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what if everything keeps getting bigger and bigger...
like, what if our universe is inside some sort of giant marble? our galaxies could be atoms of the marble or somethinglike that and we are like smaller... personally i dont think atoms are the smallest things out there... its not like we've ACTUALLY seen them so maybe there could be other smaller universes in them?
time to us is 'normal' but to them 1 of our seconds is zillions of years... does this make sense to anyone? heh heh

write back :)
Shazbot... This reminds me of an episode from the series <i>Mork and Mindy</i>.
Reminds me of the last few weeks of Sluggy Freelance.

Any meaning to the Chronic part of your nick? Because this is the type of thing that I think about after a bowl or two. As far as I ever get in a thought process like this is:
The universe has been proven to be constantly expanding, which means as time goes backward, and would eventually contract to a single point. At this point all matter in the universe is condensed into one point. What is surrounding this point?
As This point expands with time what lies beyond the boundaries?
Perhaps the marble we're in? Perhaps the protons that orbit our atom of a universe?

Damn, my head hurts.
This may be off the topic, but here's my reply:

I don't know if anyone else is able to comprehend it, but my brain has a big problem thinking about the meaning of the word 'infinite'. Like as in time is infinite. Or the universe is infinite.

Because how can things never end? And how can things never begin? And that gets me thinking on the meaning of finite, because if time began, it must end. But how can time end? Does it just stop?

And the universe too. What if the universe is finite? Will someone be travelling in a spaceship a few thousand years from now and just crash into a wall? Or will they fly into nothing? Because if they flew into 'nothing' wouldn't that just be the universe continuing? I always thought the word 'universe' meant 'everything' and if the universe is everything, and the universe is finite then everything outside the universe is the universe too...

Maybe my mind is just too undeveloped to understand it all. Or maybe we just aren't supposed to know. Or maybe there aren't even answers. Maybe these aren't even questions, maybe they are their own answers. I don't know.
In space is a totally other notion of time then here on earth.
In space, there is no time........

There is a beginning and an end to everything is what we all learn. But where does beginning begin and where does ending end??? Life is a circle, just like the seasons, always coming back again.

It may be difficult to understand, but even humans come back and live again.
It all belongs to the circle of life......:)

I guess....
You've got a point. Because, after all, time is a human invention conjured up only in our minds to organise our days and try to make sense and logical order of everything. So time isn't infinite, because it doesn't exist. Or, what we think of as time only exists because we are here to believe in it. Sure, stuff happenes, and there are gaps between, but time is a figment of our imagination.

Ok, I was saying that as though I know it all. But of course I don't and you'll probably disagree about it all, but it's just a theory I came up with just now.

Thankyou for listening. Until we meet again.
, what we think of as time only exists because we are here to believe in it

Time, like life itself, is a figment of our imagination.
Why are you asking that??
Do you hear them scream....??:)

Hahahahaha, you are a real 'nutcase', but a nice one, talk to you later.
No, they just remind me that <i>time</i> is a reality where the body is concerned.
It's just how you look at it Bowser, just how you look at it....
My body is not aging;)
Not ever....for I don't want it, if you don't want it hard enough, it sometimes may work:)
Well the planets revolving around the sun always reminded me of the models of atoms. So maybe your on to something. Take another hit and think for a while. :D

wow.. thank you all for the support and for once i dont feel stupid for saying all that stuff... and yes i was stoned when i posted that... but i believe it could be VERY true because everything is spherical... or spins around something... protons and neutrons spin around atoms so therefore, our universe could be a proton spinning around something or even an atom... or at least something like that.. i cant think of anything really REALLY good to say since im not stoned... i'll get back to ya :)
The changes that take place with age are strange. It just occurred to me that I can't remember the last time I had a dream.
JoHnNY_ChRoNIC, I do believe that I have missed welcoming you to Sciforums. I hope you find what you search for here. Many others practice their "faith" while posting here.

Your speculation of orbits within orbits goes back quite a ways. I know I have heard this theorem postulated many times over the years. And if the microcosms echo the macro then there are worlds yet to discover and realms to explore.
There's a whole lot to discover. But if it is the job of this humans I am not so sure of.
Because if we wait a little longer, there is no world anymore from which humans have to do all their diccovery's.
Then the whole Earth is ruined and destroyed by these humans and I often think it's a shame I am one of these damn humans who destroy Nature and eachother in the most useless wars there are.
Wars about religion....People, people, what are we doing....Why can't we live next to aeachother and live in peace........
TRY IT THEN!!!!!:confused:

We are squandering our resources. Our consumption of this world will be our undoing.
This is one of the reasons that I support solar exploration and mining. We are running out of resources. They won't come back. Mining does not have to be messy. There are many ideas already on the drawing boards as to how best achieve the maximum effeciency in mining such. That does not include blowing up the resource to get it.

I think NASA has come to the realization (to late) that leaving trash in orbit from satellite deployment was a very wrong thing to do. It is now a major headache every time they go to look at satellite insertion or putting another lap around the track for the space shuttle. It's a bit late but better they realize their mistake now than to ignore it and create more of a problem.