Alternative to Credit Card ?


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Is there a real alternative to the Credit Card phenomena ?

In my present socio-economic circumstance that is without officially recognised employment status I do not qualify for one these beasts !

I am selling various kinds of objects & paraphenalia thru newspaper ads etc., but don't have a business /business name as my profit margins are small. I am working almost completely outside the system.

This means that although I would dearly love to trade on the web, the ability to gain a credit card is impossible.

I wish there existed a netbank service that allowed people like me to accumulate income gained thru trading but would only allow real credit to be obtainable to me once I had qualified for it, i.e. had a certain amount in the account.

Such an institution would have to have a financially recognised status in order for Pay-pal or others to connect thru its operations etc.
Get a checking account. They give out these checking cards, aka "debit" cards. They work like credit cards, but they use your own money, and its not possible to go into debt with one of them, since you can't withdrawal more than you put into the account.

I have an account. Too bad i lost my job two days after the account activated...
Paypal lets you draw funds directly from your bank account, and also offers a debit card I believe (though you have to be with them a while before you can get it IIRC).
In US, even a dog can get a credit card. In fact, our dog "Tiger" got a solicitation for a credit card from Capital One. We were puzzled and then figured out what might have happened. We get a Vet magazine courtsey of out vet doctor. So... may be the magazine sold the name to a database company and so on....

Here if you have a bank account or a credit union account, you can get a card, irrespective of your job. We also get solicitations over the phone that will ask you - your income.

When I was a student and no job, my first credit card was JC Penney department store. These days I get solicitations every week with different variations of my name. What a country!
Same here. I got so many credit card offers whenever I see a new one, I just tear it apart and throw it into the recycle bin.

The trick to get first credit card is get some easy limited cards first. Like a student credit card, a department store credit card, or a gas cedit card. They usually only have credit limit of $1000 or less. Once you get your first card and use it for a while, and always pay full on time, you will see other card offers flying in like mad. If you check all of them, you will soon find some pre-approve cards that only ask you for SSN, total income, and signature. No job and no company name required.