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Discussion in 'Politics' started by joepistole, Jul 7, 2016.

  1. joepistole Deacon Blues Valued Senior Member

    I occasionally listen to Republican talk radio when I'm out and about in my car. It's rarely if ever truthful, but it is entertaining. It's fascinating to me how they so successfully mislead people. And I couldn't help but notice who advertises on on Republican talk radio:

    1) Get rich quick schemes
    2) Gloom and Doom mongers (e.g. the sellers of precious metals, books, survival gear, credit protection insurance, etc.)
    3) Ozone CAPP cleaning devices

    Now it's that last one that really struck me. Given the Republican Party, I would expect the first two. But the last, well, I wouldn't expect that off hand. It seems odd at first. But if you think about it, it really isn't. It's just like the others. All of these advertisers need a gullible population to buy their products.

    Another name for ozone is smog i.e. air pollution. Now why would anyone deliberately pollute their home with smog? A number of credible studies have been conducted which demonstrates ozone offers no protection from germs as the makers advertise. And what is known, is ozone does have adverse health affects on humans. I don't recommend anyone go buy these machines.

    The companies who sponsor Republican talk radio tell much about those who listen to Republican talk radio.
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  3. Edont Knoff Registered Senior Member

    In my country a few old mines are know for their radon rich air. Radon is a radioactive inert gas.

    It is beyond my understanding why radon still is considered healthy, but people go to these mentioned mines to be cured from from deseases, e.g.:

    My parents took me to one once, and all my protesting that inhaling a radioactive gas can't be healthy was ignored. They also believed it to be healthy.

    So I'm not surprised that people can sell ozone generators as something good.
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  5. wellwisher Banned Banned

    Ozone generators are good for killing mold and are often used in muggy places, like basements, where mold is a problem. One interesting observation is, do ever notice how roofs seem to get black stains on them more often now. This is mold. This was not as problem decades ago, when roof shingles used to contain a trace amount of mercury oxide. But the mercury scare has lead to its removal and a worse health problem; mold is getting very resistant and can spread and cause all types of respiratory problems.

    As far a radon, I remember as a young man in college going up to Saratoga Springs in New York State. This is the name of a town, but there is also a spring, that has a sign warning about Radon in the water. I was hesitant to drink, until I saw an elderly couple, who looked in amazing shape for in their 80's. They said they have been collecting gallon jugs of this water for drinking for over 60 years. They laughed at the scar. The lesson is not all things affect everyone the same way. You can't always go by the impact on the lowest common denominator.

    You must remember biology and therefore health issues uses statistics, and not logic. Many people assume both methods of inference are the same. They are not the same. since statistic is not rational. If I wanted you to buy scratch tickets; lottery, I can say that the odds are such, that people win scratch tickets every day. But that is misleading even though there are odds someone will win. If you tried to win each day, it will never happen. Most of the scares appear to be driven by statistics, which is the same math that applies to gambling and lotteries. It can look appealing, based on the prize or negative prize, and can it become an addiction with some people expecting to win the negative prize, everyday.

    As far as conservative radio talk shows, these have a wide appeal in the free market. The liberal talk shows don't do well in the free market, because they are boring due to being based on emotional manipulation and propaganda. Even the liberals get bored and don't support it enough to be a success in the free market. For example, they may say Conservatives hate all immigrants because they want to build the wall. This appeals to emotions and propaganda. What appeals to logic is Conservatives will say we like immigrants, but don't approve of illegal immigrants. Propaganda and appeal to emotion does not have the ability to make subtle distinctions, which will not appeal to people who can think and want to exercise the brain.

    It is harder to appeal to the mind with only radio, as compared to TV. The mind gets less bored with logic. With TV you can say the same words, while distracting people with video imagery that can be misleading. The video can cherry pick data, so non-diffierentiated thinking seems more natural. Conservative radio, true or false, exercises the mind because it uses logic and data to support nuance about the issues. When you add TV to this, you get FOX news, which is popular by those who like to exercise the brain and not just walk on a moving treadmill of the mind.
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