YouTube blocking users???

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Basically, it started on my Mac. Opera couldn't view YouTube vids on the YouTube site. Curiously, embedded YouTube on other sites worked marvelously.

Then, after several months, my Windows Opera started doing the same thing. YouTube only worked when embedded through 2nd party site.

Finally on a whim decided to disable cookies.
I only get the "Sorry, an error has occurred try again later" message on YouTube's own site when cookies are allowed.

What the hell is up with that? Why on Earth would having cookies enabled cause a video to not load?

Only two options seem possible:
1.) they have a major, unintentional glitch in whatever info is stored and used in their cookies

2.) said error is intentional

Anyone care to tell me which of those two options is the correct answer?
Does the same problem occur with Safari or Firefox? If not, why don't you just use them?
youtube has been giving me problems ever since they changed, and i have no idea what they changed to get ppl to switch browsers.

btw they also remove videos that get too many views and claim copyright infringement, there are instances when youtube wont specify what the user did wrong. youtube is like this forum cause the moderators can do whatever they want cause its their site and we agreed to play by their rules. also they have a hacking problem (or just logging accounts and deleting videos, which cannot be proven) cause a video named "obama deception" with 6.5 mil views was removed and the channel owner claims he didnt remove/delete it but someone did.

i had to comment on this cause those youtube bastards really piss me off
In Youtube's defense, they are based in the US, and have to adhere to the DMCA, a badly written copyright protection act from 2000. If someone sends Youtube a copyright infringement/DCMA takedown notice regarding a video a user uploaded, youtube has to comply. They can demand that the supposed copyright holder back up their claims of ownership, but in the meantime could be liable if they left the video up. The only recourse they have is if someone can't prove ownership of the copyright claimed, they can get a fine - but the video is still down, and Youtube had to pay their lawyers to take the person sending false claims to court.

While their actions of taking down videos or muting the music in a video is super-annoying, if Youtube hadn't been working so hard to comply with the law, they would not have successfully won the court case last year that granted them safe harbor exemption from lawsuits, and would no longer exist.

The fault is not Youtube or Google, the fault is the US legal system and the DMCA. For those who don't live in the US, keep an eye out for ACTA being passed in your country. It's like the DMCA, but 10 times worse. Fight against it!!
you know I wonder what it would be like if someone where able to hack youtube and clean its database. lol
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I kinda like the changes. The new UI is purty nice. But of course if they changed even the color scheme of the logo and background, people would flip the fuck out and make protest videos in response.
So no one has a good explanation for why YouTube doesn't play videos when I have cookies enabled?
Opera on my Mac stopped working with cookies about six months ago. Then started about a month ago on my Windows.

The pages load fine (on, but the video just has a black screen when I push play that says "sorry, an error occurred, try again later" Working through a proxy, such as when a youtube vid is embedded in an external site, it works fine.

Only disabling cookies allows the actual youtube site to work properly. One day it was working, the next day it wasn't. No software changed.
It's obviously something in the cookie, like a "flag" or something that can just switch off a user's ability to view those videos, otherwise cookies would have no effect.

I just want to know what they could have in them that would prevent the video from playing, giving only an error message. That doesn't seem like a typical glitch, but rather purposeful.

I've read through some of those help forums before. They seem to wander around suggesting various things like deleting cookies and reinstalling flash player.

Disabling cookies works for me, but I don't know why.

What info could be stored in a cookie that would make YouTube not work right, but youtube videos stream perfectly through 3rd party sites?

I'm not sure where Opera stores its cookies...

Funny, one of the people in that link actually said that downloading Opera was the solution for them, because neither IE or Firefox worked.

A few people have said clicking the "popout" option where the video is in a little movable frame of its own works.

Someone else suggested:

on the "errored video", pause it and choose one of the several resolutions proposed by the youtube player (720p, 480p, 360p, 240p etc..).

verify that the resolution has been changed on the button

and voila
it is sure that one of the different resolutions will work!!

Nonetheless, for all the myriad suggestions, I haven't seen a good explanation for why this problem occurs.
Anyone have knowledge about what YouTube would store in cookies that would disable videos or interfere in some way?
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