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Thread: Christian Attack on the quran over Foreign Words is Refuted

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    Quote Originally Posted by S.A.M. View Post
    Like who?
    Like radicals.

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    Quote Originally Posted by S.A.M. View Post
    Doesn't matter since the issue is irrelevant.
    Apparently its not irrelevant to actual muslims.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael View Post
    This is a legacy based on racism, it suggests that Arab culture is somehow closer to God and therefor superior to other cultures.
    not true, muslims believe in the other holy books which were revealed by god like the torah and bible, which if i'm not mistaken, were not written in arabic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael View Post
    If praying to Xenu didn't affect my life then I'd happy leave you to it. But, as our last Commander in Chief led you all around by the nose to go on a good old Crusade "Huck Huck" killing thousands of Iraqi's and thousands of Citizens, well, it's become apparent to me that people have to stand up to this non-sense.
    See here you prove me correct. You have not been reading my posts. That is why you can make these absolutely false statements about me. Because you are totally ignorant of me. Even though i have stated my position repeatedly to you.

    1) I am not an American. I have stated this on more than one ocassion. Therefore the president of the usa is NOT my Commander in Chief. Therefore He has not lead me by the nose anywhere.

    2) I have stated before that my beliefs in Jesus absolutely forbid me to take part in any kind of combat, even to the point of not defending myself from attack. I have stated this on many occasions in this forum in threads that you have participated in. You prove your wilful ignorance and your self absorbed focus on your own thoughts by stating that i have been lead into talking part in combat/crusade.

    3)And the US presidents are just puppets of the masons, and the current one is no different, they are nothing but lucifer worshippers taking part in what they see as their manifest destiny. To provide the anti-christ with his seat of power on earth.

    As for the opening post, I have spoken with many Muslims and most of them think the Qur'an is "pure" Arabic as in it contains no loan-words. The reason why this is important to them is because (and I quote) Arabic is Allah's language.
    That is not my experience. Most muslims i have spoken to bring up far more serious issues then the arabic language and its purity. It's a non- issue. If it was an issue i would certainly bring it up when witnessing to them. But it is nothing. A total non-issue.

    It's a pretty common concept among Muslims that all of the world will be better when it's all Islamic and part of this is everyone speaking Arabic. And Americans think the world will be better when we mold everyone in our image too. Oh, and most people now speak English .. Ooo I mean American. I think even a blind man riding by on a bus can see where it leads? No? Nuke on Japan, Bombs in Korea, Villages flattened in Vietnam, Persians raped, cities plundered. Going back later and saying "we rebuilt Japan or we economically helped South Korea or hey, we saved a bunch of Greek manuscripts while we were looting monstaries.. just doesn't cut it.
    What’s this all to me? What has this got to do with me? I am free of all that garbage. I have no loyalty to my nation, i have no nationalism. I have no loyalty to democracy, i don't care what the authorities are that rule. I don't fear death, I am free. Free indeed.

    This is a part of what You are trapped in Micheal. You have claimed your enemy is "religion" you have proclaimed your xenophobia, you have set yourself up to be used by the authorities at the appropriate time to fight and kill the religious. It is you who fear. And the satanic authorities use fear well.

    Anyway, it seems SAM takes the right approach on the topic. To bad most Muslims weren't in some ways similar to SAM. She's OK. And you are OK too. The only way you could both can fix these last few brain-farts is to fall back to her own heritage or both go atheist Until then it'll be fun watching her (and you) paint yourselves into little corners .. hahaaha.....
    LOL Who is in the Corner? Who is locked in fear?

    It's a bitch defending magical sky people and alien overloards, I feel for you. I mean, the fact that you stick to it after half a decade in and of itself says something!
    Yes it does say something does it not. I have seen a few guys like you Michael come and go, they rant out their views totally focused on their views and leave the forum knowing nothing more then what they knew when they came in here.

    Oh, lastly, I've met Xians who have told me the King James Version is the literal word of God, as in YWHA spoke in old English Whaddaya think Adstar, tis God speaketh the old tongue?

    It's not my fault people are morons
    I hope one day you reflect on how you have spoken Michael, i hope you come to the realisation that you are an arrogant pig.

    Matthew 7
    6 “Do not give what is holy to the dogs; nor cast your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you in pieces.

    All Praise The Ancient Of Days

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