process practiced on SciForums, feel free to go socialize with scientists of a more scholarly nature and submit your hypotheses to them for review.

    Everyone else: STOP THE BLOODY FLAMING! What is it about cosmology that causes this subforum to erupt in flame wars more frequently than the Middle East? The Religion subforum is more peaceful than this one! This is SCIENCE. Please bahave like SCIENTISTS.

    A lot of impressionable young people come to SciForums looking for answers to their questions, or just because they like science. Is this kind of crap that you all want them to find here? We're trying to clean up SciForums so that it presents itself as a gathering place for scientists, future scientists and people who just want to talk about science. You guys make it look like the Jerry Springer show!
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  3. Dunn11x Jesus Christ is The Messiah! Registered Senior Member

    On the far chance that there are other civilizations out their, and by “out there” I mean in our dimension, and they had the means of contacting us, I’m sure before even trying to make contact they would at the least survey or recon us. One would have to make the argument that if they did come as far to gain the ability of making such contacts or discoveries (discovering the human race) they didn’t get to that point by having low intelligence. So if these “Aliens” are that intelligent you would think they would want to know if the species (humans) they discovered are peaceful and not war crazed beasts driven by lust for power before they made contact so as not to waste there time; assuming of course they don’t have interests in something that we might be in the way of there acquisition of. Also if there are “Aliens” out there, one could safely assume there is indeed more than just one race or civilization of “Aliens”. So that being said, if they did discover us (with there intelligence of course being superior to ours), why would they even bother making contact when there are other “Aliens” out there and we are less advanced than they; again of course assuming we aren’t in the way of something they want. I bring this up because we ourselves as human beings aren’t even interested in making contact with life forms that we hold the power of observation over. Unless of course we are somehow interested in that species or we are in need of something they have. And the only reason why we even bother with those life forms that hold our interest is because we currently have a limited amount of life forms to observe. And we aren’t trying to talk to worms are we? No, we use them as bate to catch other life forms for fun or to eat. Not to mention the experiments we conduct on them. And whose to say we are even intelligent enough to make conversation with them in any way. We can’t even do that with the next of highest intelligence on this planet. So what makes you think we could do so with “Aliens”. If there are “Aliens” out there, it more than likely is a bad thing if we come into contact with them. I say this because the only way we would come into contact with them is if they wanted us to. But then again space isn’t that big…. I guess there’s always the chance of stumbling over a alien civilization that has the means of space insanely distant space travel that just happen to let there guard down long enough for us meet.
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  5. orcot Valued Senior Member

    in some area's I agree. I agree that we don't have them anything advance to offer yet but in the course of the years we will become a somewhat capable competitor. What could lead to conflicts on all possible levels and therefore they might find it in their best interest to keep a eye on us because the same peacfull europeans (for example and don't laugh ad peaceful) are the same that started 2 world wars making the world convulse with all it's power (and believe me it was felt everywhere even in places like africa). It's the same Europe that believed it could handle the world and it turn they could and slaves where plenty while the world was claimed by pinsized countries while certain civilizations where hunted down to practical extinction (like indians). Same Europe that had it's roman decadence. Same Europeans that proberly held their part on the extinction of a second sentient species.
    In the end it might proove viable to them to observe us a little bid to be able to predict our next actions and give some good advice from time to time.

    I believe that there is no way any contact ad this point would be favorable for any contactor ad this point. But then again I believe it will take less then a century before were pretty capable to detect any planet in a 50 LY radius So we might detect hints within that periode but still they don't wreally have a reason to say hello in the first 250 years
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  7. Oli Heute der Enteteich... Registered Senior Member

    Granted, something is either unique or commonplace.

    Category error - we don't bother with talking to worms (or chimps/ apes) because we don't percieve them to have an intelligence worth exploring (generalisation).
    If there IS another race out there they will presumably have a technology and science - common ground for establishing comunication.
    What do they know that we don't, and vice versa.
    How did they solve this, get round that, have they considered this, tried that?
    Communicating with worms would likely teach us little (okay, I concede that if we ever established meaningful dialogue worms could turn out to the universe's greatest theoretical mathematicians.

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    A bad thing?
    Pfft, it's more than likely a bad thing to talk to your next neighbour, the guy from another town, someone from another country by that reasoning.

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  8. Dunn11x Jesus Christ is The Messiah! Registered Senior Member


    I was being sarcastic when I said space isn't that big to suggest the far chance of us stumbling upon an Alien race. And I used worms being that they are one of the lower ends of life forms on this planet, to show the possibility that we may be just as lacking in intelligence when compared to an Alien race. But who knows, worms just might be the true holders of dominion over Earth.... (I was being sarcastic again)


    I agree, if there is in fact Aliens or Alien races observing us, it could very well be to see that we don’t grow to impose a threat upon them. That would only be logical, seeing how one of the keys to survival is knowledge.

    Also, who is to say that as of right now, we would even recognize a sign of intelligent life? That’s not to say that we couldn’t but if the Aliens are life forms that are so different, which the possibility that they are is quite large, how would we even recognize it as intelligence when all we know is what we know; the only thing we have to compare it to isn’t alien and not that different…Again, not to say we couldn’t, but one always has to be conscience of these possibilities.
  9. Dunn11x Jesus Christ is The Messiah! Registered Senior Member

  10. Oli Heute der Enteteich... Registered Senior Member

    Trees for example?
    Not individual instances of any given tree, but trees qua trees...
    Planets, suns, all are common place, but the universe itself may be a one-off.

    Sue me, I missed it

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    Nah, you think you were: it could be possible, but how can we tell?
    If they are intelligent it's not an intelligence we can recognise...
  11. Dunn11x Jesus Christ is The Messiah! Registered Senior Member

  12. draqon Banned Banned

  13. DwayneD.L.Rabon Registered Senior Member

    Well then I suppose that what is needed is something that is ovservable in space that we can agree on its compostion, that is compariable to the list provided, since it is the atom that is under question here, which perhaps give some insight into alien life.
    It just so happens that we have a object that we can use, or that any person may actually obtain a a refference to determine a resulting polarity existing within the list of atoms i presented.
    It appears that the James Webb Telescope will be launched by NASA, The telescope is composed of a carbon body,(Frame). it exist as a opprotunity to make real measurements as to the polairty of carbon to events of the solar system as suggested by the list i have provided, mainly because its postion will be closely recorded. its motion in the task of locateing stars.

    So then, for those that have greater questions you may observe some physcial evidence, that is more direct than the observe events in chemistry on Earth.

    Here is some general information on the James Webb Telescope

    Last edited: Sep 10, 2007
  14. orcot Valued Senior Member

  15. Dunn11x Jesus Christ is The Messiah! Registered Senior Member

    lol, I don't know what your really asking. I mean... I know the original statement this relates to but, well, could you refrase?:crazy:

    Be expecting to be served...

    This is true, it’s not an intelligence we can recognize (at least I think so). If I portrayed anything on this Earth to not have SOME form of intelligence I probably was wrong; not considering inanimate objects and what have you. I believe having intelligence doesn't mean being able to understand a particular subject or group, someone, or how to speak a language, etc. I believe intelligence can range from very small and seemingly inept to great.
  16. Starthane Xyzth returns occasionally... Valued Senior Member

    Perhaps Tolkien was right:

    ..the hearts of trees and their thoughts... often dark and strange, and filled with a hatred of things that go free upon the Earth, gnawing, biting, breaking, hacking , burning - destroyers and usurpers.

    I mean, how would we recognise any kind of thought process in a tree?
  17. the Radio Star Banned Banned

    What the fuck is wrong with you people? Don't you know that JESUS created the world 6,000 years ago, and the only sentient life is HUMANS!
  18. orcot Valued Senior Member

    Wasn't that god who created the world?
    Annyway I'm pretty certain fubler created the planet mork in yust as many days
  19. Non-Logical-Idea-Guy Fat people can't smile. Registered Senior Member

    ofc there are aliens
  20. orcot Valued Senior Member

  21. kaneda Actual Cynic Registered Senior Member

    Some thoughts on alien races. I think the radio and TV era of a civilisation is fairly short and that we will soon find a better medium we do not presently know about, so cannot detect signals from more advanced alien civilisations.

    If we were sufficiently advanced to be able to travel to other solar systems and we found a primitive race, would we be right in contacting them and possibly ruining there civilisation as aborigines, red Indians and others were ruined by contact with a more advanced civilisation? Possibly aliens are leaving us alone till we are sufficiently advanced to be able to find them?

    Planets like Earth will produce people like us. Beings which might have evolved on gas giants would be totally different, shaped by their totally different environment. As to such aliens, why would they want to bother about us or we about them since we could not comfortably survive on each other's planets. If Jupiter had a civilisation on, we should be able to live in peace with them and maybe trade with them.

    It has been said that it is best to keep quiet in case Earth attracts the wrong kind of attention, of aliens who would ruthlessly wipe us out or maybe make a slave race of us, etc.
  22. Myles Registered Senior Member

  23. Reiku Banned Banned

    If there are any signals, try 50,000 years before any signal reaches earth.

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