A Poem Thread

Discussion in 'Art & Culture' started by Angelus, Nov 9, 2002.

  1. Avatar smoking revolver Valued Senior Member


    Looking at my own Redline,
    at my hearbeat in a computer screen;
    looks so easy to hit restart, shut down,
    tremble heart, looking at your own..

    Where is the keyboard, nurse,
    let me tap into my own..
    run a few scripts through the heart,
    patch up, feel safer, send an email to brain -
    don't scream! looking at your own..


    [come out, come out wherever you are!]

    layer after layer -
    peel it off, off,
    take off your layers!
    crawl out of your layers!

    first comes skin, then tissue, then bone,
    till we find YOU!

    where is..?
    looking for you layer after layer,
    looking for you

    No skin!
    Something is slimy,
    the hands are slimy,
    still no you!

    Layer after layer;
    tissue lost -
    looking at a skeleton! -
    no you!

    Take a hammer!
    smashing all the bones - no skeleton layer!
    still no answer,.. no you!

    Where is another layer?!
    sitting on brains,
    asking for another layer.
    I want to find YOU!


    © 2005 Avatar
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  3. Hapsburg Hellenistic polytheist Valued Senior Member

    Roses are Red.
    Violets are Blue.
    In Soviet Russia.
    Poem writes you.
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  5. Satan's_Boi Registered Member


    you lay in bed, with thoughts in your head,
    you say he's not real, he is the undead
    you look at your closet, he merges in shadow,
    all you see is a shiny hook.

    you hide under covers,hoping he'll leave,
    when you can't see him, you sigh in releave,
    uncover your head, and then your dead.
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  7. Cottontop3000 Death Beckoned Registered Senior Member

    most dead. the candyman can.
  8. one_raven God is a Chinese Whisper Valued Senior Member

    A Familiar Taste
    The night started out
    as common as any.
    In a bar with your friends shooting pool.

    "This path was a shortcut."
    you laugh at yourself,
    "Now you're lost in the woods you damn fool!"

    The air's a bit chilly.
    It's damp out and foggy.
    With each step it gets harder to grin.

    Your laugh fades to silence.
    As you hear the wind howling,
    you wonder how long it has been.

    The moon is off hiding.
    The stars are cloud covered.
    It's quite dark under black drape of night.

    "My mind's playing tricks,"
    you console your poor heart,
    trembling within you from fright.

    You say, "I'm a man,
    there's nothing to fear.
    The shadows are empty just as in the light."

    "Say what you wish,"
    your soul warns, "you know better.
    We're surrounded by evil tonight."

    Your nostrils are burned
    and your lungs become drowned
    in death's acrid stench that you're bathed in.

    Your blood turns to ice.
    Your flesh is frost covered
    from the cold sweat that froze to your skin.

    The sound of new rope
    creaking against the old wood
    where a body had freshly been strung.

    The back of your neck
    feels the steam of hot breath
    and the warm damp meat of a tongue.

    Before you can turn,
    two beasts grab your arms
    and you're crucified face down to a tree.

    A stake through each wrist
    and one through both feet.
    You try to fight, beg, bargain and plea.

    You are writhing and thrashing,
    trying to be free. A rope behind your knees
    keeps your legs pinned to bark.

    You're riding your tree
    like a mad horse to death. You hear nothing but laughter
    thrown at you from dark.

    His razor sharp talons
    tear your clothing to shreds.
    Your blood soaked jeans hit the dirt with a "slap".

    He climbs up the tree
    and plants his claws in your calves.
    His hands grip your throat like a strap.

    One demon each shoulder
    throw your head back
    further than nature had ever intended.

    You hear your neck crack.
    Your body goes limp.
    You think this is death. The torture has ended.

    His minions have pliers
    to tear out your teeth.
    One by one they drop to the ground.

    You force out a scream
    to wake up the dead,
    but past your lips there comes not a sound.

    Penetration is brutal,
    he rips through your bowels.
    Pieces of flesh cling to your thighs.

    He climbs up your back
    to perch on your shoulders.
    The face of your attacker, at last in your eyes.

    His dick looks for your throat,
    as your mouth becomes full,
    with your shit and blood and his cum.

    You're choking to death
    as his friends cheer him on.
    Thank God, your body's finally gone numb.

    They all point and snicker
    as they walk off and leave you,
    not caring if you live or die.

    You're nailed to a tree
    left bleeding and battered.
    Your mind can do nothing but just wonder why.

    So the next time you wonder
    if her skirt was too short,
    or if her knees had freshly been scraped.

    Open your eyes and your heart.
    Close your mouth!
    You know how it feels to be raped.
  9. thefountainhed Fully Realized Valued Senior Member

    White voluminous mountains on my right
    A slight cooling breeze on my tired face
    A released breath in the fight with eyes
    wanting to close amidst the promise of daylight.

    On my left,
    embracing branches in their famous dance amidst a cooling breeze.
    In the distance,
    the gift of man is the swiveling light high atop a dull steel ramp.

    In my ear,
    the sweet and agonizing voices of Cooke and Redding.
    They sing of a time lost, anguish still present yet hidden:
    Dreams and promises disappearing in the selfish facile reward of a crown
    whose gems lose their shine with the passing of
    1. A disgruntled misguided youth with the false smile
    2. The pat on the back meant to hurt
    3. The grins of graying men as we jump around:
    1. Clowns dressed in overlong shorts as we
    1. Throw balls through hoops,
    2. Clash into each other for a leather ball
    3. Catch a leather ball
    4. Kick a leather ball
    5. Sing of a depressing joy as our women aspire to be
    1. Images of whores
    2. Unattainable mirrors of their ideals
    3. Fodder for their stereotypes serving only to
    1. Keep the path undiscovered
    2. Fill me with contempt
    3. Piss me the fuck off
    And the sounds of Redding speak of the promise of a bright sunny day
    Oh, if only the day brought with it more than just a nice day.
  10. Cottontop3000 Death Beckoned Registered Senior Member

    Very nice, thefountainhed. Yes, if only the day could bring with it more than a just a nice day.
  11. Gattaca Registered Senior Member

    If Heart Holds My Life

    f heart holds my life and the life unhooked from life
    What's left in the pot of quenchless fire is fire
    To burn and bring down everything to nothing
    My last letter to the unloved world penned in those words unread
    If words are only words, which belong to quill and papyrus
    I have the skin of silk and a mouth of ink for you to take
    Empty all I have like sweep the dust on the old shelf
    Love me by a book with blank pages that wait for my woo
    If breath holds my heart and the heart shrinked into a seed
    What's growing in the earth of lifeless life are bleeding vows
    To slaughter and forget nothing but everything


    Submit the Psalm

    Searching for logic in colors
    Got no clue,I lost
    In the layers of life
    Of creeping fault

    Sunrise sunset,alternation X
    Can't count the time
    As I stay my days as one
    In a static mood
    Does the soul of patience transfuse
    A new life in mine

    Submit a psalm I wrote
    With my daunting heart
    Under the spiritless lamp
    Of hopeless hope
    Cast a shadow of my face
    On the wall, unbreakable force
    Flinch at my inherent fears
    In which demon dwells as home

    Hunting for luck in mishap
    Make no joke, I laugh
    At the farce of defiance
    Of Almighty God
  12. invert_nexus Ze do caixao Valued Senior Member

    Joyous Refrain

    To sing. To sing.
    The joyous cries.
    Tis spring! Tis SPRING!
    I've seen her eyes.

    The madness of George is offensive.
    The scent of a tomb is repulsive.
    But the coming of spring,
    And the knowledge it brings...

    Tis a treasure, my brothers.
  13. mamabaer Registered Member

    thank you for sharing your poems with me. I too am a writer but I write children's books. I am the author of the Theodore Da Baer stories. A story of a wizard that is turned into a magical teddy baer and his adventures as he searches for his destiny.

    I love reading other peoples work and sharing my work with the world.

    Keep up the good work you all.

    Teddy Baer Hugs and Magical Wishes to you and yours. May your lives be filled with Teddy Baer Hugs and Magical Moments.


    Me Too,
    Theodore Da Baer
  14. Avatar smoking revolver Valued Senior Member

    no armed resistance met, no screams,
    it’s all so very silent
    before it rains
    and washes all the bones away -
  15. Avatar smoking revolver Valued Senior Member

    [Hymn to usurper]

    Kill your children
    while they're young,
    don't let them
    onto your throne!

    Fear and slaughter spreads like plague
    among the living and the dead -
    screams in heaven and in hell!

    Flames in your eyes!
    Fire deep inside!
    Demon, rise!
  16. Avatar smoking revolver Valued Senior Member

    [Cosmic Requiem]

    There's no reason to say goodbye
    when it all ends today, our world.

    Our planet, our home,
    we bow before, we kiss you now.

    Let's burn into rock
    that shall sink into a black hole: "we are now!"

    The song is now,
    our world, our being, our eyes.

    Time is just a sign, a vector in space
    that shows our way.

    Come, friends! let us shout
    our final word at this time and space!

    LIFE!, it's LIFE!,
    you hear!, it's LIFE!, it is LIFE!

    as always © 2005 Andris Krastins (Avatar)

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  17. perfectblue given a second chance Registered Senior Member

    the blur of late summer greens and blues and
    the cool early evening wind play
    games with my mind, leading - no
    beckoning me,
    past the neon blue false promises of symbols like crosses and pentacles, stars and
    stripes; love and peace and harmony and communism and democracy;
    injustice and justice; all that have profound meaning but people who don't adhere to it, but hide behind it.

    instead, i direct my attention to the playful sparrows,
    dancing with rays of sunshine who leave their heavenly position for a moment
    to indulge in the earthly pleasures of tree-tops and mountainsides and people

    my tired eyes delight in the simple innocence for a moment;
    and i forget for a while that i cannot drop the pretenses holding back my tender, broken wings,
    and dance with beams of light myself.

    in lost childhood, purity and naiveness were also relinquished.
    regaining such is a difficult trade,
    akin to digging up a dinosaur. the pieces are found one
    at a time, and the utmost care is taken to preserve
    and maintain the parts, while discerning their order.
  18. ayla_z It's always here, always now.. Registered Senior Member

  19. Gattaca Registered Senior Member

    For Mary II

    The door of my dreams lead to your chamber

    I don't see colors but the light in your eyes

    Feel nothing but the flow of the tips of your hair

    I don't have nothing but myself as you can see

    That I've loved you since the sun was a virgin

    [ It only took me one moment to remember you, but a lifetime to forget. ]
  20. Avatar smoking revolver Valued Senior Member

    [written for dark industrial music, some 2min of work

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    Black as witch in a moonless sky
    I have eaten, eaten the stars
    and I fly, and I fly to switch off the lights
    of the cities, homes, in your hearts!

    Black as witch on a dragon's wing
    you can not see, you can not see me fly,
    just the laughter, laughter inside!

    From the dreams of a mortal brain
    I climb, I climb, I climb;
    hacking through flesh and thoughts
    I cause pain, nightmares and fright!

    Black witch in a moonless sky
    you can't hide and you can't fight,
    just drink the poison and die -
    I will switch, I will switch off your light!

    as always © 2005 Andris Krastins (Avatar)
  21. ZenDrake come to the darkside Registered Senior Member

    i know all your secret faces, i live where your demons hide
    lick my horn i'll take you places, i'm the one that gets you high

    get in the ring feel the sting, aint no thing but the motherfucking goatking
    make it slide, feel it burn, your blood sings ~~ i am the goatking

    staring through your vacant eyes, feel the beast inside of you
    keep on rolling, don't ask why, i'm that thing that moves in you
    i'm the one that gets you high

    get in the ring feel the sting, aint no thing but the motherfucking goatking
    make it slide, feel it burn, your blood sings ~~ i am the goatking

    does sickness of the soul and maladies of the mind
    come down through blood and twisted twine?
    does the madness that forefathers shared shadow me? should I be scared?
    the voices tell me alls not well in a clamor and dischord not unlike hell
    so with a shudder its pushed from mind not forgotten but not taking time
    with a distant revulsion for all that came with it its shallow grave too often I visit
    the gibbering and whispers I deny just keep throbbing
    while day to day I make my way this tragic comedy unwinding
    is golden, so they say. methinks silence not golden but sane;
    so... breathe a breath of sanity into my parched soul, and into yours as well
    hush... but for a moment or nine. turn the music up; deafen the roar within
    the smoke creeps higher, higher still
    the pain still pulses
    and the tireless music plays on, & on, & on
    ad infinitum

    in this hole, you bleed and breathe next door there, you've ceased to be
    in some worlds, you never have been never known so not forgotten
    now and here I laugh and leap next door there my family weeps
    next door there I might have died but in this hole I laugh and cry
    is this my path? or is it there? life is life, what do I care?
    next door there I might have died but in this hole I gasp and sigh
    cosmic visions swirl around worlds rise then die without a sound
    free to choose the paths we take built on choice these lives we make
    each path I walk, this one here, lets bravely tread let others fear
  22. Kotoko Laptop Persocom Registered Senior Member

    Ode to the Emo Poet

    You talk your silly sad-ish gab
    No one listening cuz you're drab
    You're drug-free, straight as a pin
    And boooring.
    With your jet-black wind-swept chunk-striped hair
    Army of Homeless "vintage" air
    Thick rimmed spectacles on your nose
    Slighty snagged fishnet hose
    Trying to look ugly as sin
    And failing.
    You live your life so tragic
    As if your words were magic
    but they're shit
    And no ones "getting it"
    Left-Wing peace filled pie-hole
    No one cares if you stole
    Lines from the great poets
    You sound so cool, feeling high
    But really it's just all a lie
    That helps you sleep at night.
    Wrapped up in your bedsheets tight
    So the middle class bedbugs don't bite.
    Mommy passes you the phone
    So you can complain about being alone
    To all your weary friends
    But no one cares, and no one shows
    Just how much they hate your prose
    Just to save you heartbreak.
    To save themself the headache
    Of breathing the same air.
    You aren't noble and you aren't wise
    And everyone sees the ignorance in your eyes
    You aren't fooling anyone.
    So take your notebook and shread it
    Of crap you've written and haven't said yet
    And scrap the iPod with your emo tunes
    People don't care about your plight
    You can't win anything without a fight
    So STFU and quit being such a poser.

    P.S. This poem sucks almost as much as you
  23. Alfarif Registered Member

    I'm rather new here and decided to post here as my first post. Yay!

    These are taken from my band's website at http://www.finiifi.com. All of the lyrics are a storyline that I tell through the music:


    This quiet night, in a shadowy corner
    He creeps along the wall with stealth his kind never knew
    As if something were inside him
    A desire, a fear, of the unknown
    They dart in and out like mazin flinting through the sky
    Ones he recognizes and others who are not his own kind.

    He is our last hope (God speed young man)
    Infiltrate the lost hope (Good speed young one)

    One wrong turn deserves another
    "If we can't trust you then who can we trust?"
    "If only you understood who our enemy really was."
    "There is no excuse for these lies you've spread
    And no excuse for bringing about the end of it all."
    Tonight the world ends and we're the cause.

    You've lost all hope (Strung against cemented sand)
    Final release is last hope (Left to hang by my hands)
    He is our last hope (God speed young man)
    Infiltrate the lost hope (I've failed in these plans)

    Left alone after hours
    Is it time for me to worship?
    The ancient walk of ancestrals
    Cermintor, the young die young.
    The young die young
    The young die young
    The young die bold
    And live on.

    *Beslayn Prayer*

    So he tilts back his own head
    Plunges the knife and twists in hopes of death
    Why's the comlink not working?
    Mnenlic respond.

    Is that a voice far off in his ear?
    The seeping cold, they'll never know the plans
    Sacrifice for the greater good
    Sacrifice for the shaltaun

    And as the last light falls from his eyes
    His voice echoes a grieving cry
    For they have come to bring the master
    Trust only trustworthiness.
    They are our downfall brothers
    Trust only trustworthiness.

    In one last uplifting song
    Cermintorva Mnenlic my son.
    This last uplifting verse
    The ancient walk of ancestrals
    The young die young
    The young die young
    The young die bold
    And live on.

    The world ends tonight and we're the cause.

    (c)2004. Warren Stallworth
    All rights reserved.

    Lyrics reprinted with permission.

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