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Germany exports more goods than the USA, although the USA exports more porn. However, Germans respond to this by pointing out that quality counts for more than quantity - except in gang-bang vids.


Germany regularly tries to conquer the rest of the world, particularly France. Although technically Germany lost the last World war in reality they won. WWII made it possible for them to dominate Europe in the European Union.


Germans cannot play football very well, but always manage to win big tournaments on being a 'collective' and annoying.

Behaviour of Germans

Germans are known for their arrogance and bad manners. On the beach they will dig a hole and claim it as German territory, especially if it is a beach in a foreign nation. Deck chairs at pools are reserved by putting a towel on it early in the morning or the previous evening. The German then later comes and claims his rightful property, under the Lebensraum directives.

Germans on SciForums


  • Germs come from Germany.
  • leopold99s grandparents came from germany.
  • Hitler came from Austria.