2 year old girl left to die in street

Discussion in 'Ethics, Morality, & Justice' started by wsionynw, Oct 17, 2011.

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  1. scheherazade Northern Horse Whisperer Valued Senior Member

    Thank you, Search & Destroy, for bringing the perspective of one who actually resides in China to this discussion. As you point out, crazy sh** goes on everywhere.

    It's not that people do not care, but as you point out, they have far more to lose if they care too much.

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  3. WillNever Valued Senior Member

    Actually, he is pointing out that it goes on everywhere in China.
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  5. spidergoat Liddle' Dick Tater Valued Senior Member

    I've revised my opinion of the parents, they were operating a market stall nearby and obviously didn't have money for a babysitter or time to watch a child.
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  7. Anti-Flag Pun intended Registered Senior Member

    It hardly takes place on a busy main street, so comparing it to Manhattan is ever so slightly disingenuous, as is trying to paint Americans as people who don't do that when there are a large number who would, as is evidenced by the need for a prison system and cops that carry guns.

    Wow, racist much? They certainly don't grow up looking the same anymore than kids in school uniform.
    Ah yeh, only the Chinese are cruel or have questionable events in their history, after all they kept all those black slaves because they were considered "sub-human" right? Oh wait that was the good ol' USA!
    And whatever happened to the natives there? Or was that merciful?

    Funnily enough nothing comes up on google. Citation?
    Here, aquaint yourself with some real Chinese philosophy:


    Nope, just happen to come from a country that actually possesses an education system and produces far less bigots.
  8. Enmos Valued Senior Member

    Yeah, but that was centuries ago! :fright:
  9. Trippy ALEA IACTA EST Staff Member

    So then, according to you an officer of the NYPD wouldn't ignore an 11 year old girl dying of Asthma?

    And certainly, in a civilized city like New York, an EMT would never ignore a dying pregnant woman.
    (Although I am unsuire of the results of the probe mentioned).

    Let's not forget this:
    The guy had been stabbed helping out a complete stranger, and 25 people just walked right past him as he lay there bleeding to death.

    Yeah, stuff like that could never happen in the US.
  10. RedRabbit Registered Senior Member

    Nope. Fail again.

    Why does the first question matter?
    Why would the second question matter?
    No I don't. Why would it matter? The human rights abuses are done to whom exactly? Oh yeah..that's right...to people like the ones walking down the street.

    I didn't say that.

    I said the USA would not exist without one case of genocide, thousands of cases of slavery and the military might to impose it's will and conquer territories. That does not equate to the whole of America being sadistic, racist bastards, while you imply that a saying and historical acts of barbarism in history equate to the Chinese people being unsympathetic and thoughtless as regards to the feelings of others.

    Keep up, will ya?

    As has every other nation on Earth at one time or another. I've used the US as an example but the UK, Russia and, for the love of God, Germany have shown callous disregard to human life in their past. If this had happened in Germany would you be trotting out the same bile?

    There is a reason that girl children were thought to be worthless and it was directly linked to poverty. It is not, in major cities for certain, the case now. Are you suggesting that the people who passed by took a look at the child on the ground and thought "Fuck that, it's a girl!".??

    I don't disagree with S&D's account. But S&D's account isn't full of thinly veiled racism and supposition. There is no doubt that the scams he mentions go on in China. But they go on elsewhere to. China is big mate. Very, very big. The likelyhood that it would occur there more is hardly surprising. And I too have lived in China, for 3 and a half years. I never once saw anything like the case he's describing. I did see a kidnapping though. But that's normal there.

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  11. James R Just this guy, you know? Staff Member

    Moderator note: WillNever has been banned for 7 days for racism.


    Despite making some arguably reasonable points, WillNever also for some reason felt it necessary to cast racial slurs at the Chinese.

    This ban is for 7 days due to WillNever's currently active infraction points.
  12. murdoch Simply Psychic! Registered Senior Member

    Do you want to put the blame game on the system(legal or administrative) there in China?


    Do you want to say every human being living there will become the same? Not to forget there are still very few human beings left there fighting for humanity welfare cause. So it's not like you think. Only it is not prevalent there in larger group of population. Which is the point here. All it needs some awareness campaign etc. to change the way society is growing into there.
  13. Enmos Valued Senior Member

    I'm saying that environment has a lot to do with how people act.
  14. NMSquirrel OCD ADHD THC IMO UR12 Valued Senior Member

    i did not see the video (clicked on link,couldn't find video)

    I would not be able to walk past a two year old in trouble as described.
    It breaks my heart to hear of such things..
    but it does not surprise me..like the last post said, environment influences actions..America may not be as bad right now,but it is just a matter of time, as Americans continue to procreate irresponsibly, overpopulation will(has?) become a major issue..
  15. murdoch Simply Psychic! Registered Senior Member

    I agree with your viewpoint. I also happen to think legal, social, administrative system etc. of a environment has a larger role in the development of a human being character. In the present case the tough non humanist approach of a communist government has developed it's citizens into being lesser closer to humanism.

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    Last edited: Oct 21, 2011
  16. Orleander OH JOY!!!! Valued Senior Member

    why do you want to watch the video? :shrug: Its a child getting hit by a car. Why would anyone want to see that?
  17. wynn ˙ Valued Senior Member

    Why do you not read the thread and engage in discussion ... :bugeye:
  18. Ellie Banned Banned

    Woods not hard cement.
  19. chimpkin C'mon, get happy! Registered Senior Member


    Sorry to hijack, but I went to two different Christian Schools in two different years...in part because I hoped I'd be bullied less, I think I got it worse.
  20. The Esotericist Getting the message to Garcia Valued Senior Member

    Oh, I don't think you are hijacking the thread at all. I just didn't answer that question, b/c I didn't think the discussion was ready to go in that direction yet. But Enmos and murdoch have hit upon the key issue, its the environment and conditioning.

    State schools are the worst of course. They want to have a monopoly on mind control, and control of molding the individuals in society to the human resource needs of the nation. I am nearly positive a state like China would allow absolutely no competition in matters of schooling its youth. I believe that is probably the root of WillNever's vehement hatred toward the Chinese people in general. . . the lack of individuality in choice and variance in which the individuals are raised. Necessarily the state must try to condition out of people, natural inclinations towards being compassionate, helpful, and in solidarity with each other. (It's apparent even ours has this goal.) Clearly we can see his anger and hatred would therefor be misplaced, it should be directed at the environment and the conditioning the young and the citizens receive, and the general environment, climate and culture promoted by the establishment and government.

    We have many of the same forces at work in Western nations, but we have the illusory freedom to opt out. The West is more diverse with more choices and a much more complex pallet of influence with which to draw from the environment while a character develops. This is especially true in America. I should know, I was raised here. Americans when I was growing up never had tattoos, now, it seems like half of them do. I have tattoos on my brain I can never get rid of because my mom let me watch so much t.v. as a kid. I can sing television jingles for trash bags and fast food that were broad-cast through the air in the 70's . . . all outta my head. That's brutal and useless. Talk about the environment polluting character. So yeah, no t.v. in my house while my son grows up, no brain tattoos. lol

    But I digress. Religion, most of it, in their ancient tombs, condones violence at one point or another. So why shouldn't it be a surprise that you were bullied? And people in China? Their first allegiance, as they have been drilled in school since birth, is to the state, not each other. Compassion and concern for strangers, and the parable of the good Samaritan probably didn't get a lot of class time. . .

    Does this necessarily mean I believe that our families or the individuals are beyond the dehumanizing forces that divide individuals from each other and make us fear getting involved if they aren't in the public system? Not necessarily. Even in private education and religious education I think these social forces are at work. These institutions are bureaucracies all the same. Likewise, they are not exempt from government mandated standards in many instances.

    The day free nations lose the right to home schooling? This will be the day when real intellectual freedom and moral decay will have won the day however, and incidents like this will sadly be no longer shocking, but common place.
  21. chimpkin C'mon, get happy! Registered Senior Member

    I honestly think it's a function of crowding.
    I think people become more likely to tune each other out the tighter in they are packed. Houston is sprawled out, but there are around 4 million people here (Which is why I'm ok telling you I live somewhere in the area. That and the whole Castle Doctrine thing.

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    But, if you could lose your life savings helping someone, would you? I'd be very wary.
    In most states you have "good Samaritan" laws that prevent someone trying to render assistance from being sued later.

    As far as hit and run goes, I was rearended by a drunk, I've seen another hit and run at my job, one outside my old apartment...basically, you need to carry uninsured motorist here, if their car is not disabled in the collision and they were at fault there is a very good chance they will be leaving before you get the plate number.

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    This is the only reason I like redlight cameras, BTW...if somebody else nails me in yet another intersection, it will be recorded.

    I seem to be a rather high-empathy individual...I will try to help people in distress often.
  22. Orleander OH JOY!!!! Valued Senior Member

    what's there to discuss? Something horrible happened in China and people sit here and watch a Faces of Death video of a child getting killed.

    I want to know what would compel them to watch it. Why do people who watch the video (knowing its the death of a child) think they are better than the people who did nothing?

    Its like claiming curiosity while watching child porn.

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  23. The Marquis Only want the best for Nigel Valued Senior Member

    I actually read through five pages of this thread trying to find a reference to Kitty Genovese and was rather disappointed not to find a single one.

    It has nothing to do with China, or their human rights record.
    It's a natural result of tens of thousands living in close proximity to one another.

    Keep saying it - there are far too many people in the world. Cull them. 80% reduction, minimum. So many problems would just... disappear.

    But, no. human life is far too valuable.
    Isn't it.
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