aliens do exist in historical artwork

Discussion in 'Pseudoscience Archive' started by river, Oct 16, 2011.

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    Maybe you never heard me before:

    Give it up. Do you think myself and you are the ony one's reading this?

    Anything I have said has complied to science, what you have said complies mostly to guess-work... in fact, that very fact you have said most pilots experience hallucingetic properties is beyond science, especially when you take into consideration that there have been over 5000 cases of pilot testimonies.
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    Qoute the newest post if you have something to add. If you don't, then please go back to your tactics of getting me banned for remedial expectations. I won't be part of your cherade anymore.
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    I posted a reply in the appropriate thread.
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    I hope it was to the thread which clearly explains in a forensic manner that proof and evidence are different!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Stryder

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    Most of the time ufologists ignore all the "Possible" and just skip to "improbable".
  6. Reiku

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    I am not one of them. I investigate all the facts. There are plenty cases which I eventually put off as being a conventional reason behind it.

    But I agree. Too many enthusiasts today do, do this.
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  7. river

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    aliens do exist in art work

    in the form of pictorials of beings and craft

    whether in cave drawings and/or paintings
  8. kwhilborn

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    The earliest known language (Sumerian) was from a civilization that claimed their "gods" were aliens. They also had advanced astronomy and even astrology. Yes astrology predates known history.

    This does not solve anything however and may add to your problem of truth.

    a) This could be because aliens existed.
    b) Early claims of alien lifeforms may have led centuries of followers to encourage this false belief. (if it is false).

    Either way it is inconclusive. Unless planet x shows up and steals all of our gold.
  9. Captain Kremmen

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    It would be natural to look into the night sky and imagine other worlds.
    What is surprising is how few major religions suggested that we were
    "Not Alone".
  10. river

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    of course

    well that would take away the power over the masses wouldn't it

    it would
  11. Arioch

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    You say "even astrology" like it's supposed to impress people which is especially odd because Babylonian "astrology" doesn't even remotely resemble modern astrology, which is nothing more than bullshit and chips anyways.

    Not in it's modern form it doesnt, and astronomy predates astrology by thousands of years(because it actually produced results).
  12. river

    river Valued Senior Member

    all the constellations that we understand today are listed in Sumerian tablets , in the correct order and by names we use now
  13. Arioch

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    @river --

    Yup, they were quite good at astronomy. Don't see what that has to do with astrology though.
  14. river

    river Valued Senior Member

    I don't either right know

    but the Sumerians didn't have telescopes so how did they develope astronomy ?
  15. Arioch

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    @river --

    You don't need a telescope to note that certain changes occur in the sky at certain times of the year, nor that the constellations change with the seasons. Ancient hunter gatherer tribes usually tracked such things, carefully and with a reasonable amount of accuracy, so that they could keep better track of where the herd animals would be at different times of the year(hunger can be a very good motivator for people to learn things).
  16. Rhaedas

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    Plus without artificial light, there's a lot more visible at night.

    Ancient man wasn't stupid, he just didn't have the (dis)advantage we do.
  17. origin

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    They don't
  18. Shadow1

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    & what looks inside look like human..


    Anyway not much evidence, it could be just a representation of something else, maybe angels, deamons, or anything.
  19. Thanks for the post, have always wanted to talk about that specific picture with someone. A study of these different figures in art and sculptures or figurines, shows that all history is filled with those kind of images. These images also connect to specific ruins and buildings, once again globally. These you tube images are obviously human, but not unlike the thousands I have noted. Deformities and strange forms, are almost associated with every one I have seen, while some are not so obvious, like a simple hole in the scull, passed off as trepanning by experts. I can say with confidence that they are not alien, ie from outer space, and that most of them are not representations made through sheer imagination or artistic flare, which would be easy to tell apart by an artist. They may sometimes be symbolic, as in alchemy.
  20. sifreak21

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    Since we cannot talk to who wrote them or painted its 100% interpretation just like bible reguardless of what theists tell you

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