Absolute truth

Discussion in 'Religion Archives' started by Carico, Oct 12, 2008.

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  1. Balerion Banned Banned

    The problem with that statement lies in a lack of fundamental understanding of evolution. More, it smacks of typical anti-evolution propaganda. There is no theory that postulates apes and humans would be able to interbreed. There is also no theory that says evolution on that large of a scale happens quickly.

    And apes are not our closest relatives, for that matter. Chimps are.

    We share a common ancestor with other primates. That much is clear. As a matter of fact, we share a common ancestor with all life on this planet.

    There are a couple of problems with that logic. Who says we have to know who the common ancestor is? We can trace our lineage back far enough to know that we share an ancestor with other modern primates.

    Second, you're asking for the impossible. Modern humans' direct ancestor is not an ape. Their distant ancestors were not apes, either. The ancestor would not be an ape, nor a monkey, nor a chimp. It would have probably more closely resembled one of them, but it was not what we would call an ape today. That ancestor no longer exists.

    So to assume that modern man would have some historical record of ape ancestors is ridiculous, and indicates how little you know about the subject. There were many (dozens, perhaps) of ancestors that came after the common ancestor we share with modern primates.

    I urge you to study this subject beyond the propaganda of your church. Try reading a textbook, or thesis on the subject. Believe me when I tell you that you're not speaking from an informed position. You may be informed on matters regarding your faith, but don't you want ammunition to argue against evolution? You can't get that ammo unless you understand it. And right now it is clear that you don't. That isn't an insult, either.

    They simply don't believe the Bible is a historically accurate document. They don't believe that the story of creation is to be taken literally. What they do believe, however, are the moral messages held within. They are still tied to some of the dogmas, but they are coming around.

    They are simply their own denomination. If all denominations believed the same thing, there would be no denominations. But to be honest, I wasn't even talking about their convictions of faith; I was talking about how they've come to understand that scientific knowledge is important to society, and they promote it actively. I appreciate that kind of institution, regardless of what dogmas they adhere to. If Evangelicals also preached that we must comprehend the sciences in order to advance our society, I would appreciate them, as well. But they don't.
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  3. StrangerInAStrangeLa SubQuantum Mechanic Valued Senior Member

    Yet here you reply to the last post yet refuse to answer just as many times before.
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  5. Carico Registered Member

    Another cop out. When evolutionists see how ridiculous their theory is, they always say; "you don't understand evolution." :D I'm just stating what happens in reality, friend. But if you want to believe in fictitious creatures that no one has ever seen and believe that animals can breed human descendants which doesn't happen in reality, then you're free to indulge in fantasy. I'll stick with reality.


    How do you know chimps are our closest relative and what common ancestors we share anything with since you don't even know who the common ancestor is or how many there were!? Again, that's living in your imagination, not reality. Unbelievable.

    Again, how can you know who our ancestors were when you don't even know the animal from which man supposedly descended? :eek: this is all guesswork because it's imaginary. Since he doesn't exist, then you can make up whatever animal you want to be the common ancestor. Again, that's fantasy, not reality.

    So since your post is nothing but fantasy, i won't even bother reading the rest. :rolleyes:
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  7. Balerion Banned Banned

    But you don't understand evolution. You've already proven it. You said that we don't have records of our ape ancestors, which implies that the process went "Ape turned into Man", which is false. You said that apes and humans should be able to breed, which is false. All you've done here is show that you don't know how evolution works. That's all anyone is trying to point out to you.

    We know chimps are our closest relative because we can look at DNA today, and they are the closest match.

    Not true. I beg you to read even one legitimate study.

    So I go to the bother of addressing your post, try to make you better understand why you can't get your message across to people on this forum, and this is how I'm repaid?

    Fine. Have it your way. You are now on my ignore list.
  8. SkinWalker Archaeology / Anthropology Moderator

    Clearly the intent of the OP isn't to engage in any academic discourse on the nature and definition of "absolute truth" but, rather, to preach and witness to the godless who embrace science and reason.

    Since preaching isn't allowed the thread is closed. Since Carico has previously been warned at least twice by me, she gets a 1-day ban. Take the rest of Sunday off.
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