You find out your partner of 10 years had a sex change before you met him/her. Do you

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Harmony the Star
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If you found out that your spouse of 10 years was born a male(female) and subsequently turned female (male), would you stay or would you go?

[Disclaimer: This has nothing to do with my experiences - it's merely a question]
If I really loved the person it wouldn't make the slightest difference to me
If the whole 10 years had been one big lie, I would have to go.

(but maybe we could still be friends?:rolleyes: )
What would make it a lie?

If the person was born, physically one gender but psychologically another, and had surgery to correct this, where is the problem? Where would you draw the line. What if they had a breast reduction before they met you? Are they living a lie? Interesting.

:m: Peace.
^kinda what i was thiking.. i mean.. afterten years, wouldn't you be in the dr's office if you try to haave kids and it just wasn' workng? i mean. how would you try to cover THAT up?!?! lol
no.... i think that there are many time when men and woman could be confused just by appearance.. ESPECIALLY considering that in this situtation they would've had to have surgery..

remember the thread were you guess male or female?
...how many did u get wrong?;)
Originally posted by Grey Seal
plus a man and a woman's build are different enough to be recognized pretty easily...aren't they?

I would think so. After 10 years you find out there are only 2 things to do:

1. Dump him/her
2. Get glasses
A "Hermaphrodite" would be right up my street...You wouldn't know if your coming or going!!:D
i know a girl or was he a guy


no he started as a girl

anyway i know a girl who has a sex change and to tell the truth when i met him, her whatever i couldnt tell WHAT he was

this was before the change

i havent seen him since but the guy whos friend he is said it all went well:)