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Discussion in 'Eastern Philosophy' started by prakrutis, Feb 7, 2005.

  1. prakrutis Registered Senior Member

    1) Do arranged marriages make any sense ?
    This is not a simple question, in fact it is very very cryptic, so don't jump to answer, please sit back and first think deeply. Draw references from Vatsayan/ other religions / Hindu concepts about conjugation of 'Shiva and Shakti' etc. If you tell me that arranged marriages are more durable (hence successful, statitically), I am not interested....as I already know that.

    2) Someone mentioned about worshipping sun as a god according to Vedic beliefs. I saw a programme on Discovery Channel (or was it National Geographic?) in which the size of the universe was discussed using simple comparison parameters ( I am sure, it was devised for idiots like me to understand the vastness of the universe). After watching that, one cannot but brood over the fact that how insignificant is the sun (or the whole solar system for that matter, in comparison to the infinite universe).

    And we are treating a mere celestial body as a god? I am not an atheist , nor a non-believer of religion, but this has got me thinking.........Are we following things perpetuated by people who were more ignorant than us ?

    3) Does any religion advocate vegetarianism? ( for e.g. Hinduism/Jainism ) If so, how old is Hinduism/Jainism (because the prehistoric man, who was a hunter gatherer, was a carnivore, we all descended from him). Are humans genetically engineered to be veggies? If so, why do we have canine teeth ? Have our ancestors never eaten cow?

    These questions are interlinked together.. Once again, these questions don't necessarily reflect what you/myself practise personally, so don't get biased....
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  3. prakrutis Registered Senior Member

    I'm surprised - no body has even bothered to answer. I'm really very serious, when i ask this questions and expected you'll to answer it. I'm disappointed.
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  5. duendy Registered Senior Member


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  7. spidergoat Liddle' Dick Tater Valued Senior Member

    1. Arranged marriages might make sense in a small group or village, where everyone knows everyone else. Otherwise, they don't because you can't predict who will get along in the long term. The way it's practiced now, they are more political connections than a love connection. Durability is not much of a standard, you can live for a long time in a shitty situation if the community demands it.

    2. I wouldn't use the term "mere" in reference to any celestial body, but I wouldn't worship it either. If you have to worship something, the sun makes the most sense, since it supplies the energy for life on Earth. Everything is relative, the small is no less important than the large.

    3. Some religions advocate vegetarianism. They don't want to cause harm to an animal, and people can be healthy with this diet. It avoids some dangers associated with meat, like bacteria and diseases. In the past, they didn't have refrigeration or much medical knowledge. Our ancient ancestors probably ate meat, but that doesn't mean you have to. (I happen to like it)
  8. Awake Just BE! Registered Senior Member

    1. Arranged marriages. Like most things is a social construct. It is done that way because of the society one lives in. Is it good? Is it bad? It is totally up to the participants. Good and bad are just opinions mainly formed by society.

    2. Worshipping the sun. All is "one" and "one" is all. Why worship anything? You are all things and all things are you.

    3. Vegetarianism is dogma. You can live healthy either way. It depends on what you and the society you live in, feel is right or wrong. I have heard that the way our digestive system is shaped we are not really "designed" to digest meat efficiently. But maybe that is from our evolution from a more carnivorist (sp) diet.

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