Your Secrets

1- I am attracted to elves - or to anything with small enough hands to make me feel good about my masculinity.

2- I find people repulsive…..unless they’re my slaves. Then I find them doubly so.

3- Ted Koppel frightens me.

4- Killing people doesn’t make me sad…..getting caught does.

5- What embarrasses me the most is when I find myself agreeing with imbeciles.

6- My biggest fear is that I will die one day without making enough people feel ashamed about themselves.

7- Hate is how I save myself the indignity of having to pretend.

8- Words don’t bother me, but touch me in a condescending or disingenuous manner and I might just ignore the sadness of number 4.

9- Solitude is not threatening to me. I find myself infinitely more entertaining and interesting than 90% of the world, out there. Those that do find solitude hard to take and who find loneliness frightening are usually shallow imbeciles with little or no personal identity and even less internal structure. They vanish when the other is not there to reinforce their sense of self and the world becomes drab and lifeless when they are not distracted from dealing with their inner emptiness.

10- Oriental eyes seem cold and emotionless, to me. One more reason they have acquired the fame of being in control of themselves.

11- Alcohol doesn’t inebriate me. It clears my mind. The forced clarity has a price. It results in fatigue.

12- There’s nothing funnier to me that listening to a man-child proclaim his courage and recklessness when he exists within the sheltering embraces of a system that will never allow him to pay the ultimate price for his stupidity and where a family structure exists, behind him, to protect him from the worse repercussions of his ignorance and bravado. Yet the gambler, high risk-taker ideal is perpetuated through cultural myths because it results in regular turnover.

13- Most of what males do and say is driven by the incessant preoccupation of getting laid. Most of what women do and say is driven by the incessant preoccupation of getting laid. The difference is the first call it conquering or creating whereas the second call it belonging and uniting. Accost either side with any of this and they’ll deny it, due to principles.

14- The man most ready to jump into the fray and act, is the one who has thought through the situation the least. A stupid man is the most active. Thusly intelligence gains a bad reputation and is mocked by a culture dependant on full and thoughtless participation.
Piglet said it for me:

"My worst fear is having to come face-to-face with my worst fear."

The fears we suppress because they're so overwhelming that we can't even allow ourselves to be conscious of them... those are the things that destroy us.

Piglet said it better. :)