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Thread: Pharmacists for Jesus

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    charles cure
    Quote Originally Posted by Theoryofrelativity
    yes my response will DAZZLE you

    THis thread is in THE RELIGIOUS Forum why? If your agenda is NOT religious.
    Ethical forum may be more appropriate or free thoughts.

    It's title 'Pharmacists and JESUS'
    and you still say this isn't about religion bashing?

    pay some fucking attention. its in the religion forum because, as i said, the debate (at least in the US) has been framed by christian religious groups and objectors who happen to have religiously based moral objections to dispensing contraceptives. that does not mean that these are the only people who could possibly have such an objection, however, since they are the vast majority, the discussion is centering on whether or not they should have this kind of privelege.

    and the title of the thread is called Pharmacists for Jesus, not Pharmacists and Jesus.

    try reading for comprehension.

    oh, and by the way, thanks for not addressing ANY of the points i made in my post. i am left thoroughly undazzled.

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    If you want to take at pop at religious folk, why don't u hop on to them about the 'burning in hell' if you're not christian business? Now that'd be a good religious thread.

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    charles cure
    Quote Originally Posted by Theoryofrelativity
    Regardless of your poor attempt at self defence, this thread would have been better suited to the ethics forum.

    We're not talking about religion here, we're talking about pharmacists in some states being able to pick and choose what they dispense as directed under law!

    The woman who over stepped the mark WAS fired, so u repeatedly saying 'I think they should be fired' is not a good point, as THEY are fired.
    you repeatedly misunderstand the whole concept. the majority of resistance to dispensing medications has been generated by religious people and members of religious organizations. you are also ignoring the entire part of the thread that addresses religious hospitals receiving public money and their request that they be exempt from dispensing all emergency contraception, even to victims of rape. now, when you want to read the whole thing and try to understand it, and not just arrogantly and foolishly dismiss the entire thread as "religion bashing", you'll be aware of what is going on, until then, you sound ridiculous. this most certainly involves religion, religious groups, and religious people, so i dont see why it doesnt belong here. in addition to that, if you are so sure it doesnt belong here, why dont you run off and cry to one of the moderators and get it moved to what you think is the appropriate venue for such a discussion. regardless, you have neot even spent a single second attempting to refute the claim that i made. one person in one state was fired because she comletely disobeyed policy, yet there have been exceptions made for others who i think have acted similarly, only have not been so stubborn about it. my question is why should a private enterprise like a pharmacy be required by any law to accomodate people's religious views if they infringe on their ability to do their job? i dont see any reason why something like that should be allowed.

    Dazzle dazzle dazzle,
    I AGREE with this basic point.
    no, you agree with your own opinion, which is what you think the point of this thread is since you failed to comprehend it in the beginning.

    The rest of what I said was re the aborting pills and the ethics regarding that, which go beyond religion. I am not religious but I wouldn't want to have any hand in abortion. AND no choosing this proffession does NOT mean u have to do ANYTHING requested just because we have become a morally bankrupt culture and increasingly so!
    what are you talking about? who are you to be the arbiter of moral bankruptcy? the law is the law, and whether religious people like it or not, abortion and contraception are both legal options, and they should not be allowed to make attempts to deny those things to people who are paying to obtain legal and needed health care. the larger issue here is that this is an attempt mostly on the part of right wing religious organizations to draw greater attention to the pro-life cause vis-a-vis some form of civil disobedience with respect to their jobs as health care providers. i think it should be the employers prerogative to fire them and find it appalling that ANY legal exceptions are made for people who cant do their jobs. if i dont do my job, i will get fired, but with laws like these in place, what is stopping me from saying - oh well, my religious beliefs prohibit me from using a computer, so now you have to find something else for me to do, however meaningless, and continue paying me for it, because i should be exempt from firing and i want to work in this field? my boss would undoubtedly laugh in my face. why should anyone else be so excepted?

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    charles cure
    Quote Originally Posted by Theoryofrelativity
    ps. stop swearing, it makes you come across like someone with zippo self control.
    get a life.

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    charles cure
    Quote Originally Posted by Theoryofrelativity
    If you want to take at pop at religious folk, why don't u hop on to them about the 'burning in hell' if you're not christian business? Now that'd be a good religious thread.
    no one is "taking a pop at religious folk", and even if they were, it is a justifiable pop to take at them. you just seem to have a basic problem with the whole premise that is being discussed here, why dont you stop whining and just ignore the whole thread?

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    530,000 women a year die as a result of complications from pregnancy.

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    Hey! if the retard does not want to sell any fucking drug passed by FDA, on the grounds of moral responsibility, it is a MORAL responsibility of the pharmasists to fire his/her ass!.

    BTW here's the NPR story on audio!.

    yes my response will DAZZLE you
    I'm only dazzled by your stupidity!

    ahhhh it's clear now, this is ANOTHER (YAWNNNNNNNNNNNN) lets bash the religious thread. Hence my reasoned view irrelevant.
    What the hell did you expect in a "science forum" with a subset on religion? Your commons sense should tell ya, that most here are secularists, being a science forum and all

    Ok I'll leave you anti-reliogion fanatics to it!
    There's no such thing as an "anti-religion" fanatic. We don't blow ourselves up, we don't stand in front of abortion clinics, or adult porn shops. There's nothing fanatic, about protecting our rights from YOU religious fanatics!.

    You are every bit as bad as every reliogious fanatic with your anti-fanatic views, but u can't even see it.
    Bull shit! you came to a SCIENCE forum to spew your bs, and expect for us to sit here and watch you make an ass of yourself, without any protest?

    The joke is huge and its on you.
    No! we are laughing at you, so basically the joke is on you, since you came to a science forum and all Expecting what exactly? I've haven't got the foggiest idea


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