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Viewing thread Democrat Party, Slavery and Segregation, Oct 22, 2014 at 2:46 PM
    1. RedStar
      Joe, in Europe and India, far left groups are becoming increasingly popular. The French Communist Party is the third largest party in the country; in Spain, too, and in Russia, the second largest, and in Cyprus, the largest, and in Greece, among the largest, and in Germany, significant. That's evidence that people are sick of capitalism. And the 'mixed economy' is a capitalist economy because the means of production are privately owned. The wealth that supports public programs is ultimately derived from taxes on business, the capitalist "part" of the economy, so it doesn't evade the problems of capitalist production. Face the reality. People are sick of capitalism.
    2. joepistole
      Wither you realize it or not there is not a moment that passes that you do not receive some benefit from our government. And that benefit bears a cost. You sleep in relative safety, you work in a safe environment, and you eat safe foods all because your government is spending money to provide those services to you. Just because the government is not cutting you a check every month, it does not mean you are not getting benefits from our government and the government is not spending money for your benefit.
      1. Motor Daddy
        Motor Daddy
        "And that benefit bears a cost."

        And that cost is called "taxes" which we pay for those services to be carried out by the government. As a matter of fact, we want our "tax money" to be managed wisely, and accounted for at all times! Paid vacations, pay raises, and fancy catering need not apply!
        Oct 3, 2014
    3. machaon
      I am not a Wall Street banker. I work at Taco Bell. I have been homeless in the past. I have never taken a penny of assistance from the government even though I am A gulf war veteran. Not because I am to proud to take charity (I have). But because I do not believe that it is the governments job to dispense it. I am a libertarian because I took an oath to defend the constitution when I joined the army. I have failed in my duty and I am sorry.
    4. Chipz
      Partisanship sure is counter-productive, isn't it?
    5. shukrimh
      hai good morning.what time is there
    6. Startraveler
    7. joepistole
      Thanks River Ape, I will check it out. Thanks for the info!
    8. River Ape
      River Ape
      Well, I guess we shouldn't really be discussing our share recommendations on the BP thread. So this is just to say I have gone for can-maker REXAM. 312p this morning. Bought 12,000.
    9. joepistole
      LOL, I am sure Pazuzu does. :) How could anyone find otherwise? Your make over is very nice Giambattista. I am sure you get a lot of compliments.
    10. Giambattista
      I'm not sure what I meant the first time, but I'm sure you're really laughing now that I've gotten my makeover. I'll have you know, however, Pazuzu finds me quite charming.
    11. joepistole
      Thanks PieAreSquared
    12. joepistole
      What can I say Giambattista, I am a happy guy and laugh easily. :)
    13. PieAreSquared
      bravo on the bp thread Joe
    14. Anarcho Union
      Anarcho Union
      I have stated something on the BP thread that you just must read.
    15. Giambattista
      quit laughing already
    16. Anarcho Union
      Anarcho Union
      I answerd your question on "So Now That We Understand...."
    17. Norsefire
      India is not a capitalist country. Furthermore, you are right that we need restraints........but these are simple restraints: don't kill, don't steal. What do they have to do with capitalism? I never said you ought to be able to murder others, anyway.
    18. joepistole
      Numbers and statistics are important in observation and understanding but they do not replace principal or liberties or anything else. The Germany that you referenced trampled all over individual liberties and little things like principal. And that is not a step I am willing to take. I am a veteran and a patriot.

      If you think laissez-fare works well, I sugget you visit places like India. Capitalism is a great tool for production. But in the end it is only a tool. And it must be used like any other tool, with skill and grace it can build many wonderful things. But used incorrectly or abusively it can be a devistating tool of destruction and chaos.
    19. joepistole
      I have been and remain a student of business and finance. I have degrees in same and I make my living as a businessman. Despite all of the laisssez-fare nostalgia there were and are many issues with liassez-fare. And that is why there are few if any laissez-fare advocates on the world stage today.

      As for principal and values, I think I am principaled to the core. That is one of my major beefs with the modern Republican Party. When the shrubs took over the Republican Party, little things like morals and values became things to pay lip service too instead of living.

      I will agree with you that liberty is important. But as long as we live together there must be limits or boundaries that constrain personal liberties...else my liberties might interfere or intrude on yours. Each of us cannot have absolute liberty do as we wish, there must be constraints that allow us to get a long with each other and not live in chaos.
    20. Norsefire
      If you really only value numbers and statistics, and don't care much for principle and liberty, then why stop at the Democrats? Fascism sounds like your best friend. Fascist-corporatist policies brought Germany ought of depression, cut the unemployment rate to damn near zero, helped Germany re-arm, and helped to regulate the economy better. See? Fascism-Corporatism works, too. Why aren't you advocating that?
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