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    Hello Sciforumers. This is a philosophical investigation.

    Can we suppose I'm eating a lolly. As I lick it, I moisten it. Even just a little kiss will achieve moisture upon the lolly, suffice to say the lolly has entered my mouth where saliva resides. This cools the lolly as moisture adds lubrication, making eating of the lolly easier. An easier way to eat said lolly, or to abbreviate how did we get to eating the lolly, simply put we must ask the question: can I have a lolly? Is the question asked a summoning of the soul i.e. is every question asked a request for a lolly? Can I solve your problem? Who you gonna call? Yes...it's counter.

    I maintain the question is the best form of self-defence. If someone tells you what to do, why not ask them, "Why?" You MUST receive an honest answer, for even a liars web contains threads of truth: a lie constructed may be unravelled. The answer is always truthful. This is the question.
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