Port Spurious

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see East Korea

http://spuriousmonkey.com/sciforums/port-spurious.jpg Port Spurious

Port Spurious is the second largest city in East Korea with a smaller population only than GeoffP City. Port Spurious is a major trading and harbour facility, its efficiency mitigated only by the tiny oversight of being completely landlocked. Instead of docking directly at the extensive and expensive harbour facilities directly from the ocean, ships approach the canal and are towed by long lines of "economic stability agents" (re: slaves) along a muddy canal to Port Spurious. This ingenious idea was thought of by none other than the Great Leader.

Port Spurious is also famous for its brothels, drug dens and cockfighting rings. Much as "red light districts" are discreetly announced in Europe using red lights, these places in Port Spurious are readily identifiable from their red window coverings.