Aluminum Skin for Existing Architecture, Cosmetically Faced

Discussion in 'Architecture & Engineering' started by HectorDecimal, Feb 22, 2012.

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    BLOOMINGTON, Ind. — A meteorologist says Indiana's mild winter that's lured some spring flowers into early bloom has been the state's warmest in a decade.

    Senior National Weather Service meteorologist Michael Koch in Indianapolis says Indiana's winter has averaged about 5.6 degrees warmer than normal, making it the warmest since 2002.

    He says that through Feb. 16, it's been Indiana's 11th-warmest winter based on weather records that go back 142 years.
  2. HectorDecimal

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    Thank you, Capt.,

    Sometimes even the local News tends to sensationalize. In reality, my basic platform in all this holds up.
  3. chimpkin

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    I wonder if someone could make miniature versions of that design...I'm thinking to be used in lieu of roof vent doobobs (Around here people call them "turbans," possibly meaning turbines, but they are not turbines. Thye are however shaped much like a sihk turban, so the next time a redneck calls them a turban I will ask him to spell it.)

    I have an umbrella that was probably inspired by Bucky's design
    I have yet to try it out, but it's supposed to be like walking around with your own shade tree. I was being depressed last summer, maybe better this one, I hope.
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  4. chimpkin

    chimpkin C'mon, get happy!

    Of course, if you're lazy, you could always go with the prefab model...and then just gut it and put aluminum over the windows too, run your wiring, and voila![​IMG]

    Plus, if natural disaster or the zombie apocalypse happens in your region, you can hitch and split.
  5. HectorDecimal

    HectorDecimal Registered Senior Member

    Those Airstreams are probably the best prefab protector against EMP's, short of my design above. They don't float though...
  6. chimpkin

    chimpkin C'mon, get happy!

    I think that's metallic...
  7. Ophiolite

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    Common courtesy would have had you provide the link to that site. Hundreds of other members have no trouble following that practice. apparently it is too much for you. (Hence my deliberate omission of the websites I referred to.)

    You are however responsible for justifying outrageous claims that are patently false. You failed to do so.

    If your basic platform is that you are so vague and imprecise that you think a fourfold difference in temepratures is insignificant then I agree. You made a clear cut claim: a 20 degree above average winter temperature for Indianapolis. You were shown to be completely wrong, yet you are unwilling to admit this, blaming instead the TV station. Brilliant!:rolleyes:

    Another classic. I mentioned the Farenheit scale because without specifying units any numbers I quoted were meaningless. Apparently your great skills in engineering and science do not extend to proper identification of units. You are a frigging charlatan!
  8. HectorDecimal

    HectorDecimal Registered Senior Member

    It appears you are on nothing more than a S&D mission here. I stated what I listened to on the news. CK brought a blurb that says pretty much what you did. Even that doesn't reverberate what is on the local news, still I'd say the News tends to sensationalize. The point is we've had a much warmer winter here in Indiana this year and there has been considerable solar activity accompanying it. Last week we were being warned that the power grid and technology could be disrupted. That's the news.

    My whole point is that if we were to enclose our homes something as I showed above, we could avoid the loss of technology. I suppose for some people it's easier to see what they can destroy instead of perhaps asking a question about the design itself.


    I think either that orange boat is computer generated or it is made of fiberglass. It seems too continuous to be one large metal form. A consideration is that steel or nickel would not be good because they would simply transmit the EMF's. They might diffuse the forces, but they would still penetrate.
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  9. Ophiolite

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    And my central point is that I find it immensely difficult to take seriously someone who blithley believes what a News channel says and critiques someone for having the temerity to specify the units they are using. It calls into serious question your engineering credentials and your scientific rigour.
  10. HectorDecimal

    HectorDecimal Registered Senior Member

    It would seem you find it immensely difficult to discuss the topic instead of its author. This is about designs we can use to shield ourselves and our technologhy from EMP's. :m:
  11. Ophiolite

    Ophiolite Valued Senior Member

    If the author approached his subject in an objective, scientific manner I would listen with great interest. When he waffles, indulges in self delusion and displays great ingorance then why would I pay any attention to his ideas?
  12. HectorDecimal

    HectorDecimal Registered Senior Member

    I wouldn't know about an author like that. What I do know is it's on the news, NASA sites, NASA reprint sites, etc., that we just might be leaving our proverbial fly open if we fail to guard our high paced technical lives aginst magnetic storms and stuff like that. Eventually we get caught with our pants down when we need to run like a raped ape.

    I have experienced soooooooo many "scientific reviewers" that sidestep answers in the form of a question that challenge their real scientific skills beyond S&C&P. Now why should I bother to supply any response at all to those types when I think they truly should see a psychologist?:m:
  13. Ophiolite

    Ophiolite Valued Senior Member

    I have no doubt that we should be concerned about the possible impact of solar activity on modern technology. I appreciate that when - not if - we are hit by a once in a millenia CME it will have a massive impact on society. We should seek to prepare for this.

    What I am also saying that in this regard I shall seek solutions form those who have demonstrated they operate according to sound scientific and engineering principles, rather than arm waving, word salad generting, self aggrandising buffoons. You may not fit in the latter category, but your ignorant-arrogant posts make it difficult to believe otherwise.
  14. HectorDecimal

    HectorDecimal Registered Senior Member

    And of course you don't see what you just posted as ignorant, arrogant buffoonery? You don't know me, Oph. You can only read into mine or anyone else's posts what you want to. As for whose idea you buy into, I could care less. You come across as more of a mud slinging politician than someone who can say they have made a lot of friends in a science forum.

    You don't see any friend requests from me on you profile page do you?
  15. chimpkin

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  16. HectorDecimal

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    The wire mesh is questionable as to efficiency.

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