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Thread: a collection of ancient indian technology

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    In 1875, the Vaimanika Sastra, a fourth century B.C. text written by Bharadvajy the Wise, using even older texts as his source, was rediscovered in a temple in India.

    ...There is one book entitled Vaimanika-sastra that was dictated in trance during this century and purports to be a transcription of an ancient work preserved in the Akashic record."
    "The medium in this case was Pandit Subbaraya Sastry, a 'walking lexicon gifted with occult perception', who began to dictate the Vaimanika-sastra to Mr. Venkatachala Sarma on August 1, 1918. The complete work was taken down in 23 exercise books up to August 23, 1923. In 1923, Subbaraya Sastry also had a draftsman prepare some drawings of the vimanas according to his instructions." (Richard L. Thompson)

    i agree. the book's authencity is questionable. notice the contradiction in dates and supposed origin.
    very insightful post. i especially liked "Never follow footsteps, make milestones of your own. "

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    Smile Old Stones !!!

    Dear spookz

    read one of my articles...

    its fun and I feel "could be used as paint for a mile stone ! "



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    oh! oh!
    please say you will be best buddies with me! please!!

    Recently this idea has faded since a scientist in Germany has discovered a method with which he was able to transfer sound ( mixed with laser beams ) from one place to another with a speed three times faster than the speed of light and still reproduce the exact sound



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    Thumbs up

    Welcome Rajgopals!

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    Lightbulb Funniest stories of the net !

    Thank you Guys,

    And Spookz, first try Discovery Channel, then try with Google or hack in to some govt. site for more information ! Any way even if I am wrong there, I assume you will forgive me for that.

    I have the funniest stories for you all.

    Read the following ............

    Before you say the whole story is crazy…let me explain…one thing is true…the main yogi in the story.

    Sree Sree Sivaprabhakara sidha yogi parama hamsa

    Note: (Mahamaye Devi anugrahikkename ! - means pls bless me universal mother and take care of me) I added this sentence because when I talk about such a divine person I should remember Mother so as to absorb any problems (both good and bad) attached to the thought.

    He is a parama hamsa. No doubt. Do you know when a man practice Hama Yoga for many years precisely 14 years ( like many divine souls Jesus Christ, Allah, Sree Ram of Ramayana etc who where all missing for about 14 years) he comes to the stage of being a HAMSA Yogi. Being with such a person removes all your bad thoughts. If such a person’s breath falls on you, that removes all deceases. So that’s just a HAMSA Yogi. “Param” means “extreme”. The same Hamsa Yogi when he practices more and become powerful with extreme Yoga Balam (Yogic Power) he becomes Parama Hamsa. So the main Yogi in the story is such a person.

    Sree Sree Sivaprabhakara sidha yogi parama hamsa known as Bhagavan in Kerala and all over India and aborad. There are no followers to this Yogi ( I feel like saying just yogi itself is a great insult from my side to this Maha Yogi ) as he tries to keep everyone away. Or rather its impossible to be with him. He lived in Kerala in a very quite manner till 1984 (I am not very sure of the exact date). At that time he was supposed to be believed to have more that 700 years of age.

    This Maha Yogi has been with a man, I know very personally, for more than 14 years and from him I have heard most of the stories and all real magical incidents, which took place during his time. Even after this Maha Yogi’s samadhy, few close people have seen him again but he never came in public after that. Sort of missing (My father has seen him personally but I never had that great great blessing!! I miss him like anything!!!!)

    Now about this great saint, he had all the ashta sidhis (8 power full magical powers). He had laghima (Levitation power) with which he will get on top of a banana leaf and walk on top of that which originally won’t even support the wait of a big bird. He had taken a man from Kerala to Mumbai in one night and bought him back the same night. Many many such things, which people can never understand nor believe. If I discuss this even my state of mind itself is questioned by the reader ! I know that ! But still “I BELIEVE “.

    The great hugging mother of Kerala Matha Amrithananda Mayee has just spend 5 days with this Maha Yogi and he beat the hell out of her, abused her with words, kicked her, spit on her and tried to send her out for her hallucination and related acts. At that time she was just a Krishna bhaktha ( A believer of lord Krishna !). But after 5th day when she left he asked her what she want, and before she say anything told that “ He will make her the mother of the world” which is almost already happening. Many great saints of India are his disciples (not through receiving any deeksha (advice) but just because being with him for some time). No one dare to speak of him. No one has the guts to say anything about him. Nor even keep his photo. But to me who is so dear.

    About the Sidha Rayar, in the story. He is a fake guy. I met him once at the samadhy place of this Maha Yogi. When I looked in to this Sidha Rayar’s eyes he got confused. At that time I was a boy, 25 may be, but he got scared. He called me and asked who am I, I said I am no one and just came to see the place. Its not because I have any great powers nor do I look like a great saint, but just because the idiot is making money and ruining the name of the great saint.

    Sidha Rayar and his disciples make up all stories. But the Maha Yogi is original and he could have done many things unimaginable for all of us.

    I have many many information regarding this Maha Yogi, which I can pass on to people who are interested. I am not trying to propagate any Yoga school nor any paramapara (hierarchy of yoga practice) as there is nothing to promote since there exist nothing but the truth.

    Journey of thousand miles starts with one step. Have you taken your’s ?



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    Smile Sohm or Soham ?

    Originally posted by Avatar
    anyone has heard of the "last message" or SoHm ?
    what do you think of it?
    is it unjust or just to protect us?

    I'm not going to explain anything
    those who know will undestand
    I know what it is, to the extend of practicing it. Its nothing but simple method with which you reverse the normal cycle of your breath. To check the originality of what I say. Do this exercise and tell me if you feel something.

    Take a breath in and try to make it as long as it can and when it reaches the end (bottom) bend it to mix with the exhaling air and when it reaches the top or rather end of it bend it again to mix with the breath which you are taking in. This itself avoids the natural brake in your breath and makes you a new human being.

    More fun, assume that when the breath is coming in, try to mix an unknown energy to it from the bottom side. I mean when the air is coming down send the unknown up and vise versa. If you can feel the unknown correctly, this is the first time you have felt your “self”. Your soul. My dear one just to teach you this much many yoga Gurus will ask for a life time of slavery or time.

    Don’t assume you have touched the top but this is just the beginning, I am exposing such things as I know no one is going to steal the real one as it exist within every one so you don’t have to steal it.

    More doubts are welcomed. And I saw you saying “ Don’t want to be ordinary!” after all this you will feel at one point of time, that being ordinary is so difficult and it’s the most joyful thing on earth.

    Be a vegetarian and only say truth, (You just becomes a saint without your knowledge) and you get the power what is known as Vanee Sudhy (what ever you say becomes truth!)

    Have fun,



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    elabarate, if possible on vanee sudhy. the spelling doesnt appear to be correct?


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    Are we still on ancient Indian technology?

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    Are we gonna see the battle of the yogis now?

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    Smile Spelling ?

    Originally posted by spookz

    elabarate, if possible on vanee sudhy. the spelling doesnt appear to be correct?

    Dear Sppokz, sorry to say that even if my Lord Shiva himself land up and do the convertion from Sanskrit to English you are still going to find some fault. This is not your problem as this language is only a cryptographic tool. Many people assume they understand the meaning of Sanskrit words but the truth is they only read what they are supposed to read. To understand the original meaning of the Sanskrit words you have to learn the theory in details from books like “Siva Swarodai“ (Origin of Sounds) fully written in simple Sanskrit to understand the real meaning of sound and letters when they are clubbed together. After reading and learning these kind of secrets you may be able to at least understand what it means directly and then through years of practice may be the original meaning.

    Read this article

    Ka ea ila hrim

    Understood anything from the above sentence? A good Sanskrit expert might give few pages of explanation for this as these explain a lot about the divine mother who we all believe and meditate to. This is how Sanskrit is. My spelling will always be wrong, and if what I say reaches you then it meats the purpose, and more over there is s saying, you being good in Sanskrit I assume you will understand it very clearly “Masthaka Jyanam” is better than “Pushthaka Jyanam”. !!

    Do you know in which book the most valuable secret is encrypted using Sanskrit. Its is “Soundarya Lahari”. A book which details the beauty of the Devi ( Divine Mother).

    Enjoy Sanskrit.

    About Vanee Sudhy (I makes a lot of mistakes, mostly deliberate) that quite simple and there is nothing more to explain rather than the food habits. Avoid Garlic (as Allah say he avoids garlic because he meets people who we all do not meet!) and onions basically. No Egg. Fish or meat in any form. As these things increase the Kapha (water deposits) in the body and mostly closes some internal doors which allow us to meditate better. When we eat non-vegetarian food that changes our instinct and makes a person more like “Spooks” - where in the individual is very energetic, smart, a mercurian personality, mostly short in hight, while walking a slight bend towards one side, with lesser lines in hand and who has proven to be a good money maker.

    Try to avoid telling lies as much as possible. I know this is impossible for even a period of three months in this cyber age so even the Lord has changed his spec ! Three months is good enough Spookz ! Provided you completely avoid non-veg and lies. There are many ayurvedic medicines which also helps in getting Vanee Sudhy which I don’t know how to translate..if you are very particular I can send you few bottles. And when you are getting Vanee Sudhy never say a bad thing about another person. To be precise you develop a habit of making another person happy by telling him about good things on his/her way. And once you achieve this then also its too much of trouble..I mean…if you tell a lie after that that becomes a truth..this could be about anything on earth. Sounds boring..sorry this is the way it is.

    To help you in your preparation for truth and Vanee Sudhy it is also recommended to be in the sunlight in the morning facing the sun when the sun is between North-East and East ( between 3 AM – 6 AM). It will make you a beautiful person and support you to look young, even though now itself you look young I assume.

    And why is that most of the people in this forum use a fake names ? What stops them from using their real names when it will help us understand the person more better.

    And may I ask about your special interst in Vanee Sudhy ?



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    my interest in vanee sudhee? just natural curiosity i guess.
    fake names (handle, nick) probably has been part of cyberculture since its inception. perhaps its adoption became widespread due to popularity of role-playing games (mud. moo....) where one adopts a persona/avatar. now it
    is essential to fight off spammers and other freaks on the net. besides anonymity on the web is probably its most valued aspect. it is like a gate.

    anyway like kmguru said we are wildly off topic. i will start a yoga thread and hopefully you can share more esoteric forms of yoga in there


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    smoking revolver
    I know what it is, to the extend of practicing it. Its nothing but simple method with which you reverse the normal cycle of your breath. To check the originality of what I say. Do this exercise and tell me if you feel something.
    breath is only what is representing it - the breathing process - in life, out death - represents the last message or SoHm

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    Technology - Human or Indian ?

    Ancient Indian technologies !

    Is there something like technology out there ? Recently I saw a posting in saying like fiber optics is an alien technology that we adopted and few other such technologies are also on its way to the ordinary human beings.

    If we talk about India and Technology, in my opinion there is nothing like that. If a man has to study a topic for example ayurveda and understand this much information about it through trial and error it will take centuries of man months of efforts. And by that time they might have killed millions of people on testing things. And most of the cases ayurveda treats the cause of the problem than the decease. So how come the inventor(s) of ayurveda found out information about these much of plants and other medicines and used them for the betterment of the humans ? How come such hidden truths about unavailable plants (mritha sanjeevani etc) have been exposed within such a short span? And there exist no document about the findings happened in ayuveda as a result of research done by any one. So where is the source ?

    Do you think any one has spent this much of time in research to create ayurveda or sidhaveda or many such Vedas. I assume or my answer (which are even supported by comments from many Yogis) is No. That no one has invented ayurveda rather he invented the source. The source of knowledge. The source of information, this is not about ayurvda but about all what we call as technology.

    I interact with a lot of people from various parts of the world about Yoga and meditation. One thing I was able to notice that many who have achieved the basic goals of life (material) starts the search of the real meaning of life. The wise community of such people I found is precisely interested in this source, which I was talking about. They want to know whether through Yoga or meditation is there a way to reach the source ? The source of information, the extreme sense, the almighty, the truth.

    I assume this can be done. The only problem is to stay normal after reaching this information. We loose those people who reach this source, as they will never be interested to input anything to the society after that. Those yogis who documented ayurveda for the betterment of normal human beings are such good people that they cared more for the people than themselves. These are the divine gems we (India) had “first” I should say. These are the people who’s contribution to the society is still saving millions of people. Who’s contribution gives peace to millions through their structured method of living. These people claim to be part of old India, which is again an assumption, but lived all over the world. These people created sun temples all over the world suing which they were able to create a galactic map of the universe. They could adjust time. If we call these people Indian and take the credit of there dedication and love saying a “bharatheeyan” that will be tood bad a thing. These people are universal. They belong to the world. May be all the worlds (3 worlds as detailed by them – heaven, earth and hell). So why call that Indian Technology or ancient Indian technology at all ?

    And if we are talking about old Indian technologies, then the first name to be remembered should be Varaha Mihiran, as this yogi clubbed many sciences together and detailed that in his book named “Brihath Samhita” which fortunately is still available in India. This book details a hell of a lot of information about very advanced science which can never be understood through scientific research methodologies. The funniest thing about this is that this book has not received the needed attention that it should have in the eyes of our Indian scientist community. It needs a European to identify and study and recommend that to our people to accept that. I wait for such a day at least when some one who (scientist or some one with dreams in his eyes) identifies such precious gems which are still available in India now and show it to the world for the use of betterment of our lives. I would be too happy to be part of any such study or research where in if I can be at least a sign board for finding such things and utilizing them for our better understanding of the truth and the world as such.

    Nick I would recommend you “Yoga Vasishtam” which details the essence of life as explained by the Great Yogi Vasita to the Sree Ram and Lakshman.



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    A sample of Cow dung has been sent to the Bhaba Atomic Research Institute in India, with a claim that it has properties to block Nuclear Radiation.
    Report in The Week says India is safe in case of a nuclear holocaust!

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    I thought it was a joke...but I found a shit load (pardon the pun!) of websites about that....

    I think change is hard. Crazy activities happened when Americans were building nuclear shelters in early their back yard...

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    Brihat Samhita

    Three factors - the devastating earthquake in Gujarat, research on 'earthquake clouds' by a California-based Chinese scholar and the mention of similar 'earthquake clouds' in ancient Indian manuscript called Brihat Samhita-are generating fresh interest in this manuscript.
    Dr S.N. Bhavsar, a Vedic scholar associated with the physics department at the University of Pune, has sought to draw the attention of the public to the elaborate references to earthquakes, their causes and predictability by Varahamihira in Brihat Samhita.

    The greatness of the sixth century Indian philosopher, mathematician and ronomer, Varahamihira (505-587 A.D.), is acknowledged by many, including the Prof Jayant Narlikar-headed Inter-University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics (IUCCA). In fact, IUCCA has has a library block named after him. The Ujjain-born Varahamihira, who was a famed astrologer-astronomer of his age, was one of the navaratnas (nine gems) in the court of king Vikramaditya Chandragupta II. His works, Pancha-siddhantika (The Five Astronomical Canons) and Brihat Samhita (The Great Compilation), are considered seminal texts on ancient Indian astronomy and astrology.

    What has astonished some scientists and Vedic scholars here and has renewed interest in Brihat Samhita, are the references to unusual “earthquake clouds” as a precursor to earthquakes.

    The 32nd chapter of Brihat Samhita is devoted to 'Signs of Earthquake' and seeks to correlate earthquakes with cosmic and planetary influences, underground water and undersea activities, unusual cloud formations and the abnormal behaviour of animals.

    “I find it rather odd that the description of earthquake clouds in Brihat Samhita matches with the observations made by Zhonghao Shaou at the Earthquake Prediction Centre in Pasadena, California,” Dr B.D. Kulkarni, head of the National Chemical Laboratory's chemical engineering division told this newspaper. (Abhay Vaidya )

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    Too bad, Indians can not read their own frelling books and come up with new stuff before others bring it to our attention.

    All they say is that "We knew that - it was written in the books"

    Get with the program - folks....

    BTW: Has anybody ran a neural net simulation for earthquake using atleast 10,000 +variables?

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    Too bad, Indians can not read their own frelling books and come up with new stuff before others bring it to our attention.

    All they say is that "We knew that - it was written in the books"
    Km,let me clarify:

    all the Books infact most of the books were taken bY Hitlerite Germany during second world war preps.Remember Luft's design?they were like Sundar vimana etc.So there was almost nothing left to translate...!!All the things were translated by Germans,so there was no choice but to read the translating scripts of germany which were later passed on to India for just Information.Did India really tried to get the infornation for development purposes like Hitler did,well No!a BIG BIG NO! India was involved with several other things like arranging basic necessaties for people below poverty line when Britishers left India.But yes the technology which was taken by Hitler was used enormously.When AMericans came to take various weapons etc,they were not able to understand as to how various weapons worked!!...


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    Various things have been written about Vaimanika Shastra but these were written by whom?
    • Americans?
    • Europeans?
    • Japanese?
    • Germans?
    • Chineese?
    • Australians?

    Bah! do these people know a damm thing about Vaimanika shastra?did they actually read the original one?ARE THEY ACTUALLY GIVING YOU A CORREct translation?

    most of the translation was done by germans,these shastras were written primarily in Sanskrit which was Vedic and was very very difficult to understand.They say all the Vimanas work on Anti Gravity the translators,but was it actually Antigravity?just because it said some universal energy source they assumed that it was antigravity...!!which is their assumption...keeping in to current trend they try make it sound spicy.But it it correct?what is the author's credibility.

    Real people who know facts will never come forward.
    Similiar question was asked by KMguru:
    where he said why were they using Bows and Arrows in those days when they had such advanced weapons?You see,in mahabharata it was never mentioned something like Teer Kamaan,only thing that was mentioned was that they used Shafts which were tipped and charged with high amounts of translators thought it must be bows and arrows since in those days people could only use bow and arrows...

    what is reality?You and i dont know,but some of the people do and the problem is that they arent coming forward to tell the truth.

    thanks for your time!


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    Originally posted by kmguru
    Too bad, Indians can not read their own frelling books and come up with new stuff before others bring it to our attention.

    All they say is that "We knew that - it was written in the books"

    Get with the program - folks....

    BTW: Has anybody ran a neural net simulation for earthquake using atleast 10,000 +variables?
    The following is what you said sometimes back,

    Originally posted by kmguru
    New things that we will learn in the next 500 years or 5000 years, that knowledge is not available to us at this time. So, we can only speculate. Even those speculations are based on our present understanding of the universe and the present science.

    So, for a moment, imagine anything you like - no one should challenge you. Have fun. Enjoy life. Expand your limitations....
    Sounds very opposite

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