2008 elections - abandon 2 party system?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by top mosker, Dec 13, 2004.

  1. top mosker Ariloulaleelay Registered Senior Member

    The two party system has gone wrong in America - I don't think there are too many who deny this.

    But in the next election, should we continue to go with the lesser of two evils (whatever you see that as) or should we finally bring a 3rd party/independents into the spotlight?

    On the one hand, the republican party all but ignores the social ills of our ocuntry.

    On the other, the democrats couldn't even beat Bush (provided the elections were valid.)

    Both are filled to the brim with legal corruption in the form of corporate sponsorship.
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  3. Avatar smoking revolver Valued Senior Member

    People = easely brainwashable flok.
    Won elections = brainwashed people in your favour.
    Brainwashing = requires => money.
    Democrats = money.
    Republicans = money.
    Other parties = no real funds.

    What you need is the people to become less potent to branwashing.
    Have a good plan?
    Remember that the crowd is stupid by definition.
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  5. nirakar ( i ^ i ) Registered Senior Member

    Ban polititical advertising from TV and Radio. Text advertising is the only form of advertising the begins to impart real information. If people think they are informed after hearing TV advertising and TV news they are so wrong.
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  7. Avatar smoking revolver Valued Senior Member

    One of the reasons I don't have a tv since 1998.
  8. Silas asimovbot Registered Senior Member

    No political system starts with two major parties, they all end up that way through natural evolution and, well, natural selection.

    In both Britain and the United States the concept of democracy was expressed by people electing representatives to represent their views, and all those representatives available to be wooed this way and that way on every issue. In both countries (and I'm pretty sure, practically every other democracy) it eventually became evident that someone with a specific view on one issue was likely to have a specific view on another issue, and that most of the members who had a specific view on one issue were likely to have the same specific view on the other issue; and thus it was more practical to arrange matters according to groupings which we now know as Parties. And in most countries those Parties became just two - known as Left Wing, corporatist and statist in order to best represent all the people as one and be inclusive of the poorest classes, under a Red Flag; and the Right Wing, conservative, individualist, libertarian in order to represent people as individuals and free them from government interference, under a Blue Flag. For some reason, in America someone got mixed up and they got the colours of the Flags wrong (which makes Election Night very confusing for those of us watching in Europe).

    Parties, therefore, have automatically evolved, are consequently here to stay, and I have to say in my view are actually more effective bulwarks against corruption - on a National level (while the increase of corruption where one party dominates a local area is very well known).
  9. isis25 Registered Senior Member

    a third party would be great. we have libertarian, green, etc...but they are so far behind the republicans and democrats. and when there is only two powerful parties it can reslut in conflict. a strong third party would provide some balance.
  10. patcho Registered Senior Member

    I agree, but don't think another strong 3rd party will come about until either the republicans or democrats break up, forming 2 separate parties. When? I dunno, but its bound to happen sometime.
  11. nbachris2788 Registered Senior Member

    What's more likely is a strong 3rd party will usurp one of the two main parties, thus preserving the two party system but shaking up the power holders.. It's happened many times before in American history. The DLC will probably get one more shot in 2008, and if they lose to McCain or Jeb or whoever, the Democrats are obviously going to need a purge to bring in new ideas and brains. The Republicans, meanwhile, are sitting on a cash cow that is known as the paranoid evangelical white Christians. As long they overpopulate the South and Midwest, the Republicans are looking powerful indeed.
  12. travis Registered Senior Member

    If we have an electronic voting system, there is no point in discussing who to vote for, since voting will have nothing to do with who gets elected.

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