Your view on aliens

Kernl Sandrs

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What do you think? Are we alone? It seems pretty arrogant to think that we are the only sentient species to inhabit several billion galaxies. I mean come on; Several BILLION galaxies, and we're it? I sure as hell hope not, because the human race doesn't have a whole lot of potential. We still use dead plants as a primary source of fuel. If we were all there was, that would be pretty insulting to the universe.

Call me crazy, but personally I believe in the ancient astronaut theory. It seems to make the most sense. I won't go into explaining it, there's too much for me to cover. Read up on it yourself, or catch it on the History Channel. Or youtube.

Give this a gander:
Call me crazy
You're crazy. :p

but personally I believe in the ancient astronaut theory. It seems to make the most sense.
It makes sense?
Which parts?
The fabricated evidence or the deliberate distortion (and misrepresentation) of historical facts?
von Daniken (and his ilk) have been thoroughly discredited.
While I believe that there probably are other alien species living throughout the universe, none have yet been found to exist. That doesn't mean that one day we will find aliens, it is that we have not yet encountered any that can be verified and proven .
are we alone as life forms, very likely no, are we alone as a sentient species, maybe not but I put it to you that we could be the most advanced species in this galaxy if not existence. I would also add that we may not be fully sentient ourselves.
For Aliens to exist you'd have to define that the whole universe came into being as a complete fluke, the Energy to Matter conversion was also a fluke and the creation of life from what was originally inanimate materials was also a fluke. You've then got to apply that the latter fluke then has a flukey doppelgänger somewhere else in the universe to create an "alien race".

I'm pretty sure that the universe is going to be designed by man, for mankind, which will likely mean Aliens aren't part of the design. At least not in this universe, it doesn't mean that a completely flukey universe couldn't run in parallel to allow the generation of aliens, however you'd end up with the problem that their universe might be governed by completely different physics.