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Discussion in 'Religion Archives' started by The Evelyonian, Aug 6, 2008.

  1. The Evelyonian Registered Senior Member


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    No worries
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  3. Carcano Valued Senior Member

    You obviously havent read the gospels carefully. Evelyonian and yourself would go well to read more archeological research rather than assuming the doctrines of opposed to the authentic teaching of the gospels.

    Dr. James Tabor is a good place to start:

    "In The Jesus Dynasty biblical scholar James Tabor brings us closer than ever to the historical Jesus. Jesus, as we know, was the son of Mary, a young woman who became pregnant before her marriage to a man named Joseph. The gospels tell us that Jesus had four brothers and two sisters, all of whom probably had a different father from him. He joined a messianic movement begun by his relative John the Baptizer, whom he regarded as his teacher and as a great prophet. John and Jesus together filled the roles of the Two Messiahs who were expected at the time, John as a priestly descendant of Aaron and Jesus as a royal descendant of David. Together they preached the coming of the Kingdom of God. Theirs was an apocalyptic movement that expected God to establish his kingdom on earth, as described by the prophets. The two messiahs lived in a time of turmoil as the historical land of Israel was dominated by the powerful Roman empire. Fierce Jewish rebellions against Rome occurred during Jesus's lifetime.

    John and Jesus preached adherence to the Torah, or the Jewish Law. But their mission was changed dramatically when John was arrested and then killed. After a period of uncertainty, Jesus began preaching anew in Galilee and challenged the Roman authorities and their Jewish collaborators in Jerusalem. He appointed a Council of Twelve to rule over the twelve tribes of Israel, among whom he included his four brothers. After he was crucified by the Romans, his brother James – the “Beloved Disciple” – took over leadership of the Jesus Dynasty.

    James, like John and Jesus before him, saw himself as a faithful Jew. None of them believed that their movement was a new religion. It was Paul who transformed Jesus and his message through his ministry to the gentiles, breaking with James and the followers of Jesus in Jerusalem, preaching a message based on his own revelations that would become Christianity. Jesus became a figure whose humanity was obscured; John became merely a forerunner of Jesus; and James and the others were all but forgotten."
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  5. davewhite04 Valued Senior Member

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  7. Adstar Valued Senior Member

    Oh Evelyonian no matter what clear evidence you bring to support the scriptures that are so simple and clear nothing you revel will make Carcano admit he is wrong. The most important thing to Carcano is his pride and no being seen among his atheist peers to have lost to a Theist, even on 1 little point like this.

    Of course any neutral observer in here who understands simple English will see how vain and pointless Carcano's stand is. I dare say that even some of the atheists in here would be embarrassed by it.

    All you got to do is give people the facts and where necessary give them a clarification, those who are open to the truth will get it. Those who are full of vain pride will delude themselves into thinking they have won because they posted the last post.

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    All Praise The Ancient Of Days

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