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    Ron Paul is pro free market, not corporatism. How are his policies "not applicable to the modern world"? He is for laissez faire capitalism. We have seen that government interference distorts and destroys the market.

    Obama is for more spending and regulation. THAT is what is incompatible and illogical.
  2. I am sure Ron Paul does have the best interests of the nation at heart. However, he does not have a good understanding of economics or the lessons learned over the course of the last two centuries. His economic beliefs, while pleasing to a minimalist, are just not applicable to the modern world in which we live.

    If he and his movement should ever attain power they would hearld in a serious economic depression. There is just too much evidence against Ron Paul's economic positions. Ron Paul would still not fix the most serious problem facing the nation and that is corruption, the buying of legislation that limits consumer choice in favor of special interests. You can only beat and abuse the middle classes so much before you kill the middle class. And it is the middle class that made America. By giving so much power to special interests we are going back to the days of the robber barons.
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    Then go Ron Paul! Honest, and has the best interests of the nation at heart. He's also got brains, unlike the others.
  4. Indeed you can, and unforutnately there are not too many who are very honest these days including Senator McCain...a man for which I used to have a lot of respect. Today he was complaining about the denial of lieberman's request for extra time yesterday - stating that it was unprecidented. The only trouble is that a few years ago, Senator McCain did the same thing to Democrat Senator Byrd.
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    Sure, I agree that we ought to be "honest", but that doesn't mean becoming left-wing or socialist. You can still be a Republican, and strive to be an honest one.
  6. I am a conseravative. It is just that I do not like to know the answers before knowing the question as is too often the case with the modern conservative movement. I think facts and reason still have a place in political decision making and national discourse. That puts me at odds with the likes of limbaugh, hannity, beck, levin, etc. I am not one who thinks selling my soul to the Republican store or any company store is a good idea.
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    I thought you were a conservative?
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    It sounds like you liked Robot Chicken more than my wife did. But she married me, so you'd think she'd know I had a weird sense of humor. And no, I've not been interrogated...yet. Is there a list of people who have had their turn? I'd have to see it before I could decide if there's anyone I'd nominate.
  9. Yeah I did, it was interesting :) I think it maybe like caviar, an acquired taste. :) Things are fine thanks, just a little busy. Who do you think the next nominee should be? Have you had a round at being queried?
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    Did you ever watch Robot Chicken? If not, you have no idea what you're missing. And I think you have to nominate somebody else to keep the "About the Member" thing going. I hope all is going well.
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