All homosexuals should be stoned to death, says Muslim preacher

Discussion in 'Religion Archives' started by StrangerInAStrangeLand, Jun 29, 2009.

  1. Oli Heute der Enteteich... Registered Senior Member

    Followed? You're joking, European colonialism (especially British) was well under way long before Nietzsche.

    Check Nietzsche's birth date would you?
    And the British Empire was done for God, Queen (or king) and St. George.
    Atheism indeed.

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  3. DiamondHearts Registered Senior Member

    The fall in influence of Christianity in the West preceded Nietzsche. Now, I really most go. Try to understand our position. Peace.
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  5. Repo Man Valued Senior Member

    If there is some sort of purpose to human existence, or the universe in general, that is a far thing from an angry despotic deity that gets upset about people who wiggle their wienie in the "wrong" orifice. How could an omnipotent, omniscient god find time to worry about how humans get their jollies? It's as ludicrous as maintaining that the creator of the universe gets annoyed that people pick their noses. "Pick your nose, and spend eternity in hell. He is a merciful god, but he will not tolerate sinus spelunking, as it is an affront to human dignity, and he didn't give us fingers and noses for such blasphemous activities!" What you are selling is really no better than that.
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  7. PsychoticEpisode It is very dry in here today Valued Senior Member

    Hard to believe isn't it, that everything from wrong human orifice to quantum mechanics is what the universe is all about?
  8. codanblad a love of bridges Registered Senior Member

    pokemon? "O ye who believe! Guard your duty to Allah, and speak words straight to the point." find your balls and use a real insult if that's what that's supposed to be.

    imo the context is irrelevant, you're always talking about seeking the truth don't be prejudiced etc. etc. and then you said the atheist line.

    in light of your revision, i concede a similar point - not all muslims are terrorists, just a substantial portion of them. that's not really my opinion though.
    Last edited: Jul 11, 2009
  9. Bells Staff Member

    Where are atheists dehumanising Muslims? Link? Anything aside from your soapbox?

    I'm sorry, what?

    If you had noticed, the attacks in Afghanistan and Iraq were supported by radical and right Christians while Atheists were outside with "no war" posters waving about everywhere.


    You don't read much about history, do you? Philosophy? Anything?

    No petal. Slavery existed long before Nietzsche was even a gleam in his mother's eye. Slavery was deemed rightful under and for God. Christians justified it under the good book. So did Muslims. Don't you get it yet? Exploiting other human beings existed long before religion existed and once it did come to the fore, humans justified their abhorrent actions by whatever religion they happened to belong to at the time.

    "Wishes to create mankind in the image of an animal"? Let me guess, you have issues with evolution as well now? Guess what, mankind did evolve from animals. Suck it up and move on. You do realise that there are religions in the world who do worship the image of an animal or more, don't you? How insulting can you be?

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    Tell me something, oh pious one. Is this how you show religious tolerance by denying Christians their identity and their religion by saying they are puppets of atheists?

    Yes and next time a Muslim country arrests a school teacher for teaching the bible, we'll remind you of this, shall we?

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    And freedom to spout crap on the internet it seems. And yet, here you are complaining of the world you freely enjoy. So next time you use your ipod, mobile phone, computer, microwave, sigh at a big screen TV, remind yourself of this.

    Freedom is not something you will ever understand or wish to understand but you freely partake in it. You are free in your society to believe as you wish and I am free in my society to believe as I wish. What you are unable to recognise is that were I to come to your society and wish to believe as I do, I would not be allowed to or accepted. In some societies, I would probably be stoned to death. That is not freedom, but you would view that as being completely acceptable and maybe even moral. I would view it as hateful and as being discriminatory. That is the difference between you and I. Crimes, rapes, murders, etc, existed well before religion did. Wars fought in the name of God caused more damage to society than atheists have done. So again, I say bollocks to your spiel.

    Of course. We'll also come and steal children's toothfairy money.

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    Tell me something DH. How free are the protesters in Iran to protest against their religious and political system? How free are they to question their political rule that has failed them so badly? Talk about hypocrisy on your behalf.

    And as long as God rules the hearts and minds of the elite of many other countries, we shall forever be plagued with retards demanding that homosexuals be stoned to death. Do you support that view? Do you think people should be stoned to death for being homosexual?

    Muslims will die and bleed and so will millions of other people around the world. The heart of the 3rd world nation does scream for help and it is some of your "brothers" who are keeping some people in at least one country oppressed and are currently waging a genocide.. Don't hear you denounce the Islamic slaughterers in Sudan, do we? Tell me, how often do you give to charities that deal specifically with trying to help and free child soldiers in African countries, for example? How about to women's and child charities in Africa that help deal with rape and murder, often by mercinaries brought in from the ME? Yes? No?

    Please, enlighten us of your own personal experiences..

    I await with baited breath.

    Then I'll tell you of my experiences from childhood.. We'll compare notes..

    I think that soapbox is starting to crack from your ridiculously huge ego. 'She just canna take anymore..'

    If there is a creator, I have no fear about how I spent my life. Can you say the same? Frankly, after reading your posts on this forum and reading your opinions on so many things, I'd be afraid if I were in your shoes.
  10. iceaura Valued Senior Member

    You can't find a coherent, respectable, genuinely scientific study that has "found" anything like that.
    The psychosocial explanations remain more comedy than insight, nevertheless. Too many jokes about the mothering styles of gay penguins, sheep, chimps, etc.
    And nevertheless it is found in all human cultures and every known higher mammal. So apparently the reproductive hit is either not as great as supposed, or countered by some great benefit
    More jokes about Western Christian gay horses and flamingos and geese, setting up housekeeping together and building nests and stealing babies from fertile couples, coming right up.
    Your very own quote there describes some Chinese emperors with harems of boys - that was not so of all Chinese emperors, nor was such orientiation a passing phase. It may not have been labeled - I rather think it probably was - but it did nto fail to exist for lack of a name.

    What your quotes and links support is the unusual nature of Abrahamic culture's blanket rejection of homosexual orientation as so much a flaw that even hints or tendencies towrad it are pejoratively labeled and ghettoized; and the contrast with other societies - such as the American Reds of the northern tribes, where some men of some tribes took on female identity generally, or adopted other roles commonly adopted by men with their sexual orientiation.
    That's because the Middle East and Orient was where Western Christian gay men could easily find sexual partners and live less secluded and sordid lives - Lawrence of Arabia being maybe the most famous, but thousands made the same journey.
    Apparently, when someone objects to your labeling the Catholic Portuguese colonialists of the 18th century as "atheists"; or points out that there are brothels and honor killings in Pakistan contrary to your assertioin; or insists that you pay attention to the atrocities committed by Pakistani Muslims in Bangladesh, Kashmir, India, etc; or otherwise points out the degree to which you seem to be living in a fantasy world; they are engaging in "psychological warfare" on "Muslims".

    Your delusions don't get a free pass from the facts. The evils now being perpetrated in the ME are primarily the doings of Abrahamic theists - on all sides. The overt oppression of homosexuality in the Islamic world, coupled with the ubiquity of said orientation, sets up a poisonous state of affairs.
  11. Ophiolite Valued Senior Member

    Good post iceaura. I would add that there are papers demonstrating a biological link to the origin of homosexual behaviour. If I can locate some of these I shall post them, but it's not really a subject that is up for debate as an absolute. All that is realistically being argued about is the relative importance of nature over nurture. No suprise there.
  12. swarm Registered Senior Member

    Not exactly true now is it? The western powers are only exploiting what is already there. You guys have been killing and hating each other since before recorded history. "Religion of peace" Ha! You wouldn't know peace if it bit you in the ass.
  13. swarm Registered Senior Member

    That would be something since that link has failed to be shown for going on 50+ years.

    Unless the have been some new papers, the only predictor of homosexuality is there is a statistically significant in crease in the chance of being gay as the number of older brothers a man has increases. This is thought to account for about 1 in 7 gay men.

    However even this is not without criticism:
    Peter Bearman (2002) questions the sampling method of Blanchard and other scientists who report a link between fraternal birth order and sexual orientation. He says that the studies work with nonrepresentative samples, and/or indirect reports on siblings’ sexual orientation. After repeating the experiment done by Blanchard he found "no association between same-sex attraction and number of older siblings, older brothers, or older sisters".[16]
  14. swarm Registered Senior Member

    Jacob S. Coxey as a young man, ca. 1894. Coxey was known as "General Coxey" and received national recognition when he led an "Industrial Army" of unemployed workers to Washington, D. C. to protest the federal government's response to the economic depression of the 1890s.

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  15. swarm Registered Senior Member

    The embarrassing development of a social conscious.
  16. Ophiolite Valued Senior Member

    Neurosci Biobehav Rev. 2005;29(7):1057-66.
    The neurodevelopment of human sexual orientation.
    Rahman Q.
    One of the most enduring and controversial questions in the neuroscience of sexual behaviour surrounds the mechanisms which produce sexual attraction to either males or females. Here, evidence is reviewed which supports the proposal that sexual orientation in humans may be laid down in neural circuitry during early foetal development. Behaviour genetic investigations provide strong evidence for a heritable component to male and female sexual orientation. Linkage studies are partly suggestive of X-linked loci although candidate gene studies have produced null findings. Further evidence demonstrates a role for prenatal sex hormones which may influence the development of a putative network of sexual-orientation-related neural substrates. However, hormonal effects are often inconsistent and investigations rely heavily on 'proxy markers'. A consistent fraternal birth order effect in male sexual orientation also provides support for a model of maternal immunization processes affecting prenatal sexual differentiation. The notion that non-heterosexual preferences may reflect generalized neurodevelopmental perturbations is not supported by available data. These current theories have left little room for learning models of sexual orientation. Future investigations, across the neurosciences, should focus to elucidate the fundamental neural architecture underlying the target-specific direction of human sexual orientation, and their antecedents in developmental neurobiology.
  17. swarm Registered Senior Member

    Did you actually read that? You do realize he is saying the same thing I'm saying?
  18. Ophiolite Valued Senior Member

    In your dreams.
  19. swarm Registered Senior Member

    Silly person. I'll translate for you.

    We don't know why some people are gay despite all the research on the topic.

    There is some statistical evidence that while in the womb sexual preference is influenced.

    We really want to say its genetic, but we can't find a gene.

    Despite the statistical evidence we haven't nail down that womb thing yet either.

    All we really have is that the more older brothers, the more likely you are gay and its probably a reaction by your mom to all that testosterone.

    Can we all please get past the notion that you choose to be gay yet?

    Please fund me, thank you.
  20. Saquist Banned Banned

    If a atheist can hate a theist can hate.
    Hate is a product of humanity.

    Muslim laws
    Christian laws...

    they require the hate of what is bad not of people.
  21. StrangerInAStrangeLand SubQuantum Mechanic Valued Senior Member


    They require hate of what is good.
  22. Baron Max Registered Senior Member

    Maybe they don't think it's "good"?

    There's nothing wrong with good ol' fashioned hate's what makes the human world go 'round and 'round. Just think how boring life would be if everyone loved everyone else ...oops, maybe not if everyone was loving on your wife or girlfriend, huh? ...LOL! See why hate is important? ;=)

    Baron Max
  23. StrangerInAStrangeLand SubQuantum Mechanic Valued Senior Member


    You wouldn't know good if it knocked you on your ass.

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