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    QW: Starting some OOB R&D on the Casimir effect . . . Kindest regards,

    Hi . . . don't laugh too hard!! I am attempting to research and develop a 'stacked Casimir quantum energy detector/amplifier' (Google Casimir Effect, if more info is needed). This proposed design will be similar to a large, dry, flat capacitor. Development will require extremely thin, (probably 'zero') spacing of multiple (est. 100, or so, to start with) layers of very thin (<50 um), metalized mylar. I may also need some assistance in figuring-out how to make discrete electrical (collector) connections (alternating + and - parallel plate connections) to alternating metalized surfaces (perhaps using conductive epoxy, or simple physical compression?). The initial prototype will likely be an 'externally-compressed-layers' structure to minimize variations in layer-contact uniformity throughout. Haven't figured-out the physical dimensions yet.
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    Hi QW:

    How can I post a jpeg on sciforum . . . cut/paste doesn't seem to work . . .

    Thanks and regards,

    Bill Mansker (wlminex)
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    Hi QW:

    Happy New Year!

    I've appended the EEMU webpage with a list of definitions used . . . .still revising to discuss 'dark energy/matter . . .

    Kindest regards,

    Bill Mansker, Ph.D.
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    I am voluntarily opting out of Sciforums . . . My PM to James R is posted on a few fora threads, and will likely be deleted, and I'll be permanently 'banned' as an afterthought.

    Thanks for your interactive correspondence.

    Bill Mansker
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    QW: I have requested from James R that my subscription to Sciforum be terminated. Hope to hear from you on occasion.


    Bill Mansker
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    Hi! Cant find my way around this place yet. Is there any "Logic" thread somewhere?
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    I feel so bad that you missed the Air Zoo. Have you been to the roller rink on Long Lake? I swear, its a place caught in time. There aren't many like it anymore. Did you boat over to Ramona Beach?
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    cluelusshusbund---"I think any "human-element" is purely biological and can be duplicated.!!!"

    FYI... i also thank "free will" is an illusion.!!!
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    QQ---"Can we make robots that have the programming to solve the great questions of life and come up with a better answer than 42, lol. I don't think so."

    The programin biological-humans have made to computers is certanly in its early stages... an yet... the world woud be a very diferent place wit-out it... an it dont seem such a streatch to me that one day "mechanical" programs coud make beter "moral" decisions than biological humans.!!!
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    o.k. there you go , done
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